Elastic loads method

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  • In this paper the other performance of this method is presented. and the convergence of the method is proven theoretically in .the general case of a harderung body which obeys the elastoplastic process theory. The more complicated 3D problem of bodies of revolution subjected to non-axially symmetric load is investigated.

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  • The elastoplastic problem of the half-space with a hole subjected to axially symmetric loading considered in this paper is based on the elastoplastic deformation process theory. Solution of t his problem is carried out by using the modified elastic solution method and the finite element method. Some results of numerical calculation are presented here to give the picture of plastic domains enlarging in the body and t he obtained displacements on the free boundary of the half-space.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'theory of arched structures: strength, stability, vibration', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, điện - điện tử phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • (bq) the book "advanced mechanics of materials and applied elasticity" has contents: analysis of stress, strain and material properties, problems in elasticity, failure criteria, torsion of prismatic bars, axisymmetrically loaded members, applications of energy methods, stability of columns.

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  • The following will be discussed in this chapter: Strain energy, strain energy density, elastic strain energy for normal stresses, strain energy for shearing stresses, strain energy for a general state of stress, design for impact loads, work and energy under a single load,...

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  • This paper discusses the dynamic characteristics of an elastically supported Euler-Bernoulli beam subjected to an initially loaded compressive force and a moving point load. The eccentricity of the axial force is taken into consideration. The timehistories for beam deflection and the dynamic magnification factors are computed by using the Galerkin finite element method and the implicit Newmark method.

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  • This paper is devoted to study dynamic response of a tunnel surrounded by elastic foundation under moving vehicle loads by using the finite element method (FEM). The numerical results were then validated by an experimentation on a real structure.

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  • This paper describes the dynamic analysis of prestressed Bernoulli beams resting on a two-parameter elastic foundation under a moving harmonic load by the finite element method.

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  • This paper presents a modeling technique t hat derives from t he work of Newmark to describe the behavior of steel-concrete composite beams with elastic shear connection. The model is used to derive expressions for beam curvat ure, rotation and defl ection under monotonic load from wh ich the stiffness matrix is derived and finite element analysis performed on a set of illustrat ive examples. Iviodel results are compared to those obtained using other method.

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  • The goal of the performed experiments was to determine the strength, stiffness, and modulus of the elasticity of dowel, mortise and loose-tenon, and mortise and tenon L-type furniture joints under diagonal tension and compression loads.

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  • Soils are aggregates of mineral particles, and together with air and/or water in the void spaces, they form three-phase systems. A large portion of the earth’s surface is covered by soils, and they are widely used as construction and foundation materials. Soil mechanics is the branch of engineering that deals with the engineering properties of soils and their behavior under stress.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "theory and problems of strength of materials" has contents: stresses in beams, elastic deflection of beams double integration method, elastic deflection of beams method of singularity functions, statically indeterminate elastic beams, special topics in elastic beam theory, plastic deformations of beams, columns, combined stresses, members subjected to combined loadings, theories of failure.

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  • Using the finite element method (FEM) and construction calculation program in Matlab, the authors analyzed the elastic stability of piezoelectric composite plates under dynamic in-plane loads, taking into account damping properties of the structure. Critical loads and other factors affecting the stability of the plate are investigated.

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  • This paper is on the prediction of stress limits and strain distributions of an automobile tire sidewall developed from Natural Rubber (NR)/Tea Seed Oil (TSO) modi ed kaolin composites. The stress-strain data report of NR/TSO modi- ed kaolin at ller loading of 10phr was used to establish parameters characterizing the elastic behaviour of the rubber vulcanizates

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  • The paper presents a solution based on a detailed analysis of system modeling to assess the stability of the load position during the control under the interplay of factors such as the elasticity of the rope. , weight change as well as other external impacts. Especially based on the actual conditions, analysis and design of automatic load position control system when there is no information about the load location, the main sensor is the sensor that measures the rotation position of the system. Here, lower and feel the pressure to measure the tension of the rope.

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