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  • This lab focuses on the ability to connect two PCs to create a simple switch-based Ethernet LAN using two workstations. A switch is a networking concentration device sometimes referred to as a multiport bridge. Switches are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. When operating in full-duplex mode, they provide dedicated bandwidth to workstations. Switches eliminate collisions by creating microsegments between ports to which the two workstations are attached. They are appropriate for small to large LANs with moderate to heavy traffic....

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  • Algorithm and Networking for Computer Game 1 Introduction —1.1 Anatomy of Computer Games —1.2 Synthetic Players ——1.2.1 Humanness. ——1.2.2 Stance —1.3 Multi playing —1.4 Games and Storytelling —1.5 Other Game Design Considerations —1.6 Outline of the Book ——1.6.1 Algorithms ——1.6.2 Networking. —1.7 Summary I. Algorithms 2 Random Numbers —2.1 Linear Congruential Method ——2.1.1 Choice of parameters ——2.1.2 Testing the randomness ——2.1.3 Using the generators —2.2 Discrete Finite Distributions —2.3 Random Shuffling —2.4 Creating Game Worlds.

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  • Features: • Modular design enables line card diversity within the same chassis • Extend central office interconnect between network elements when distances are greater than 100 meters • Ethernet delivery solution from central office to customer premises • Reduce capital expenses associated with expensive optical line cards in network elements • Auto-negotiation features eliminate the need for optical line card upgrade in network elements • Redundant -48Vdc power supplies • Supports SNMP and Telnet communication protocols • Daisy-chain communication interfaces • Supports 10...

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  • Growing the Network Without Adding New Copper Increased Market Demand for Telcom Services Prevailing trends for more business lines, residential multi-lines, Internet access via dial-up modems and ADSL/G.Lite modems, and CLEC demands for unbundled loops is creating tremendous demand on the existing last mile copper network. Impact to Incumbent Service Provider Due to the sheer volume of demand for copper access network, coupled with an industry wide shortage of qualified personnel, incumbent service providers are finding it increasingly difficult to expediently satisfy basic service demand....

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  • Lecture Algorithm design - Chapter 7 "Network flow II" include all of the following: Bipartite matching, disjoint paths, extensions to max flow, survey design, airline scheduling, image segmentation, project selection, baseball elimination.

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  • Objectives: Explain the role of redundancy in a converged network. Summarize how STP works to eliminate Layer 2 loops in a converged network. Explain how the STP algorithm uses three steps to converge on a loop-free topology. Implement rapid per VLAN spanning tree (rapid PVST+) in a LAN to prevent loops between redundant switches.

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  • Module Strategy Use the following strategy to present this module:  Configuring a File Server This topic introduces the Configuring Your Server page on the Administrative Tools menu. Explain to students that when they click File Server in the left pane of this page, the right pane will provide information about the tasks that are necessary for configuring a file server. It also provides hyperlinks to the Shared Folder wizard, Computer Management, and information about shared folders in Windows 2000 Help.

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  • Saving labeling Records - Reduces potential for error and eliminates the time to re-enter information when changes and additions are required. Meet TIA/EIA-606-A Labeling Standards Leaves an impression of quality workmanship Provides Labor Savings - get off the job faster - be more competitive and profitable.

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  • The HiGain HXU-358 DS3 multiplexer leverages the benefits of imbedded asynchronous networks by enabling cost-effective direct insertion of DS1s or E1s onto any network via an economical DS3 interface. ADC’s M13 asynchronous multiplexer and T1 testing technology is the highest service density multiplexer available. Space, power and heat dissipation requirements are all minimised. Additional capital costs for T1 testing equipment can be eliminated. All HiGain multiplexers can be used in either the Soneplex Wideband System 3190 (WBS-3190) chassis or the ACE chassis.

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  • The PON (Passive Optical Network over wavelengths) Express 16 is the first transport platform to use a Passive Optical Network (PON) architecture to break the access bottleneck. Using Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM), the PON Express 16 provides cost-effective access to business parks, campuses, and multi-dwelling unit/multi-tenant units over a shared network infrastructure without sacrificing security or limiting bandwidth. Up to 16 customers can be simultaneously connected with each having up to 1Gbps dedicated, symmetrical bandwidth.

