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  • Applied linguistics is defined as a discipline that uses a variety of methods to address language-based problems, one of which is that of language teaching and learning. Based on this definition, the article will define and tackle the problem of teaching EFL writing in Vietnam which has, for a long time, been considered a challenge for language teachers.

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  • This paper will discuss three approaches: Product, process and genre used in EFL writing classes and grammar instruction driven by each approach. Then it will present a hybrid approach termed as process and genre approach which combines the strengths of the process and of genre approach.

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  • Writing in a foreign language is deemed to be the most difficult language skill to learners, especially at high school level. Consequently, its teaching has become a challenging task for high school teachers in the Vietnamese context. Teacher beliefs related literature indicates that what teachers do in the classroom is directly governed by what they think and believe.

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  • There have been a number of studies on the effects of formative assessment on Learning Management System on EFL writing achievement. Nevertheless, in the context of Vietnam, little research has been done on education technology that enhances online formative assessment in teaching writing. In an attempt to further the previous research nationwide and worldwide, this study examined the impacts of formative assessment on students’ writing achievement in a writing course of Learning Management System Schoology.

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  • The study aimed at finding out: i) the attitudes of both teachers and students at a Vietnamese university as regards the integration of blogs into English writing classes; and ii) their perceived advantages and difficulties in adopting such a way of teaching and learning.

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  • Writing in English might be one of the most difficult tasks for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learners. This paper presents FLOW, a writing assistance system. It is built based on first-language-oriented input function and context sensitive approach, aiming at providing immediate and appropriate suggestions including translations, paraphrases, and n-grams during composing and revising processes.

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  • This paper describes a database of translation memory, TotalRecall, developed to encourage authentic and idiomatic use in second language writing. TotalRecall is a bilingual concordancer that support search query in English or Chinese for relevant sentences and translations. Although initially intended for learners of English as Foreign Language (EFL) in Taiwan, it is a gold mine of texts in English or Mandarin Chinese.

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  • This study aimed to investigate EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students' attitudes towards written error, error correction, teacher correction, peer correction and self correction with teachers’ help, find out what type of correction students perceived as the most favorable and effective type to improve their writing accuracy and writing performance.

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  • Cohesion refers to a linguistic means by which elements of a text are arranged and connected. Cohesion analysis is of great significance in improving students’ academic writing skills. This paper presents the results of cohesion analysis in third year English major students’ essays based on Halliday and Hasan’s (1976) framework with the aim of drawing some implications on essay teaching and learning.

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  • This study adopted a mixed method integrating corpus techniques and error analysis to investigate Vietnamese EFL learners’ use of conjunction in English writing. The participants were ten-graders of a Hanoi-based high school. The results showed that additive and causal conjunctions were the most frequently used types, and the students encountered challenges mostly in using adversative and causal conjunctions. Besides, omission and misformation are the most common types of errors in the learners’ use of conjunction.

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  • This study aims to have a more indepth view of the effects of group composition on promoting critical thinking level of ELF students in collaborative writing.

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  • It is implied from the study’s findings that the critical thinking framework used in this study can be used as a reference tool to develop and assess critical thinking or to design teaching contents with the integration of critical thinking. Reflective journal writing activity can be widely used in EFL content classes, in general, and in EFL literature classes, in particular, to promote students’ critical thinking.

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  • The aim of this experimental study is two-fold: (1) to find out the extent that the portfolio affects EFL young learners’ sentence writing; (2) to explore learners’ attitudes towards the use of portfolio. Participants are 60 young learners enrolling Mover courses at an English language center situated in the Mekong Delta.

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  • This paper promotes the idea of integrating critical thinking skills in language learning in order to derive learning products in the process of reading and writing for English freshmen in Ha Tinh university. The important key principle here is applying higher order thinking skills in every stage of project done because these skills empower learners to create their own products. The study was conducted on the basis of instruments like seminar, questionnaire survey, observation and interviews.

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  • This paper tackles the question of errors from the students’ point of view. The students' errors in written English were collected, corrected and presented to the students to comment on them indicating the causes that led them to make such errors. It was hoped that the sudents’ perception of their errors will shed light on the learning strategies students employ to learn the second language.

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  • Each unit is structured so that it can be delivered without the need for extensive preparation by the group leader. This might be the English and/or Welsh language coordinator of a primary or special school and/or the appropriate head(s) of department in a secondary school, a member of the school’s senior management team (SMT) or the LA advisory team, or a tutor in initial teacher training. The development of writing skills should be part of a whole-school strategy, led by a senior teacher, that involves every teacher in the school.

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  • Finally, a brief word about the team of writers is in order. Although we very much opted for a division of labour approach to the writing of this book, it has been no less of a team effort. The text was written by Mark Newson and the exercises prepared by Hordós Marianna, Szécsényi Krisztina, Pap Dániel, Tóth Gabriella and Vincze Veronika. Szécsényi Krisztina prepared the glossary. Most of the editing was carried out by Hordós Marianna, Nádasdi Péter, Szécsényi Krisztina and ...

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  • Phrasal verbs are highly common in and typical of the English language. However, ESL/EFL students in different contexts seem to avoid using them in their academic writing, especially in English applied linguistics. This study aims at investigating the use of phrasal verbs in the research proposals among Vietnamese M.A. students who were studying at one university in Vietnam. Nineteen research proposals chosen in this study cover 5 major themes, including TESOL Methodology, Discourse Analysis, Linguistics, Literature, and Translation. The data were analyzed by the software AntConc version 3.

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