Emergency action on imports

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  • The manufacturing public enterprises have now begun to realize the significance of enhancing labour productivity with the emerging environment of competition and liberalization. The ever-growing process of globalization, the open-door policy to imports, and the obvious shift to buyer's market have thrown new demands and challenges on these enterprises. Given these opportunities and challenges provided by the emerging realities, the enterprises have now to match markets with products and other corporate resources more effectively and efficiently to strengthen their competitive advantage.

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  • Docetaxel is the first-line treatment for castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). The limited survival benefit associated with the quick emergence of resistance and systemic toxicity diminishes its efficacy in high-dose monotherapy. YK-4-279 is a small molecule inhibitor of ETV1 that plays an important role in the progression of prostate cancer.

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  • This study also aims to offer a more complete view of the many necessary measures to achieve global and coherent actions from donor countries. However, it must be pointed out that just as the choice of measures contained in the MDGs can be arbitrary, so can the selection of variables and economic policies included in this document.

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  • Unfortunately, the United States lags behind other countries in recognizing the importance of robotics technology. While the European Union, Japan, Korea, and the rest of the world have made significant R&D investments in robotics technology, the U.S. investment, outside unmanned systems for defense purposes, remains practically non-existent.

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  • Moreover, many areas of sustainable development remain technically ambiguous, making it difficult to plan an effective course of action. For example, the forestry industry has had difficulty defining what constitutes sustainable forest management. Some critics believe that simply replacing trees is not enough, because harvesting destroys the biodiversity of the forest. Clearly, more research will be needed to resolve such technical issues. From a broader perspective, however, it is clearly in the interest of business to operate within a healthy environment and economy.

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  • SRH programs can help improve the nutritional status of women and their children and advance progress on the hunger and maternal and child health targets. Supplemental feeding programs for pregnant women, improving wom- en’s knowledge of the nutritional requirements of themselves and their children and increasing women’s power to negotiate access to needed nutrition must be part of a multi-intervention strategy. Closely spaced pregnancies and the associated high fertility levels place women at an increased risk of anemia and other conditions of absolute and relative malnutrition.

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  • Furthermore, in order to boost innovative drugs and health solutions in Europe the Health Theme makes a major effort into investigator-driven clinical trials in various fields. With a focus on brain-related diseases, diabetes, and cancer (incorporating life style issues and social determinants of health) the 2011 work programme addresses major health-related societal challenges. Finally, with a focus on antimicrobial drug resistance and emerging epidemics, the Health Theme continues to address global health issues of utmost importance.

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  • Emergencies in medicine are difficult on two fronts: they may challenge both the health of the patient and the skills of the doctor in charge. If the latter, the former may deteriorate rapidly. Thus, the definition of an emergency indeed depends on who is facing it. As we mature along our clinical pathways of education, training, and experience, the risk of going through a personal professional emergency is continuously reduced. Nevertheless, throughout our medical career, accurate self-assessment and subsequent control of our actions remain our most important qualities.

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  • The Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (hereinafter referred to collectively as "Parties" and individually as "Party"), Desiring to establish and develop mutually beneficial and equitable economic and trade relations on the basis of mutual respect for their respective independence and sovereignty; Acknowledging that the adoption of and compliance with international trade norms and standards by the Parties will aid the development of mutually beneficial trade relations, and should be the underlying basis of those relations...

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