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  • The Soneplex family of HDSL remote enclosures allows flexible configuration of Soneplex HDSL type 400 remote modules. Options include single and multiple installation, cabinet, telco room or rack mounting, and inside or outside deployment. ADC's Soneplex system is the lowest total cost solution for carriers to grow their T1-based business services. Focused on providing flexible, end-to-end solutions, the Soneplex system saves carriers money on T1-based services over copper or fiber, using HDSL, ADSL, traditional T1 repeater or Optical DS2 technology, in a single platform.

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  • In this paper, emotion analysis on blog texts has been carried out for a less privileged language like Bengali. Ekman’s six basic emotion types have been selected for reliable and semi automatic word level annotation. An automatic classifier has been applied for recognizing six basic emotion types for different words in a sentence. Application of different scoring strategies to identify sentence level emotion tag based on the acquired word level emotion constituents have produced satisfactory performance. ...

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  • We all know someone who is incredibly bright and yet cannot seem to pull their life together. The brilliant student who flunks out of university, or the incredibly intelligent worker who can’t seem to get ahead in their company. We know from our familiarity with them that they have a good to superior intelligence level, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to ensure success. And at the same time, we can probably describe in some form why we feel these people have not been successful. Our descriptions would include certain traits or behaviors that have nothing to do with...

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  • AREA OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE • Goal orientation: Setting goals for oneself and living and working toward goals • Optimism: Having a tendency to look at the bright side of things and to be hopeful for the best • Flexibility: The ability to adapt and bend to the needs of others or situations as appropriate Mastery of Purpose and Vision Ability to bring authenticity to one’s life and live out one’s intentions and values • Understanding one’s purpose and values: Having a clearly defined purpose and values • Taking actions toward one’s purpose: Taking actions to advance one...

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  • While evaluating answers, listen for awareness, followed by repetitive efforts and struggles. One candidate produced answers to each question aimed at uncovering flaws. After each example, he said, “I learned my lesson and never did that again.” Another more realistic answer came from Mike, who said, “Those incidents helped me to understand my impact on others. Now I go into meetings watching and being more aware of my comments. Sometimes I still find that I blurt something out and must retract what I’ve said, but I’m much more aware and have definitely shown improvement.

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  • Isn’t it wonderful when something you’ve been given not only meets more than your expectations, but greets you like an old friend whose eyes are on fire because her life has taken a great turn, and she wants to share it with you, because, after all, you are her great friend? That is the experience I had when reading Susan Solovic’s wonderful new book, the book you now hold between your hopeful hands.

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  • • Have you ever solved a work-related problem that had been a problem for a long time? What did you do? How did you do it? • Have you ever taken an action and gotten blamed when it didn’t work out? Describe what happened.

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  • have clients that say, “I never thought this would happen to me.” Throughout their twenties, when they only had themselves to look after, they did just that, thought about themselves. They made time for their friends, had nights out with the girls, painted their toenails and spent hours in the bath with their faces covered in some gooey, smelly substance that promised eternal youth

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  • It is important to shave before beginning the treatment. If the external hair shaft is present the laser will burn it, in turn burning the skin. Depilatory creams can be used with patients who object to shaving. Anesthesia is usually not required; however, this depends on the patient and body area. When treating the upper lip some kind of anesthesia is recommended. There is a high risk for eye damage with the laser because the retina has a very high concentra- tion of melanin. For this reason treatment must not be carried out inside the bony area of the eye. It is important...

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  • Creation of a vacuum and obtaining the material: Suction is applied after entering the lesion and while maintaining the suction, needle is moved vigorously back and forth in a sawing or cutting motion, changing the direction a few times, ensuring that the needle is inside the mass throughout; the whole procedure taking only 4-8 seconds. Do not rotate the needle or pump the plunger in the syringe in and out. Purpose of suction is to pull the tissue against the cutting edge of the needle and to pull the dislodged tissue fragments and cells into the lumen of the needle.

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  • Professional ethics is now acknowledged as a field of study in its own right. Much of its recent development has resulted from rethinking traditional medical ethics in the light of new moral problems arising out of advances in medical science and technology. Applied philosophers, ethicists and lawyers have devoted considerable energy to exploring the dilemmas emerging from modern health care practices and their effects on the practitioner-relationship.

