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  • Taking inspiration from nature, this stunning variety of stitched projects offers a fantastic array of flowers, insects, butterflies, and birds, which utilize an intriguing range of materials and methods. The mixed-media techniques involved include ribbon work, appliqué, fabric manipulation, beading, and stumpwork. Accompanied by stitch diagrams and templates, the projects are geared to help both novices and experts extend their embroidery skills.

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  • A new series of 'Books about Books,' exclusively English in its aims, may seem to savour of the patriotism which, in matters of art and historical research, is, with reason enough, often scoffed at as a treacherous guide. No doubt in these pleasant studies patriotism acts as a magnifying-glass, making us unduly exaggerate details. On the other hand, it encourages us to try to discover them, and just at present this encouragement seems to be needed.

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  • PART I: PHONETICS A. Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. 1. A. great B. bread C. break D. veil 2. A. border B. embroider C. embark D. bomb 3. A. owl B. cow C. arrow D. powder 4. A. dew B. knew C. sew D. few 5. A. initial B. written C. privilege D. minor 6. A. foreign B. continent C. scholarship D. almost 7. A. hasty B. nasty C. tasty D. late 8. A. diaper B. diamond C. diary D. diameter 9. A. organise B. promise C. paradise D. realize 10....

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  • Students will be able to understand the text for details about jeans. C/Teaching aids: D/Procedure: Textbook, pictures Warm up I/Pre-reading :1.Pre teach vocabulary : - material (translation) : chất liệu, nguyên liệu - cotton (realia) : bong, sợi bông - (to) wear out (realia or a explanation): làm rách - (a) style (picture): kiểu dáng - (to) embroider (realia) : thêu (hoa văn, hình ...) - (a) label (realia): nhãn, nhãn hiệu.

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  • In the Preface to the "Handbook of Art Needlework," which I edited for the Royal School at South Kensington in 1880, I undertook to write a second part, to be devoted to design, colour, and the common-sense modes of treating decorative art, as applied especially to embroidered hangings, furniture,

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  • A / Aims and objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to know about basic knowledge and information about history of Jeans through words or phrasal words : made from, named after , embroidered jeans and painted jeans B / Teaching aids : Textbook , chalk , cassette and some pictures of jeans . C / Procedure : 7min I / Warm up : Brainstorming - Play games in groups . - Representatives from each group to - Call on some Ss to demonstrate . Suggested answers : Easy to wear Convenient Fashionable...

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  • The term is now applicable to natural and synthetic filaments, yarns, and threads as well as to the woven, knitted, felted, tufted, braided, bonded, knotted, and embroidered fabrics. The spinning and weaving were one of the first crafts that is believed to have been practiced as early as the New Stone Age. Invite you to refer to Part 1 of the document.

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  • European fashions from the ninth through the fifteenth century appear in this comprehensive fashion retrospective. Forty-five ready-to-color illustrations portray people from every class of society, from farmers in plain tunics, aprons, and kirtles to courtiers in embroidered mantles and brocaded silk robes with fur-trimmed sleeves. Complete, fact-filled captions, in addition to an informative introduction, help make this volume an excellent resource for fashion historians and costume designers as well as a distinctive and entertaining coloring book.

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  • "Autobiography of a Pocket-Handkerchief" was James Fenimore Cooper's first serious attempt at magazine writing, and Graham's Magazine would publish other contributions from him over the next few years, notably a series of biographic sketches of American naval officers, and the novel "Jack Tier; or The Florida Reef" (1846- 1848).

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