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  • In 2011 it will 50 years ago when a Dutchman called Bob van der Horst launched his magazine Electronica wereld (Electronics world). A bit later the use of the title started to present problems and Bob’s periodical continued under the name Elektuur in 1964. Bob did not fail to see the cross-border potential of the publication, especially for Germany. Before long, Elektor — as all non-Dutch editions were called — also appeared in English and French, followed by numerous licensed editions for lesser language areas like Italian and Spanish, and the publication as a whole grew massively.

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  • The word “robot” was introduced by the Czech playright Karel ˇ Capek in his 1920 play Rossum’s Universal Robots.This is a book about creating robots with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ Robotic Invention System (RIS)™. If you've always dreamed of building and programming your own robots, this is your big chance—the RIS set makes it easy to get started. There...

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  • HTML has always been about interconnection. Back in the ancient days, when electronica was cool and not called “house music” and before the Rolling Stones qualified for Medicare, the web was littered with big huge documents. In fact, it was exactly the opposite of today, where most people think enhanced digital books are just electronic wrappers around full-text copies of what’s in print. In the ’90s, the web was full of 15-page specifications, all in a single file. You scrolled through those massive documents just like you paged through an encyclopedia.

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  • We hereby present the main conclusions and perspectives obtained by the Group of Teaching Innovation in Electronics (Grupo de Innovación Docente en Electrónica, GIDEN) of the University of Valladolid (UVa) with regard to its main areas of work. This group comprises teachers of the “Specialty in Industrial Electronics” degree, and the degree in Electronic and Automatic Control and Industrial Engineering at the School of Industrial Engineering, who are interested in the introduction of active teaching-learning methodologies.

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