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  • To Edge Hill from Banbury a good road trends gradually up hill nearly the whole way. It rises from the 300 foot level of the Cherwell Vale to 720 at the highest ground of the ridge of the hill. At a distance of eight miles to the North-West is the edge or escarpment of high ground bounded on the East side by the vale of a tributary of the Cherwell, and on the North and West by the plain drained by the tributaries of the Avon. From Warmington, six miles from Banbury, North-Westwards to the point marked on the Ordnance Map as Knowle End, and...

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  • KEENSERTS Inserts and Studs provide strong, permanent, metal threads in virtually any material - ferrous, non-ferrous or non-metallic. Tridair pioneered the design of this type of insert and is able to offer the widest available choice of standard sizes,lengths, materials and types. Because of our years of application experience, we are geared to provide solutions to all types of special insert problems. If you don’t see a design in this catalog that will suit your application, consult our Sales Engineer for other designs to meet your specific needs....

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  • Network reconnaissance cannot be prevented entirely. If Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo and echo-reply is turned off on edge routers, ping sweeps can be stopped, but at the expense of network diagnostic data. However, port scans can easily be run without full ping sweeps; they just take longer because they need to scan IP addresses that might not be live. Intrusion detection systems (IDSs) at the network and host levels can usually notify an administrator when a reconnaissance attack is underway.

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  • Extremum (create an extremum element (point, edge, or face), which is at the minimum or maximum distance on a curve, a surface, or a pad, according to given directions. )Projection (project one or more elements onto a support. The projection can be normal to surface or along a specified direction.)Combine Curves (create a curve resulting from the intersection of the extrusion of two curves. )

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  • CHAPTER 1. LINES AND PLANES IN SPACE §1. Angles and distances between skew lines 1.1. Given cube ABCDA1 B1 C1 D1 with side a. Find the angle and the distance between lines A1 B and AC1 . 1.2. Given cube with side 1. Find the angle and the distance between skew diagonals of two of its neighbouring faces. 1.3. Let K, L and M be the midpoints of edges AD, A1 B1 and CC1 of the cube ABCDA1 B1 C1 D1 . Prove that triangle KLM is an equilateral one and its center coincides with the center of the cube....

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  • During preoperative transesophageal echocardiography, a line was drawn between the base of the anterior and posterior mitral leaflet to measure the distance between the head of the posterior papillary muscle and the plane at the co-optation of the leaflets; this measured the artificial chordal length. During surgery, 4-0 Gore- Tex was passed through the fibrous tip of the papillary muscle with a pledget and was fixed with a loose knot. Two tight reverse knots were made for every millimeter of 4-0 Gore-Tex that was required.

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  • The length of chordae was a measurement of the distance between the head of the PM and the free edge of the posterior leaflet. Length of the opposing chordae of the posterior leaflet was measured directly by using a calliper. Double-armed mattress sutures with CV-5 GORE-TEX were placed at the fibrous tip of the PM using PTFE on both sides and tied down firmly. In all cases Doi performed Duran ring annuloplasty. Thereafter, the ePTFE suture is placed through the anterior leaflet.

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  • Compared to standard definition, 1080p high definition has enabled a quantum leap in home theater engagement. But high-end enthusiasts and custom installers understand that even 1080p HD has its limitations. At close viewing distances, individual pixels become discernable. Diagonal edges of on-screen objects that should appear smooth become jagged. Even the outlines around pixels can become strikingly evident.

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  • Additional reduction of the leaflet height could be achieved by folding the leaflet edge toward the ventricle before deploying the U- clip. The remaining loops were distributed at equal distance along the edge of the prolapsed segment by applying the same technique. After the pledget platform was secured, the 2 free suture needles were placed through the anterior prolapse. The correct apposition was confirmed with saline test. The assistan, at the patient side, tied the knots. Annuloplasty was performed at the surgeon's discretion.

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  • Most approaches to topic modeling assume an independence between documents that is frequently violated. We present an topic model that makes use of one or more user-specified graphs describing relationships between documents. These graph are encoded in the form of a Markov random field over topics and serve to encourage related documents to have similar topic structures. Experiments on show upwards of a 10% improvement in modeling performance. of the form of the distance metric used to specify the edge potentials. ...

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  • To make sure the second straw is parallel to the first, make a jig (a device that holds component parts in their correct position) that is as wide as the distance you want between the two straws. A two-by-four-inch piece of lumber would work. Align one side of the two-by-four with the glued straw, and glue the second straw aligned with the other edge of the board. Cut two dowels three-quarters of an inch longer that the length of the straw bear- ings. Sand the cut ends and attach one wheel. In most cases the dowel will make a tight fit with the wheel and you won’t...

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  • Shortage of manually labeled data is an obstacle to supervised relation extraction methods. In this paper we investigate a graph based semi-supervised learning algorithm, a label propagation (LP) algorithm, for relation extraction. It represents labeled and unlabeled examples and their distances as the nodes and the weights of edges of a graph, and tries to obtain a labeling function to satisfy two constraints: 1) it should be fixed on the labeled nodes, 2) it should be smooth on the whole graph. ...

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  • Weighted graph We can add attributes to edges, We call the attributes weights; Then if we want the shortest travel distance between cities an appropriate weight would be the road mileage; If we are concerned with the dollar cost of a trip and went the cheapest trip then an appropriate weight for the edges would be the cost to travel between the cities.

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