Electromagnetic radiation spectrum

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  • The following will be discussed in this chapter: What is wireless communication? Types of wireless communication, multiservice point-to-multipoint wireless network, electromagnetic radiation spectrum, wavelength of some technologies, types of electromagnetic carriers,...

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  • Figure 1, which follows, depicts the electromagnetic radiation spectrum and some of the commonly used or known areas.

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  • Before we can talk about solar power, we need to talk about the sun • Need to know how much sunlight is available • Can predict where the sun is at any time • Insolation : incident solar radiation • Want to determine the average daily insolation at a site • Want to be able to chose effective locations and panel tilts of solar panels

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  • Light is just one portion of the various electromagnetic waves flying through space. The electromagnetic spectrum covers an extremely broad range, from radio waves with wavelengths of a meter or more, down to x-rays with wavelengths of less than a billionth of a meter. Optical radiation lies between radio waves and x-rays on the spectrum, exhibiting a unique mix of ray, wave, and quantum properties.

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  • A photopolymer is a polymer that changes its properties when exposed to light, often in the ultraviolet frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum.Be bonds that link one polymer chain to another. Can be formed by chemical reactions that are initiated by radiation. Change physical properties of photopolymers.

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