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  • Picking a subjet When it comes to drawing, the best results are from choosing a subject that is interesting. Who other than Clint Eastwood would be a more perfect selection? I've been a Clint Eastwood fan long before Dirty Hairy existed! He was one of my childhood Idols, as well as now! I found the reference photo in a copy of "GQ Magazine." The photo shows a great deal of detail and an undeniable "squinting of the eyes." Beginning ..First things first The very first thing you want to do is to get a good outline of the picture. ...

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  • As an actor, he seduces us with his tough-guy charm. As a director and producer, he amazes us with his artistry and technical savvy. As a Hollywood icon, Clint Eastwood, one of film's greatest living legends

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  • This title offers grammar reference and practice in an easy-to-use format.John Eastwood taught English in German secondary schools before joining the English Language Teaching Development Unit of Oxford University Press. He has been a freelance author for over 20 years. John has worked on courses for German schools and has written a number of grammar books for Oxford University Press.

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  • 1. Bất Khuất Những bộ phim thuộc dạng inspirational (truyền cảm hứng) hoặc motivational (lên tinh thần) thường nói về chính trị hoặc thể thao. Invictus (tựa tiếng Việt: Bất Khuất) của đạo diễn kỳ cựu Clint Eastwood có cả 2 yếu tố đó. Câu chuyện diễn ra vào năm 1990 khi ông Nelson Mandela, nạn nhân của chế độ Apartheid tại Nam Phi được trả tự do.

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  • The author and publisher would like to thank all the teachers in the United Kingdom and Italy who discussed this book in the early stages of its development. We are also grateful to John Algeo, Sharon Hilles and Thomas Lavelle for their contributions to the chapter on American English and to Rod Bolitho, Sheila Eastwood and Henry Widdowson for their help and advice.

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  • Bất cứ khi nào chúng ta muốn giải thích một cái gì đó, ví dụ, chúng ta thường sử dụng so sánh (hiển thị như thế nào hai hoặc nhiều hơn những thứ tương tự như). Chúng ta có thể nói, ví dụ, rằng kem bạc hà sô-cô-la chip băng thị hiếu giống như một York Pattie bạc hà, hoặc là người quản lý mới trông giống như Clint Eastwood.

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  • A magical, heartwarming memoir from one of Hollywood’s most beloved iconsOver the past four decades, the landmark NBC hit television series I Dream of Jeannie has delighted generations of audiences and inspired untold numbers of…

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