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  • It is a matter of immense satisfaction for me that the first and second editions of the book were bestsellers. This has motivated me to bring the third revised and thoroughly refreshed edition before the readers. The concept of emotional intelligence or emotional quotient (EQ) has also gained popularity and acceptance over the years. How well do you connect with yourself and with others?

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  • AN EXAMINATION OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, LEADERSHIP STYLE AND PERCEIVED LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS With more districts, the distance between the average incomes of districts that are adjacent in the quality distribution is smaller. As C depends on this distance, a higher J reduces the amount by which a low-income district’s effectiveness parameter can exceed that of the next-wealthier district before the wealthier families will bid away houses in the more effective district....

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  •  was written to provide a comprehensive foundation for conducting clinical assessment of child and adolescent social-emotional behavior in a practical, scientific, and culturally appropriate manner. It is divided into two major sections. 

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  • Coaching Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom is a practical resource to help Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 teachers explore and understand a range of concepts, principles and techniques gathered under the term ‘emotional intelligence’, and the way that this powerfully infl uences pupils’ behaviour and learning in the classroom. Creative activities are suggested throughout, leading towards a more explicit focus on coaching methods to help pupils become independent, creative and effective learners able to set goals, generate ideas, solve problems and arrive at reasoned decisions....

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  • We have adapted a classification approach coming from optical character recognition research to the task of speech emotion recognition. The classification approach enjoys the representational power of a syntactic method and efficiency of statistical classification. The syntactic part implements a tree grammar inference algorithm. We have extended this part of the algorithm with various edit costs to penalise more important features with higher edit costs for being outside the interval, which tree automata learned at the inference stage.

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  • In this paper we describe the Rovereto Emotive Corpus (REC) which we collected to investigate the relationship between emotion and cooperation in dialogue tasks. It is an area where still many unsolved questions are present. One of the main open issues is the annotation of the socalled “blended” emotions and their recognition. Usually, there is a low agreement among raters in annotating emotions and, surprisingly, emotion recognition is higher in a condition of modality deprivation (i. e. only acoustic or only visual modality vs. bimodal display of emotion). ...

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  • Natural Language Processing applications often require large amounts of annotated training data, which are expensive to obtain. In this paper we investigate the applicability of Co-training to train classifiers that predict emotions in spoken dialogues. In order to do so, we have first applied the wrapper approach with Forward Selection and Naïve Bayes, to reduce the dimensionality of our feature set. Our results show that Co-training can be highly effective when a good set of features are chosen. ...

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  • Existing concept-color-emotion lexicons limit themselves to small sets of basic emotions and colors, which cannot capture the rich pallet of color terms that humans use in communication. In this paper we begin to address this problem by building a novel, color-emotion-concept association lexicon via crowdsourcing. This lexicon, which we call C LEX, has over 2,300 color terms, over 3,000 affect terms and almost 2,000 concepts. We investigate the relation between color and concept, and color and emotion, reinforcing results from previous studies, as well as discovering new associations. ...

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  • We describe a set of experiments using automatically labelled data to train supervised classifiers for multi-class emotion detection in Twitter messages with no manual intervention. By cross-validating between models trained on different labellings for the same six basic emotion classes, and testing on manually labelled data, we conclude that the method is suitable for some emotions (happiness, sadness and anger) but less able to distinguish others; and that different labelling conventions are more suitable for some emotions than others. ...

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  • In this paper, emotion analysis on blog texts has been carried out for a less privileged language like Bengali. Ekman’s six basic emotion types have been selected for reliable and semi automatic word level annotation. An automatic classifier has been applied for recognizing six basic emotion types for different words in a sentence. Application of different scoring strategies to identify sentence level emotion tag based on the acquired word level emotion constituents have produced satisfactory performance. ...

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  • An emotion lexicon is an indispensable resource for emotion analysis. This paper aims to mine the relationships between words and emotions using weblog corpora. A collocation model is proposed to learn emotion lexicons from weblog articles. Emotion classification at sentence level is experimented by using the mined lexicons to demonstrate their usefulness. Mishne (2005), and Yang and Chen (2006) used emoticons as tags to train SVM (Cortes and Vapnik, 1995) classifiers at document or sentence level. ...

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  • We examine the utility of speech and lexical features for predicting student emotions in computerhuman spoken tutoring dialogues. We first annotate student turns for negative, neutral, positive and mixed emotions. We then extract acoustic-prosodic features from the speech signal, and lexical items from the transcribed or recognized speech. We compare the results of machine learning experiments using these features alone or in combination to predict various categorizations of the annotated student emotions. ...

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  • This paper describes a study using two different samples to examine concurrent and longitudinal relations between children’s emotional reactivity, regulation and adjustment. Fortyeight children from preschool through second grade were recruited to provide data on concurrent relations between regulation, reactivity and adjustment.

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  • Emotional Intelligence Thông Minh Xúc Cảm trong môi trường làm việc Thông minh xúc cảm (Emotional Intelleigene) được đo bởi Chỉ Số Xúc Cảm EQ - Emotional Quotient. EQ đo lường năng lực, khả năng hay kỹ năng của một người về việc cảm nhân, đánh giá, và quản lý xúc cảm của bản thân, của người khác hay của một nhóm người.

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  • The EQ Interview “Adele Lynn’s newest book, destined to be a bestseller, captures the vital importance and necessity of behavioral interviewing for emotional intelligence. I find myself not being able to put this book down!” —John Dickson, President and CEO, Redstone SeniorCare “Selecting the right candidate is critical. Without question, The EQ Interview will enable me to make far more intelligent and informed hiring decisions.

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  • The Secret Language of Feelings was written to provide information regarding the nature of feelings and emotions. It is not designed to be a complete course in counseling, psychotherapy or psychology, or to offer medical advice. It is not meant to encompass all of the information available or needed to do any kind of therapeutic work. No single book could adequately prepare anyone for the practice of therapy or counseling. This book was designed to help individuals wishing to help themselves.

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  • Trade Like Jesse Livermore explains the complete Livermore Trading System, developed by Jesse Livermore over his legendary 45-year career trading the stock market. This book explores the technical aspects of the Livermore Trading System, including Timing, Money Management, and a way to achieve Emotional Control. It deals with the details and secrets of the stock trading system that brought about Livermore’s amazing and unbridled success on Wall Street.

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  • Social and emotional development, language and literacy, music and movement, visual arts, dramatic play,... is the main content of the book "100 alphabet activities". Invite you to consult the text book for more documents serving the academic needs and research.

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  • AREA OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE • Goal orientation: Setting goals for oneself and living and working toward goals • Optimism: Having a tendency to look at the bright side of things and to be hopeful for the best • Flexibility: The ability to adapt and bend to the needs of others or situations as appropriate Mastery of Purpose and Vision Ability to bring authenticity to one’s life and live out one’s intentions and values • Understanding one’s purpose and values: Having a clearly defined purpose and values • Taking actions toward one’s purpose: Taking actions to advance one...

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  • KEY POINTS TO CONSIDER WHEN ASSESSING ANSWERS Awareness of Emotions or Thoughts The key information extracted by these questions indicates the candidate’s awareness that emotions exist and affect self and others. Once a candidate establishes her awareness of the impact of emotions, she improves her chances of being able to manage them. Some candidates deny that feelings or emotions exist.

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