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  • 2004 saw the launch of our first questionnaire this was to communicate and consult on North Tyneside Council’s Community Centres and Customer Services. This has provided us with the foundation to establish an ongoing programme of consultation, a very effective way of getting close to our customers and finding out more about what they want and what they think of our Customer Care. This was followed by an evaluation of what we now know our customers want.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'youth savings around the world - youth characteristics, savings performance, and potential effects', tài chính - ngân hàng, ngân hàng - tín dụng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Due to climate change, the agro-climatic indicators in Son La province has changed in the following trends: (i) the total heat in the Winter - Spring crop and the Summer crop as well as the total annual heat have increased; (ii) The amount of time in a year with temperature below 20 degrees has shortened; the amount of time in a year with temperatures above 25 degrees has lengthened; (iii) the absolute minimum temperature tends to increase rapidly; (iv) the rainfall in Winter - Spring crop has increased slightly whereas the season rainfall and total annual rainfall tend to decrease.

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  • In this study, the effects of some physical and chemical soil properties on the growth of hybrid poplar were investigated in the Terme-Gölardi region where a poor growth of trees was observed. Soil samples were taken from both poor and good growth areas.

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  • Giá trị tương lai của một khoản tiền vào cuối năm thứ 5 là $1.000. Lãi suất danh nghĩa (nominal interest rate) là 10% và tiền lãi được ghép nửa năm 1 lần. Câu nào sau đây đúng nhất? a. Giá trị hiện tại của $1.000 cao hơn nhiều nếu lãi được ghép hàng tháng thay vì nửa năm b. Lãi suất thực tế hằng năm (effective annual rate) lớn hơn 10%

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  • With many millions of dollars being spent annually by governments on promotion to attract foreign investors to various countries, a perplexing question has become increasingly important: Does investment promotion really work? Jacques Morisset and Kelly Andrews-Johnson have made a major step in providing a convincing answer to this and associated questions.

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  • Planning involves selecting a course of action and specifying how the action will be implemented. The first step in planning is to identify the various alternatives. Next, the alternative that does the best job of furthering the organization’s objectives is selected. Management’s plans are usually expressed in budgets. Typically, budgets are prepared annually under the direction of the controller, who is the manager of the accounting department.

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  • Put options granted to non-controlling interests of subsidiaries are measured at the exercise price and classified as a financial liability, with a deduction from non-controlling interests on the consolidated statement of financial position at each reporting date.Prior to January 1, 2010, the effective date of IAS 27 (Amended) Consolidated and separate financial statements, where the exercise price exceeded the balance of non-controlling interests, the difference was recognized as an increase in the goodwill of the subsidiary.

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  • 4 Biological Activity of Waters Containing Nonionogenic Surfactants Nonionogenic surfactants are second to anionic surfactants by the amount of their production and discharge into aquatic ecosystems (Surfactants 1984; Steinberg et al. 1995; Bailey 1996; Thiele et al. 1997). The main classes of nonionogenic surfactants are alcohol ethoxylates and oxides of fatty amines. In 1988, the worldwide annual consumption of nonionogenic surfactants belonging to the alkyl phenol ethoxylates was approximately equal to 360,000 tons (Ahel et al. 1993).

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  • The main objectives of this study were to examine the effects of coastal eutrophication on fi sh communities, and on local recreational fi shery and commercial pikeperch fi shery on the northern coast of the Gulf of Finland. The study focused on freshwater species, as they live their entire life cycle in the most eutrophied areas, i.e., the archipelago and inner bays. Freshwater species are important for the very popular recreational fi shery, forming the bulk of the annual total catch.

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  • Capital markets are becoming global markets and commercial real estate markets are no exception. Recently, international real estate investors have expressed interest in investing in the Asian emerging markets. Three main reasons can be given for investing in such markets. First the strong economic performance in the region, at least up to 1997 and the huge growth potential of the region in the future.

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  • Target marketing is based on fundamental marketing principles that are employed by just about all firms across all types of products and toward all types of audience segments. As the nation undergoes dramatic demographic shifts, moving today’s ethnic minorities to the majority in many geographic areas, target marketing to ethnic groups will increase.

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  • Progress Microfinance has been implemented through two actions, both of which are managed by EIF. They are: 1) a guarantee instrument to providers of micro-credit (funded entirely by the European Commission); and 2) a structured investment vehicle set up under Luxembourg law, the European Progress Microfinance Fund, funded by the European Commission and the EIB.

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  • A processing department is an organizational unit where work is performed on a prod- uct and where materials, labor, or overhead costs are added to the product. For example, a Nalley’s potato chip factory might have three processing departments—one for preparing potatoes, one for cooking, and one for inspecting and packaging. A brick factory might have two processing departments—one for mixing and molding clay into brick form and one for firing the molded brick. Some products and services may go through a number of processing departments, while others may...

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  • A second source for private sector expenditure on R&D is the “EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard”, which has been conducted by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) that is part of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. The annual Scoreboard presents information on the world’s top 1400 companies ranked by their investments in R&D. It contains data drawn from companies’ accounts, most recently for the fiscal year 2009. 16 R&D indicators, such as R&D intensity, vary in line with the business cycle.

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  • Giá trị tương lai của một khoản tiền vào cuối năm thứ năm là $1.000. Lãi suất doanh nghĩa (nominal interest rate) là 10% và tiền lãi được ghép nửa năm 1 lần. Câu nào sau đây đúng nhất? a. Giá trị hiện tại của $1.000 cao hơn nhiều nếu lãi được ghép hàng tháng thay vì nửa năm b. Lãi suất thực tế hằng năm (effective annual rate) lớn hơn 10% c. Lãi suất định kỳ là 5% d. Cả b và c đều đúng e. Tất cả các câu trên đều đúng...

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  • The paper proceeds as follows. First, we demonstrate the public policy demand for standardized units of ecosystem measurement. Second, we advance and defend an economic definition of units of account. Third, we contrast this definition with existing definitions of services and environmental accounting units. Fourth, we concretely illustrate our definition via an inventory of measurable ecosystem services.

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  • The Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Fund and its investment portfolio in compliance with the Fund’s constating documents. The Manager monitors and evaluates the performance of the Fund, pays for the investment management services of the investment advisors and provides all related administrative services required by the Fund. As compensation for its services the Manager is entitled to receive a fee payable monthly, calculated at the maximum annual rates included in Note 8(d)....

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  • The period from 2006 to 2012 saw a number of major events, a very significant one being the global meltdown in the banking and financial services industry (BFSI), which had knock-on effects on almost all business sectors. Considering that we now live in a connected world, India faced its own share of consequences although companies in the BFSI segment remained relatively unaffected by the turmoil seen in the Western world. It seemed as though the tighter regulatory regime had paid a dividend in an imploding global scenario.

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  • In order to be deemed Shariah-compliant, an Islamic product must be overseen by a Shariah advisory board or Shariah supervisory committee of renowned Islamic scholars. Once this board satisfies itself that a proposed product and structure is compliant with Shariah principles, it issues a fatwa (decree) on the proposal. The product can be marketed only when the fatwa of Shariah compliance is issued.

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