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  • E-business research is currently one of the most active research areas. With the rapid advancement in information technologies, e-business is growing in significance and is having a direct impact upon ways of doing business. As e-business becomes one of the most important areas in organizations, researchers and practitioners need to understand the implications of many technological and organizational changes taking place.

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  • The purpose of this book is to provide the advances in plant in vitro culture as related to perennial fruit crops and medicinal plants. Basic principles and new techniques, now available, are presented in detail. The book will be of use to researchers, teachers in biotechnology and for individuals interested to the commercial application of plant in vitro culture.

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  • The global trading system is undergoing a period of transition. Shifting economic circumstances, major advances in technology and the emergence of new players on the global scene, all underscore that we are on the cusp of big changes. Persistent imbalances, driven largely by macro-economic factors continue to be a cause of concern in some major economies.

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  • Published by InTech Janeza Trdine 9, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia Copyright © 2011 InTech All chapters are Open Access distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, which allows users to download, copy and build upon published articles even for commercial purposes, as long as the author and publisher are properly credited, which ensures maximum dissemination and a wider impact of our publications.

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  • Before we discuss the various types of PMO, we need to clarify what we mean by project, programme and portfolio management, since these terms are used quite specifically below. Project management. The organisation of resources and activities to deliver a predefined scope of work, within agreed timescales and costs, using existing capabilities to achieve the benefits that justified the project. Programme management.

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  • We are all aware of the essential role that insurance services play as a commercial and infrastructural service. From an infrastructural perspective it promotes financial and social stability, mobilizes and channel savings, supports trade, commerce and entrepreneurial activity and improves the quality of the lives of individuals. In a fast-globalizing world economy, Governments the world over are faced with challenges relating to the regulatory environment, emerging global trends in the insurance sector, technological innovations and liberalization of the insurance sector.

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  • There was complete agreement among two independent raters in classifying 327 reproductive messages out of a total of 362 references taken from a representative sample of the opera and art songs, which represents an inter-rater agreement of over 90%. Figure 4 depicts the results. A t-test failed to demonstrate a significant difference in the number of reproductive categories between the opera and art songs, t(104) = .6098, p = .5433.

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  • This is because the evidence is clear that open trade and investment, underpinned by an effective framework of rules, delivers the best results for both developed and developing countries. It is good economics. And it has been the UK’s own experience too: increased trade with Europe since the early 1980s has added almost £3,300 a year to the net income of the average British household. The fastest growing emerging economies are now creating new opportunities for all to benefit further from trade and investment.

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  • The effectively connected income of a foreign corporation or international investor is taxed on a net basis at graduated rates like those applicable to U.S. corporations, citizens, and residents. Generally, U.S. source income is ECI if one of two alternative tests -- the business-activities test and the assetuse test -- is met. The business-activities test looks to whether the activities of the U.S. business are a material factor in generating the income. The asset-use test looks to whether the income is derived from assets used or held for use in the conduct of a U.S. business.

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  • Faster incorporation of new technologies into complex products and systems holds the possibility of ever-increasing advantages in cost, performance, durability, and new functionalities. A general perception on the part of many investigators is that incorporation of change is more difficult, expensive, and slow than it need be. The management of change in complex products and systems, however, does require an understanding of the significance of those changes as well as their consequences in terms of product performance and safety.

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  • Throughout Europe, savings banks share common values, such as local ties, a positive attitude to all customers not excluding certain categories of clients, together with a socially responsi- ble behaviour. Savings banks therefore embody a “stakeholder” model, seeking to bring value and return to the whole community of stakeholders, which surround them (investors, suppli- ers, customers, employees and the local community in which they operate).

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  • These banking successes should be celebrated. They pave the way for broadening access to finance for hundreds of millions, perhaps even billions, of low-income people who today lack ready access to formal financial services. Such access on its own is not yet proven to increase economic growth or to reduce poverty on a large-scale level—and, as a general proposition, we doubt that it will on its own.

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  • At the same time, you’ll work with the analysts to increase return. That means that you’ll concentrate on the creditworthiness of the issuers of both commercial paper and CDs,which offer higher yields. You’re probably going to try to buy as many of these issues as possible—assuming that the analysts can verify that the investments are high quality. Your fund has the flexibility to invest in a wide range of securities, and your competitors are doing just that, looking for higher returns.

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  • Peroxyacyl nitrate (PAN) concentrations measured at a commercial site approximately 7 km north of the La Merced site were similar to those found in Los Angeles during the early 1970s. 16 PAN levels exceeded 30 ppb on five of the days sampled and exceeded 10 ppb on all but a few days of the study. 17 Although there is no air quality standard for PAN, high PAN concentrations are a good indicator of the organic oxidizing capacity of the urban air mass, since they are directly connected to organic peroxy radical formation and nitrogen dioxide (both ozone-forming precursors).

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  • The China Study Program is open to students who enrol in MPT735 International Business Management or MPT722 Human Resource Management. The three-week program allows you to complete one or both units, and offers a valuable opportunity to develop a deep understanding of doing business with Chinese companies and managing operations in the Chinese environment. Classes are held a East China University of Politics and Law (ECUPL) at Zhongshan Park, Shanghai.

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  • The potential for growth in trade and investment over the next decade and beyond is huge, if protectionist pressures can be avoided and other challenges addressed. Bilaterally and multilaterally we will work to improve UK businesses’ access to opportunities. Our approach is global and will include markets where the UK is already strong, for example the EU Single Market, together with the fast-growing emerging markets that play an increasingly large role in global trade and investment. Britain is able to build upon its existing strong relationships with many countries across the world....

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  • It is not possible for an investor to report performance only in certain quarters and not in others, as some times happens with private equity; NCREIF membership constitutes a long-term commitment. Further, data reported by NCREIF members is treated by the organization under a strict non-disclosure agreement.2 Thus, manipulating performance numbers would be ineffective because this could not help the investor signal quality.

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  • Paleontologists, developmental biologists, geochemists, and many other sci- entists are testing hypotheses that may explain this remarkable radiation. Some researchers observe that the radiation of animals came at a time when the Earth was going through some dramatic physical changes. It was emerging from a cli- mate so cold that the entire planet was covered in glaciers. The ocean’s chem- istry was also changing drastically. For most of Earth’s history, the oceans were almost devoid of free oxygen.

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  • The provider payment system has become output-based, and payment mechanisms are geared to the type of service provided rather than the type of institution responsible for provision. Family doctor services are paid through capitation, outpatient specialist care through a fee-for-service point system, acute inpatient services through a payment system based on diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) and chronic care through per diem rates. Special rules apply to certain services, such as emergency patient transfers.

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