Effective authentication methods

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  • Listening has been paid much attention to by language researchers and teachers. Many researchers have been conducted on how to teach and learn listening skills effectively. However, as far as the writers have investigated, most of the researches focus largely on methods of teaching and learning rather than on exploiting new sources of authentic materials for teachers to make use of.

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  • This paper evaluates different authentication methods for online banking in Parsian Bank, which is one of the biggest private banks in Iran. The study designs a questionnaire and distributes it among some experts to find cause and effect factors based on a multi-criteria decision making technique named Decision Making Trial And Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL).

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  • English as Foreign Language students tend to learn vocabulary in word isolation, not in chunks or collocations which produces meager results in students’ collocational competence and lexical resources. In addition, a corpus-assisted method is used in this project because of its significant effectiveness in bringing real-world language use or authentic materials in teaching and learning collocations.

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  • Lecture Security + Guide to Network Security Fundamentals - Chapter 3 include objectives: Identify who is responsible for information security, describe security principles, use effective authentication methods, control access to computer systems, uudit information security schemes.

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  • Since 2005, there have been significant changes in the threat landscape. Fraudsters have continued to develop and deploy more sophisticated, effective, and malicious methods to compromise authentication mechanisms and gain unauthorized access to customers’ online accounts. Rapidly growing organized criminal groups have become more specialized in financial fraud and have been successful in compromising an increasing array of controls.

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  • The Agencies are concerned that customer authentication methods and controls implemented in conformance with the Guidance several years ago have become less effective. Hence, the institution and its customers may face significant risk where periodic risk assessments and appropriate control enhancements have not routinely occurred. General Supervisory Expectations The concept of customer authentication, as described in the 2005 Guidance, is broad.

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