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  • I start at the beginning, with a summary of the JOBS Act. Next, I review the current financing environment for startups, followed by a review of Emerging Growth Companies (EGCs), a new business firm category created by the JOBS Act. I cover disclosure and crowdfunding in the next chapters. Portals, like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, are described next. I end where we began, with a section by section review of the JOBS Act.

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  • It is not surprising that fundamental tensions in the design of the safety net emerge at different points in the program’s history, given the EITC’s status as the largest cash or near-cash antipoverty program. 3 In the mid- 1960s and early 1970s there was a great deal of discussion about the ap- propriate design of antipoverty policy. At the risk of oversimplifying, one part of the policy debate focused on either direct earnings subsidies (of which the EITC is one) or on subsidies paid to employers to hire disad....

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  • 268 Planning and Forecasting Hook the Reader That means having the first sentence or paragraph highlight the potential of the opportunity. I have read too many plans that start with “Company XYZ, incorporated in the state of Delaware, will develop and sell widgets.” Ho-hum. That doesn’t excite me; but if, in contrast, the first sentence states, “The current market for widgets is $50 million and is growing at an annual rate of 20%. The emergence of the Internet is likely to accelerate this market’s growth.

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  • Using a bottom up approach, totals are aggregated from 2,490 discrete individual product group lines.  Each of these lines uses specific data sources and can be analysed individually, unlike traditional  studies which often group together data sources.   Forecasts are calculated using the same principles as for determining market value and as such can be  applied on a line by line basis. This allows the identification of high growth areas within a particular  sub‐sector. Traditional methods tend to apply a growth rate to the whole of a sub‐sector, rather than  individual parts of it.

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  • Financial development is important for fostering economic growth and stability. This is a feature of the development process that has been extensively documented in the literatures (see Levine). 1 One of key components in this process is capital market development. For example, deepening the long-term local bond market facilitates the reduction of currency and maturity mismatches on corporations’ balance sheets. This also creates alternatives to bank financing that can support efficiency and stability.

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  • Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) are investment funds owned and managed by national governments. Such funds currently manage between $1.9 and $2.9 trillion and are expected to grow to over $12 trillion by 2015. This is due to the rapid growth of commodity prices and large trade surpluses in several emerging market economies. During the second half of 2007, interest in SWFs increased as Asian and Middle Eastern SWFs, fueled by surging foreign exchange reserves, invested large sums of capital in U.S. and other Western companies.

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  • Other areas that pose a challenge for developing countries include the potential impact of the operations of insurance companies on the activities of policyholders and the economy as a whole, the impact of emerging trends in the global insurance market, the need to overcome supply-side constraints, the need to raise public awareness about the benefits of insurance coverage, the need to build human capacity and how to take advantage of changes arising from liberalization and globalization within the insurance sector to develop export opportunities.

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  • Although the characteristics of emerging markets are relatively diverse, Thailand can represent the rest of the emerging countries, those in Asia in particular. This is because the Thai stock market exhibits several behaviours which are consistent with the average for emerging markets. For example, while the ten-year annualized growth of emerging markets ranged from -0.03% (Taiwan) to 20.45% (India), the Thai stock market grew by 12.36% per year and this figure is comparable to the growth of the MSCI Emerging Markets index 1 , 11.69% (MSCI, 2010).

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  • Although some older companies, including IBM and Hewlett-Packard, played central parts in the emerging IT industries, no one imagines that these industries could have taken off as profusely as they did just from the existing corporate base. The ongoing series of new growth companies provided the highly adaptive economic infrastructure required. The question we now face is how to re-kindle economic expansion and job creation. With the rise of China, India, and other countries, innovation is becoming more globalized than ever.

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  • Economic growth in India has picked up in recent years, and like other integrating Asian economies, it too requires large amounts of efficiently intermediated capital to sustain its development. However, an important constraint to financial reform has been dealing with the vestiges of financial “repression”— deliberate policies that crowd out the private sector from credit markets and limit the ability of financial markets to develop as intermediaries for saving. Years of deficit financing have led to large-scale intervention and state ownership of financial intermediation.

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  • Horton (2000, p.1193) suggests, “To remain viable and productive, public health workers need the ability to continue to acquire knowledge. Through new technologies - in addition to the technologies of the past - and distance learning, they can access information and training at any time, from any place.” Satellite communication presents number of possibilities to provide health education training to health workers via distance learning and e-learning modes. Distance learning and e-learning are vital for the empowerment of health workers in Afro-Asian regions. Jones et al.

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  • Chapter 8: Tailoring strategy to fit specific industry and company situations.

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  • Just under a third (31%) of overall activity in this sector is in manufacturing, with the highest levels of  manufacturing  in  the Wind  and  Carbon  Capture  &  Storage  sectors ‐  the  latter  a  reflection  of  the  current drive to prove the technology through pilot projects. Given the size of the LCEGS sector and its  growth  rate  in  both  domestic  and  global  markets,  environmental  activities  offer  an  attractive  opportunity for the UK’s manufacturing base to exploit current and emerging technologies.

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  • In the 1980s, the design profession experienced substantial growth with the emergence of a dominant retailing sector and the mergers and de-mutualisation of major financial institutions. This investment in design was especially in interiors, corporate identity, packaging and graphics. Graphics/corporate identity/packaging companies dominate the profession and these companies serve retail and service companies in the UK, as well as exporting their services.

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