Egyptian culture

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  • The ancient Egyptians were an intelligent, social, active, and peaceful people. Despite the many hardships that challenged their re- markable civilization, they maintained their pride, optimism and love of life. Their priorities were centered on their gods, their families and their work.

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  • Beauty has been extolled and made a cult object in all cultures and civilizations,whatever their geographic distribution, ethnic origin, or religion. In ancient Egypt, beauty was associated with a sacred nature and personified by Queen Nefertiti, a woman who had high brows, wide and well-delineated eyes, rich lips, a dignified countenance, and an upright bearing, the very image of subtle energy; the ancient Egyptians regarded beauty closely akin to ‘‘holiness.’’

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  • In England, "a woman who wore make-up was seen as ... It is certain that James Is favorites used more make-up than the most flamboyant ...Lipstick culture then reached the burgeoning Egyptian empire....

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  • Varying beliefs about disease etiology may also serve to minimize the prevalence of trachoma. Beliefs about the causes of disease range from blindness caused by old age to illness induced by the glance of an envious person. Cultural beliefs in an Egyptian Delta hamlet discourage the discussion of trachoma since villagers believe trichiasis can be spread by word of mouth, and discussion of the disease is equal to questioning the will of God. In one study, villagers’ assessments of their quality of vision greatly exceeded evaluations by ophthalmologists.

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  • Notwithstanding the fact that Egyptology is now recognised as a science, an exact and communicable knowledge of whose existence and scope it behoves all modern culture to take cognisance, this work of M. Maspero still remains the Handbook of Egyptian Archaeology. But Egyptology is as yet in its infancy; whatever their age, Egyptologists will long die young. Every year, almost every month, fresh material for the study is found, fresh light is thrown upon it by the progress of excavation, exploration, and research. ...

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  • National Bank for Development designed its Microcredit concept under a lending system based on the banking culture to achieve the social and national goal in accordance with the Egyptian context. It is designed to be responsive to the immediate short credit needs of small entrepreneurs with no commercial record or license.

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