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  • KALMAN FILTERS Simon Haykin Communications Research Laboratory, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (haykin@mcmaster.ca) 1.1 INTRODUCTION The celebrated Kalman filter, rooted in the state-space formulation of linear dynamical systems, provides a recursive solution to the linear optimal filtering problem. It applies to stationary as well as nonstationary environments. The solution is recursive in that each updated estimate of the state is computed from the previous estimate and the new input data, so only the previous estimate requires storage.

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  • Organizing use cases and usage scenarios represents a necessary process of eliminating redundancies in large amounts of information. Analysis is an iterative process in which you gradually create structure in the information provided by different sources of information. In this activity, you will group the use cases you created in Module 5 by actors and actions. Then you will eliminate redundancies in both sets of use cases. Finally, you will review the usage scenarios to determine if there are task sequences that should be consolidated as usage scenarios under a new use case. ...

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  • Wi-Fi can further enhance your organization's productivity and savings by increasing portability and eliminating charges for PBX maintenance and for wire-line and cellular phone service. However, concerns about the QoS of Wi-Fi and VoIP prevent many organizations from realizing the full savings and productivity improvements that Wi-Fi can deliver. This guide to deploying Wi-Fi telephony helps you overcome these concerns by showing in detail how to engineer each component of Wi-Fi for reliable, high- quality voice transmission.

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  • Features • Integrated front, rear, horizontal, and vertical cable management • Patented rib cage design eliminates horizontal support trays and bars • Supports up to 912 ports on a single rack • Built-in bend radius protection ensures network integrity • Designed for quick and easy moves, adds, and changes • Optional slack managers available for 8-, 10-, and 12-inch widths • Fits standard EIA rack with three-inch channel • Used for single rack or as inter-rack unit • Optional crossover troughs and horizontal cable managers available • Optional EIA-standard horizontal sup...

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  • Good programming is difficult. It is especially arduous for new programmers given the pace of change and the ever-expanding size of the software engineering body of knowledge (www.swebok.org) that they must master. The authors of this book have found that experience and in-depth understanding are key factors in both programmer productivity and reliable software. The bottom line is that experienced programmers don’t stumble around in the dark. They know the lay of the land, they recognize patterns, and they avoid the hazardous areas.

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  • ADC provides exceptional 85-Ohm central office copper cables for both analog and digital services. Reducing electromagnetic interference (noise) and maintaining signal integrity enriches data throughput. The improved crosstalk and attenuation of ADC’s central office copper cables helps to eliminate throughput bottlenecks at high speeds. Enhanced throughput translates to decreased service downtime and increased customer satisfaction.

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  • ADC’s new Midspan Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Controller provides a flexible way to power IP telephony and other applications over a local area network. The IEEE 802.3af-compliant power source ensures reliability of service for Ethernet devices such as VoIP telephones, wireless access points, security cameras, etc. ADC’s midspan PoE controller also eliminates the need for installation of local power at the device, saving time and money.

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  • ADC’s TrueNet® Midspan Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Controller provides a flexible way to power IP telephony and other applications over a local area network. The IEEE 802.3afcompliant power source ensures reliability of service for any number of Ethernet devices such as VoIP telephones, wireless access points and security cameras. ADC’s Midspan PoE Controller eliminates the need for installation of local power at the device, saving time and money

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  • For years, the industry has been locked into connector designs that are difficult to terminate, and even more difficult to field repair. ADC’s line of ProAx® Triaxial Camera Connectors will change the way you think about this component forever. These connectors have innovative features such as gender/type changability field repairable center conductors that eliminate the need to restrip, o-rings that protect the signal path against moisture, fewer parts to assemble, and compatibility with the tooling you already own....

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  • This lab connects two routers together using directly attached cables to simulate a WAN link. This allows the routers to be configured and tested as though they were geographically separated. This simulated WAN link takes the place of the service providers network and can be thought of as a CSU/DSU eliminator. The first steps involve finding out what kind of connections are on the router and what kind of cables are needed

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