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  • Brand building goes far beyond creating awareness of your name and your customers promise. It is a voyage of building a corporate soul and infectiously communicating it inside and outside the company to all your partners, so that your customers truly get what your brand promises.

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  • Ai cũng muốn có được những lợi ích về tính năng và cảm xúc (emotional benefits) khi mua bất kỳ mặt hàng nào. Các lợi ích về tính năng có thể là kiểu dáng, kích cỡ, màu sắc, cho đến độ bền, chất lượng và hiệu suất hoạt động của sản phẩm. Chẳng hạn, khi mua một chiếc xe hơi hạng sang đặc biệt, khách hàng nào cũng mong muốn sẽ có một sản phẩm bền bỉ và đầy đủ các tính năng cần thiết. Các lợi ích về tình cảm chính là tính an toàn, sự tự tin cùng...

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  • This booklet is designed to be a pocket reference when you forget what you are supposed to do concerning others and yourself. It would benefit you to read through it every morning over breakfast or at night before retiring. In this manner, your positive attitude will become part of you throughout your entire day.

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  • In the thousands of English language articles, essays, and books by researchers and practitioners writing about grief following a death, there is little about African American grief (Barrett, 1995). This is not to say that a small number of studies cannot be immensely important. We have benefited from reading the works that are in the literature and that we cite at a number of places in this book, for example, Barrett (1995), Brice (1999), Hines (1986, 1991), Kalish and Reynolds (1981), and Meagher and Bell (1993).

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  • However, those runners who have the patience to develop speed for shorter distances will realise even greater benefits when they decide to take the step up the marathon. Building speed before endurance is always the best method of enhancing long-term performance. This article will give you a taste of speed training as it includes an eight-week training program designed to develop your running so you can complete a 10k race in your desired time. The program assumes a basic level of fitness, allowing you to complete the first week relatively comfortably.

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  • Why can some athletes seemingly play through injuries but succumb to incredible pain immediately after the competition ends? The explanation is thought to be related to the intense motivational states that may interfere with the perception of pain. The effects of emotional states may also explain why individuals with clinical depression report more pain than their counterparts without depression, and why anxiety increases pain perception.

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  • Early identification of developmental and mental health issues in young children is essential for preventing more serious social, emotional and behavioral health disorders. Policymakers can promote the creation of statewide standards and strategies for identifying—in medical, childcare, school and community settings—the developmental needs of young children and developing appropriate interventions. Early childhood screening, with proven tools, is a critical investment, particularly for Medicaid programs as part of EPSDT.

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  • Over the decades, educating people about health has been an important strategy for preventing illness and injury. This approach has drawn heavily from the fields of public health, social science, communications, and education. Early experiments with education relied heavily on the delivery of information and facts. Gradually, educational approaches have turned more to skill development and to addressing all aspects of health, including physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being.

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  • Overall the allergy is a sustained process of chronic inflammation why aspects of quality of life and the contribution and understanding of the psychological dimension, emotional and psychiatric naturally had to be enrolled in this book. The chapters on treatment modalities and new strategies bring the latest concepts on the use of actual and very promising researches based on the better understanding of the mechanism of the allergic disease. Each of these topics is as current as possible and written by a leader in the field. Clinicians will all benefit from these reviews....

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  • The loss of the family wage earner can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. Social Security helps by providing income for the families of workers who die. In fact, 98 of every 100 children could get benefits if a working parent dies. And Social Security pays more benefits to children than any other federal program. This booklet gives you an overview of Social Security survivors benefits paid to the spouse and children of a worker who dies. This booklet is not intended to answer all the questions you may have.

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  • A child’s development is shaped by a number of factors, such as genetics, relationships with parents or other caregivers, socioeconomics, and early childhood experiences. By supporting the healthy development of young children policymakers help to provide the foundation needed for children to grow into thriving adults. Children who are healthy and successful socially and emotionally have a greater chance of becoming economically productive and engaged citizens.

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  • The evidence confirms that it is important to allow children every opportunity to play, as this can benefit their physical and mental health, well-being, and social and emotional development. Play is also an invaluable part of family and community life. The study also demonstrates that while we should acknowledge the benefits of play in children’s lives, we must be cautious not to ‘instrumentalise’ play by perceiving it merely as a tool to achieve other benefits (Lester and Russell 2008).

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  • The objective of medicine is to address people’s unavoidable needs for emotional and physical healing. The discipline has evolved over millennia by drawing on the religious beliefs and social structures of numerous indigenous peoples, by exploit- ing natural products in their environments, and more recently by developing and validating therapeutic and preventive approaches using the scientific method.

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