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  • The present volume deals with various practical problems in economics, as a volume published a year earlier dealt with the broader economic principles of value and distribution. To the student beginning economics and to the general reader the study of principles is likely to appear more difficult than does that of concrete questions. In fact, the difficulty of the latter, tho less obvious, is equally great.

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  • In preparing this manuscript, I have received assistance from many people, including Michael Bernstein, Steve Bisset, Grant Chang-Chien, Lauren Feiler, Alex Fogel, Ben Golub, George Hines, Richard Jones, Jorge Martínez, Joshua Moses, Dr. John Ryan, and Wei Eileen Xie. I am especially indebted to Anthony B. Williams for a careful, detailed reading of the manuscript yielding hundreds of improvements.

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  • This series will contain essays by representative scholars and men of affairs dealing with the various phases of the moral law in its bearing on business life under the new .economic order, first delivered at the University of California on the Weinstock foundation.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'understanding the economics of online insurance lead generationby: jason hornung – president jason hornung agency, inc. the whole purpose of this website and the products and services that i offer are to teach insurance professionals how to do online ins', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • This book addresses the theme of the impacts of global warming on different specific fields, ranging from the regional and global economy, to agriculture, human health, urban areas, land vegetation, marine areas and mangroves. Despite the volume of scientific work that has been undertaken in relation to each of each of these issues, the study of the impacts of global warming upon them is a relatively recent and unexplored topic. The chapters of this book offer a broad overview of potential applications of global warming science.

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  • This book is intended as an elementary text in sociology as applied to modern social problems, for use in institutions where but a short time can be given to the subject, in courses in sociology where it is desired to combine it with a study of current social problems on the one hand, and to correlate it with a course in economics on the other. The book is also especially suited for use in University Extension Courses and in Teachers' Reading Circles. This book aims to teach the simpler principles of sociology concretely and inductively. In Chapters I to...

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  • Currently one of the economic hotspots in China, Shanghai leads many Chinese cities in economic performance, foreign-trade growth, and infrastructural development, all of which are explored in this valuable resource. Examining basics such as the latest business trends, new business opportunities, and the city’s major industries, as well as analyzing economic progress in the expanding fields of import, export, and investment, this guide proves an essential tool for business professionals looking to invest in this expanding market....

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  • The financial statements reviewed were subject to an independent audit and include disclosures specifically quantifying the value of the direct support. For security purchases, this disclosure includes the amount by which the purchase price exceeded fair market value (or the two figures necessary to calculate the difference), in all but one case. 11 Accordingly, full reliance was put on these disclosed figures when they were available, and assumptions regarding the fair value or the value of support were not necessary in these cases. ...

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  • Our teams of multi-lingual and multi-cultural representatives are constantly on the move researching in-depth economic reports on countries around the world. We interview presidents, prime ministers and captains of industry to help us provide expert analysis of the strengths and opportunities offered by different economies.

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  • The development of the small and medium enterprise sector is deemed crucial for economic growth and poverty alleviation. Such firms are often though to be at a disadvantage when compared with larger enterprises, but the reverse can apply, for example in the more flexible approach of the smaller firm. This paper draws on a private sector survey in 80 countries examining whether business obstacles are related to firm size.

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  • We live in turbulent times with a world slowly emerging from the worst economic decline in 80 years. It will take years to recover the damage. It is also a time when a new generation is emerging with a new outlook on life. The shadows of 1994 and the impact of the internet changed all and that current ways of doing things simply will not work in the future. This article discusses it and provides guidelines for coping and using it to create wealth in an uncertain and difficult future. As our personalities differ, our appetite for risk accordingly,...

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  • Before entering upon the subject-matter of these new memoirs, I must explain an hypothesis which will undoubtedly seem strange, but in the absence of which it is impossible for me to proceed intelligibly: I mean the hypothesis of a God. To suppose God, it will be said, is to deny him. Why do you not affirm him? Is it my fault if belief in Divinity has become a suspected opinion; if the bare suspicion of a Supreme Being is already noted as evidence of a weak mind; and if, of all philosophical Utopias, this is the only one which the world no...

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  • There has been many discussion about which strategy is better, fundamental analysis or tehcnical analysis. Technical aproach has been reinforced by trading software which can be used to predict price based on price simulation, where it uses models for each market without regard the underlying economy or fundamental which driven the market. Several recently developed programs help boil down the maze of economic and fundamental information into a form useful by traders who do not have formal training in economics.

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  • Some proposals have been formulated in this paper. They cover home mortgage lending, which deals with the most important fixed asset for nearly all individual households. They deal with economic easing, which aims to close the income gap in demand. It also deals with bank restructuring and income generation out of government debt. The writer has no illusion that such proposals are exhaustive. There may be many more good ideas, hence the term used in the title: “draft”. The paper hopes to be instrumental in setting off a discussion between all parties involved.

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  • Another way to look at cross-country evidence is to look at the association between tax ratios and, not the level of prosper- ity, but the growth rate of prosperity. There have been a large number of studies about this concept in the last twenty years. Robert Barro of Harvard had an influential study several years back claiming to find that, while holding other determinants of growth constant, low tax rates and low government spending were associated with higher growth.

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  • Examples of specific studies that have documented the direct, indirect and induced impacts of public transportation investment and operating spending on region-wide jobs and wages are the Atlanta MARTA Economic Impact Study (Tanner and Jones, 2007), the Oklahoma Transit Impact Study (Johnson, 2003), the Wisconsin Transportation Impact Study (Cambridge Systematics and EDR Group, 2003) , Chicago Transit Economic Impact Study (EDR Group et al, 2007) and California High Speed Rail Environmental Impact Study (Cambridge Systematics and EDR Group, 2007). ...

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  • This book is designed to provide information and entertainment. It is published with the understanding that the publisher and author are not engaged in rendering legal, economic, accounting, political, financial, or any other type of professional service. If legal or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. It is not the purpose of this book to reprint all the information that is otherwise available to authors and publishers but instead to complement, amplify, and supplement other texts.

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  • Thank you for respecting the author's work. Work From Home Facts Fact: Right now almost everyone is desperate to secure their financial survival, and they know that a home business, in a proven and widely-respected industry which is immune to economic ups and downs, is their only chance. If only they can find such a thing. Fact: People already know that internet marketing is a lottery, not a business, and are intensely wary of these and other scams. Fact: Women, and parenting men, are still discriminated against in the workplace. Fact: Men and women are deserting the traditional workplace...

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  • Also on this 450-acre farm near Barrington, Illinois, Ful-O-Pep works continuously to develop and improve plans plans for dairy cattle feeding and management. which help dairymen get high, economical production from feeding Ful-O-Pep.

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  • The year 1914 has no precedent in Stock Exchange history. At the present time (1915), when the great events that have come to pass are still close to us, even their details are vivid in our minds and we need no one to rehearse them. Time, however, is quick to dim even acute memories, and Wall Street, of all places, is the land of forgetfulness. The new happenings of all the World crowd upon each other so fast in the financial district that even the greatest and most far-reaching of them are soon driven out of sight. This being...

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