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  • When compared to the constant lubrication problems associated with chain drives, or the mechanical problems and high costs associated with gear drives, belts are the most cost-effective, reliable means of power transmission. However, optimum belt drive performance requires proper maintenance. The potential for long service life is built into every Gates belt. When coupled with a regularly scheduled maintenance program, belt drives will run relatively trouble-free for a long time.

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  • Psychiatrists and diverse other mental health and broader healthcare professionals are faced with many challenges in effectively evaluating and treating persons with psychiatric illnesses and substance use disorders. Resources are often stretched thin, especially for those with the most serious and disabling conditions, and many people who would benefit from treatment are untreated, undertreated, or treated only after extended delays for complex reasons. Clinicians clearly have difficulties and barriers in their efforts to provide comprehensive, efficacious, and timely treatment.

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  • Harrison's Internal Medicine Chapter 4. Screening and Prevention of Disease Screening and Prevention of Disease: Introduction A primary goal of health care is to prevent disease or to detect it early enough that intervention will be more effective. Strategies for disease screening and prevention are driven by evidence that testing and intervention are practical and effective. Currently most screening tests are readily available and inexpensive. Examples include tests that are biochemical (e.g., cholesterol, glucose), physiologic (e.g., blood pressure, growth curves), radiologic (e.g.

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  • A number of techniques can assist the physician with the growing number of recommended screening tests. An appropriately configured electronic health record can provide reminder systems that make it easier for physicians to track and meet guidelines. Some systems provide patients with secure access to their medical records, providing an additional means to enhance adherence to routine screening. Systems that provide nurses and other staff with standing orders are effective for smoking prevention and immunizations.

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  • Physical Activity Physical activity is associated with a decreased risk of colon and breast cancer. A variety of mechanisms have been proposed. However, such studies are prone to confounding factors such as recall bias, association of exercise with other health-related practices, and effects of preclinical cancers on exercise habits (reverse causality). Recommending adults to engage in at least 30 min of vigorous activity for ≥3 days a week is good health advice, though its effects on cancer incidence are unproven.

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  • The activities of the Department of Defense (DOD) and its contractors in manufacturing, testing, maintaining, and disposing of military equipment make up a significant portion of the industrial processes conducted in the United States. As is the case with the commercial industries, some of these activities, such as metal plating, have resulted in industrial pollution and environmental contamination. With increasing environmental regulation of such processes in recent decades, defense facilities have been faced with growing compliance issues.

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  • The recognition that osteoporosis is a huge public health problem came recently, but it rapidly stimulated the emergence of a major new province in biology and medicine. Professional meetings devoted to bone metabolism and metabolic bone disorders have blossomed, new journals have emerged, and the pioneering careers of dedicated early investigators have inspired the vigor of a new generation of scientists.

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  • Our study panel began deliberations with significantly divergent views on the meaning of the concept of “psychological consequences” and the definition of terrorism. In addition we had many perspectives on the appropriate preventive and therapeutic roles of public health and mental health systems with respect to the psychological consequences of terrorism. We agreed that terrorism affected humans in all walks of life and that societal terrorists are as diverse as the individuals they terrorize in society.

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  • In 2000, the California state legislature passed the Schiff-Cardenas Crime Prevention Act (Assembly Bill [AB] 1913), which authorized funding for county juvenile justice programs and designated the Corrections Standards Authority (CSA) (formerly named the Board of Corrections, or BOC) the administrator of funding. A 2001 California Senate bill extended the funding and changed the program’s name to the Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act (JJCPA). This effort was designed to provide

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  • Arginine is a versatile additive to prevent protein aggrega-tion. This paper shows that arginine ethylester (ArgEE) prevents heat-induced inactivation and aggregation of hen egg lysozyme more effectively than arginine or guanidine. TheadditionofArgEEdecreased themelting temperatureof lysozyme. This data could be interpreted in terms of ArgEE binding to unfolded lysozyme, possibly through the ethyl-ated carboxyl group, which leads to effective prevention of intermolecular interaction among aggregation-prone mole-cules.

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  • Hence, the challenge is to include the development of stratification biomarkers into the concept of disease prevention and drug development. In addition, we should distinguish between biomarkers and assays. Biomarkers need to be qualified and properly detected before they can be used in the clinics. Therefore, the applicability of a qualified biomarker relies also on the development of a robust assay.

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  • The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA) requires that debtors filing for bankruptcy whose monthly income exceeds the median income for their household size in their state use the IRS expense standards rather than their current expenses to calculate their monthly disposable income (MDI).

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  • Previously, we have shown that the small heat shock protein with apparent molecular mass 27 kDa (Hsp27) does not affect the thermal unfolding of F-actin, but effectively prevents aggregation of thermally denatured F-actin [Pivovarova AV, Mikhailova VV, Chernik IS, Chebotareva NA, Levitsky DI & Gusev NB (2005)Biochem Biophys Res Commun331, 1548–1553], and supposed that Hsp27 prevents heat-induced aggregation of F-actin by forming soluble complexes with denatured actin.

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  • Mitochondrial calcium overload has been implicated in the irreversible damage of reperfused heart. Accordingly, we studied the effect of an oxy-gen-bridged dinuclear ruthenium amine complex (Ru360 ), which is a select-ive and potent mitochondrial calcium uniporter blocker, on mitochondrial dysfunction and on the matrix free-calcium concentration in mitochondria isolated from reperfused rat hearts.

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  • Proteins tend to form inactive aggregates at high tempera-tures. We show that polyamines, which have a relatively simple structure as oligoamids, effectively prevent thermal inactivation and aggregation of hen egg lysozyme. In the presence of additives, including arginine and guanidine (100 mM), more than 30% of 0.2 mgÆmL )1 lysozyme in sodium phosphate buffer (pH 6.5) formed insoluble aggre-gates by heat treatment (98C for 30 min). 1

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  • (BQ) Divided into five parts, Parts I, II and III cover screening and assessment, the pathophysiology of sports injuries and healing and the various stages of training during the rehabilitation process. Part IV covers effective clinical decision making, and Part V covers joint specific injuries and pathologies in the shoulder, elbow wrist and hand, groin and knee.

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  • Objectives: To assess the effectiveness of ABATE 1SG larvicide in dengue prevention, in two wards of Rachgia city, Kiengiang province. Method: Intervention study in community, with an intervention group and a control group to assess the ffectiveness of ABATE 1SG larvicide application to water storage containers (excluding drinking water) in Rachgia city, Kiengiang province.

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  • This paper will make in-depth analysis on the position of the disaster early warning system in the legal document system relating to disaster management issued from early 1990s until the Law on Disaster Prevention officially took effect in May, 2014.

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  • Why do some contaminants remain in soils indefinitely? How much of a threat do they pose to human health or the environment? The need for effective and economic site decontamination arises daily. Geoenvironmental Engineering: Contaminated Soils, Pollutant Fate, and Mitigation discusses why soils remain contaminated, focusing on the development of the factors, properties, characteristics, and parameters of soils and individual contaminants.

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  • Fundamental Requirements of Effective Preventive/Predictive Maintenance could eliminate almost 98% of the failures. Note the word “proper,” meaning that no new problems are injected. That also means, however, that costs will be higher than need be since components will be replaced before the end of their useful life, and more labor is required. Once the threshold set point has been determined, it should be monitored to detect when it is exceeded. The investment in monitoring depends on the period over which deterioration may occur, means of detection, and benefit value.

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