Effects of atomic coherence

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  • The results showed that the threshold intensity of OB in Λ-type system is much less than the other ones and the threshold intensity of OB in V-type system is the largest one. The analytical result is convenient to choose excitation configuration for experimental observations and related applications in photonic devices.

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  • The advent of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) offered a new coherent material with exotic and controllable optical properties. Extension from single to multiple EIT is of current interest because it gains advantages in multi-channel optical communication, waveguides for optical signal processing and multi-channel quantum information processing.

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  • The document presents the basic contents: Basic interaction between radiation and matter, spectral distribution of electromagnetic radiation, Interactions between electromagnetic radiations and matter, photoelectric effect, photoelectric effect, coherent scattering, electron-positron annihilation, discovering atomic structure, scattering of alpha particle, Bragg-curve,...invite you to refer

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  • The analytical expression for the self-Kerr nonlinear coefficient in a three-level V-type atomic medium is found in the presence of the Doppler effect. Based on the analytical results, we have analyzed the enhancement and control of the Kerr nonlinear coefficient under the condition of electromagnetically induced transparency. It is shown that the Kerr nonlinear coefficient is significantly enhanced around the resonant frequency of both the probe and coupling fields.

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