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  • “KNOW THYSELF” and “To thine own self be true,” aphorisms taken from classic literary works and passed down through many generations as standard wisdom, remain popular even today. Centuries ago, when Socrates and Shakespeare penned those now-immortal words, they probably did not know that they were glimpsing a broader, more exact science—that of emotional intelligence. Today, emotional intelligence has blossomed from studies in social behavior to a measurable, predictable pattern of thought and action that influences decision making and success in relationships.

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  • THE star ship came out of space drive for the last time, and made its final landing on a scrubby little planet that circled a small and lonely sun. It came to ground gently, with the cushion of a retarder field, on the side of the world where it was night. In the room that would have been known as the bridge on ships of other days, instrument lights glowed softly on Captain Renner's cropped white hair, and upon the planes of his lean, strong face. Competent fingers touched controls here and there, seeking a response that he knew would...

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  • About four out of five people in low- and middle-income countries who need services for mental, neurological and substance use conditions do not receive them. Even when available, the interventions often are neither evidence-based nor of high quality. WHO recently launched the mental health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) for low- and middle-income countries with the objective of scaling up care for mental, neurological and substance use disorders.

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  • NO MATTER HOW SELF-ASSURED WE ARE, in a fraction of a second, our lives can be utterly devastated. As in the biblical story of Jonah, the unknowable forces of trauma and loss can swallow us whole, thrusting us deep into their cold dark belly. Entrapped yet lost, we become hopelessly frozen by terror and helplessness. Early in the year 2005,1 walked out of my house into a balmy Southern California morning. The gende warmth and soft sea breeze gave a lift to my step.

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  • A collection of ideas, tips, hints and other creative ways to help you achieve the success you desire. One of the primary factors of a happy, fulfilled life is a strong foundation of personal achievement. Of all the joys life has to offer, nothing quite beats the selfaffirming thrill of setting out for and attaining our heart’s desire. There is a deep seated, instinctive need in the emotional make-up of human beings to chase after whatever makes them happiest – so much so that the founders of America placed the freedom to do just that as one of the basic...

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  • affect / effect Affect and effect are sometimes confused, but before you can sort them out, you must sort out the two words spelled affect. One means “to put on a false show of,” as in She affected a British accent. The other can be both a noun and a verb. The noun meaning “emotion” is a technical term from psychology that sometimes shows up in general writing, as in this quote from a Norman Mailer piece about the Gulf War: “Of course, the soldiers seen on television had been carefully chosen for blandness of affect. In its far more common...

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  • The fact is your brain craves novelty. It's constantly searching, scanning, waiting for something unusual to happen. After all, that's the way it was built to help you stay alive. It takes all the routine, ordinary, dull stuff and filters it to the background so it won't interfere with your brain's real work--recording things that matter. How does your brain know what matters? It's like the creators of the Head First approach say, suppose you're out for a hike and a tiger jumps in front of you, what happens in your brain? Neurons fire. Emotions crank up. Chemicals surge. That's...

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  • Are you a logical thinker? A numerical whiz? A verbal genius? Or are you spatially inclined? Are you looking for intellectual stimulation? Find out how smart you are (and increase your IQ) with our IQ Test. This classical IQ test measures several factors of intelligence, namely logical reasoning, math skills, language abilities, spatial relations skills, knowledge retained and the ability to solve novel problems. (Please note that it doesn't take into consideration emotional intelligence). - See more at: http://www.queendom.com/tests/access_page/index.htm?idRegTest=3108#sthash.i5SIOJ1g.

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  • – ACT READING TEST PRACTICE – 67. The word exhausted, as it is used in line 23, most nearly means: a. impotent. b. stocked. c. spent. d. tired. 68. According to the passage, Sylvia waited for Lola instead of going out and leaving her a note because: f. Sylvia could not afford the rent on her own. g. Sylvia thought it would rain. h. she knows Lola will not be a suitable roommate. j. she thought it would be rude. 69. What can be inferred about Sylvia’s dominant emotion in paragraph 3? a. timidity b. curiosity c. irritation d. sadness 70....

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