Elections in the United States

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  • Since 2008, when Barack Obama won the United States election thanks to Facebook, that success model has been improved year by year, and at present Social Media has become the main channel of communication in electoral campaigns, ahead of traditional media (TV, radio, newspapers).

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  • this book offers the first political theory of special-purpose jurisdictions, including 35,000 special districts and 13,500 school districts, which consti- tute the most common form of local government in the United States today. collectively, special-purpose governments have more civilian employees than the federal government and spend more than all city governments combined. the proliferation of special-purpose jurisdictions has fundamentally altered the nature of representation and taxation in local government.

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  • The thesis of this book is simple: if George Bush were to be re- elected in November 1992 for a second term as the president of the United States, this country and the rest of the world would face a catastrophe of gigantic proportions. The necessity of writing this book became overwhelming in the minds of the authors in the wake of the ghastly slaughter of the Iraq war of January-February 1991.

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  • The structure of health systems and PHI roles influence differences in access to health care by insurance status. In OECD countries with no observed waiting times for elective surgery – such as the United States, France, Switzerland, Japan, Belgium and Germany – all insured individuals enjoy timely access to care irrespective of whether their main form of coverage is public or private health insurance.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "analyzing politics - an introduction to political science" has contents: comparative politics i, comparative politics ii, comparative politics iii, international relations i, international relations ii.

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  • When I first began discussing the concept of a book on governmental accounting for nonaccountants, the publisher, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., asked a good question: “Who would be interested in a book on governmental accounting who is not an accountant?” The quick answers were obvious—bond underwriters and investors, lawyers, elected officials, financial and other managers working in government, labor unions, and so forth.

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  • The U.S. postal savings system had a later start than most, as well as an earlier end. Advocates, from the 1870s on, had cited the success of postal banks in most of the leading countries of the world in arguing for such a system to encourage household saving in the United States. 5 But commercial bankers successfully opposed this as an unnecessary incursion into the province of private business, until the banking panic of 1907-1908 brought the issue of safe banking facilities for ordinary people to national prominence.

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  • At the election of President and Vice President of the United States, and members of Congress, in November, 1872, SUSAN B. ANTHONY, and several other women, offered their votes to the inspectors of election, claiming the right to vote, as among the privileges and immunities secured to them as citizens by the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The inspectors, JONES, HALL, and MARSH, by a majority, decided in favor of receiving the offered votes, against the dissent of HALL, and they were received and deposited in the ballot box.

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  • I. Pronunciation: Chọn từ có phần gạch chân được phát âm khác các từ còn lại 1. a. chaos b. chord c. charity d. character 2. a. helped b. borrowed c. washed d. booked 3. a. while b. whole c. when d. women 4. a. climate b. time c. timber d. environment II. Grammar and vocabulary : chọn đáp án đúng 5. Hiram Revels, the first black member of the United State Senate, served as senator for Mississippi, an office . . . . . . he was elected in 1870. a. which b. in which c. and which d. being which...

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  • In the surnmero f 1997, whent he Federal ReserveB anko f Bostons elected the topic for its fortysecond annual economicc onference, manyp undits werea sking: "Is the business cycle dead, or at least permanently dampened?"B y the time the Bank’s conference convenedi n June 1998, the same pundits queried: "What caused the massive recessions in Asia?" and "Can the United States remain ’an oasis of prosperity,’ as Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan termed it, while economiesw orldwidea re under siege from financial crises?" Howq uickly things change! BeyondS hocks:W hatC ausesB usiness Cycles ? turned ...

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  • In 1852, he wrote the campaign biography of his old friend Franklin Pierce. With Pierce's election as president, Hawthorne was rewarded in 1853 with the position of United States consul in Liverpool. In 1857, his appointment ended and the Hawthorne family toured France and Italy.

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