Electronic metering mechanism

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  • A simple laboratory test-rig for maize planter was developed for testing and calibrating the electronic seed metering mechanism. The test rig consists of two frame namely main frame and the second frame. The main frame consists of variable speed drive, electric motor and grease coated belt that are fitted with necessary provisions. The second frame consists of seed hopper, seed metering unit. The metering mechanism consists of a metering roll, seed delivery box with plunger plate, proximity sensor, solenoid valve to, 12 V DC motor and the seed outlet pipe.

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  • A seed metering mechanism of conventional precision planters are usually driven by ground wheel with chain and sprocket system and these mechanisms are of mechanical type. They are less efficient as there is a number of losses while transmitting the power. Due to continuous friction between moving parts, these devices are subjected to wear and tear; hence they require frequent maintenance. To improve the planting performance of precision planters, the best substitute is to develop an electronic meterized planter for maize.

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  • Precision agriculture is the application of technologies and principles to manage spatial and temporal variability associated with all aspects of agricultural production for the purpose of improving crop performance and environmental quality.

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  • Traditional type fertilizer broadcasters were with constant opening with gravity flow method which was showing high variation in discharge quantity of fertilizer between the rows and this lead to under and over dosage. A battery operated variable rate fertilizer broadcaster was developed and it consisting of storage tank, metering unit, spreading unit and variable rate controller unit was developed. To standardize the metering mechanism for the fertilizer applicator, a study was conducted on the existing fertilizer metering devices.

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  • This paper presents the results of an experimental program devoted to the study of Polymer Modified Mortars’ (PMM) thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and calorific capacity at different temperatures and compressive and flexural strengths at room-temperature. For this purpose, Ordinary Mortar (OM) and PMM samples with different contents and through partial substitution of Portland cement were prepared. A real improvement of the PMM thermal properties was observed in comparison with those of OM despite the decrease of mechanical strength.

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  • This paper presents the design of the VIAM-AUV2000 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) with a built-in cylinder for floatation and counterbalance. The modular structure including mechanical design, electronic system, and control algorithm ensures continuous operation for the vehicle at a depth of 50 meters underwater.

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  • The confluence of market demand for greatly improved compact power sources for portable electronics with the rapidly expanding capability of micromachining technology has made feasible the development of gas turbines in the millimeter-size range. With airfoil spans measured in 100’s of microns rather than meters, these “microengines” have about 1 millionth the air flow of large gas turbines and thus should produce about 1 millionth the power, 10-100 W.

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