Economies of ethnicity

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  • Catherine Alexander teaches anthropology at Goldsmiths College, London. She has worked in Turkey, Kazakhstan and Britain on issues of urban governance, privatisation, property and the built environment. Her recent publications include Personal states: making connections between people and bureaucracy in Turkey (2002) and contributions to the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Focaal: European Journal of Anthropology (special issue on cultural property) and the collection edited by C. Humphrey and K.

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  • While this book is all about football, it does not pretend to be a chronicle of every star player, successful coach, or great match. Neither does it list every premiership team, leading goal kicker, or best player award. This is a book about the business and management of football, and the ways in which the various football codes evolved from essentially community-based sports underpinned by a local supporter base, into multi-layered enterprises that compete in the mass entertainment industry....

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  • At the same time that California is decreasing ECE funding, researchers throughout the nation are documenting the importance of the ECE industry as an engine of economic development. More than 58 states and localities have conducted analyses of the size and regional economic impact of the industry. Because of the way that ECE expenditures “ripple” through the local economy, this sector has been found to have an economic impact that rivals the impact of many of the industries that have traditionally received economic development dollars from local and state governments (Liu et al. 2004).

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  • published in september 2008, “Globalization and Global Trends in Green Real Estate Investment” analyzed green building trends and issues in key regions around the world. the paper found that developers and property managers were adopting greener business practices in all regions of the world, and at all stages of economic development, but that the rate of adoption and the key drivers varied considerably.

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  • I was born and grew up in Brooklyn, so of course I was a Dodgers fan (still am) and a Giants football fan (again, still am). My two sons came along and joined me in the excitement of watching Giants football, though to tell the truth, my older son, born in Boston, also has a strong attachment to the Patriots. Super Bowl XLII was something of a challenge for him but not for the rest of the family. When my sons went off on their own, Sunday afternoons and occasional Monday nights were “holy times,” with me watching the games by myself, praying, twisting and turning with...

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  • To the extent that mismatch is important, closing racial and ethnic gaps in employment and earnings requires improving the access of spatially-isolated minority workers to the full set of employment opportunities within regional economies. Improving accessibility can be accomplished through some combination of community development, residential mobility, and transportation programs. 2 Among the latter set of options, a potential tool for enhancing accessibility would be to increase auto access for racial and ethnic minorities.

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