Empire state building

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  • luyện nghe tiếng anh:Hey, buddy, wanna buy a piece of the empire state building?

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  • ON THE sixty-third floor of the Empire State Building is, among others of its type, a rather small office consisting of two rooms connected by a stout wooden door. The room into which the office door, which is of opaque glass, opens, is the smaller of the two and serves to

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  • When (i) is posed in California (2) is the appropriate answer to it. This is the case even though (3) and (h) are also true characterizations of the location of the Empire State Building. The pattern of appropriateness alters, however, when the locale where the question presented changes. Thus, when (i) is asked in Israel, (3) is the appropriate answer, whereas when it is asked in Manhattan, (I~) is the answer that should be given. The foregoing observations, originally made by Rumelhart (197h) and by Norman (1973), suggest the following. First, it is not enough for answers to questions...

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  • In [2], the problem of discovering sequential patterns over large databases of customer transactions is considered. The proposed algorithms generate a data sequence for each customer from the database and search on this set of se- quences for a frequent sequential pattern. For example, the algorithms can discover that customers typically rent “Star Wars,” then “Empire Strikes Back,” and then “Return of the Jedi.

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  • In the fourth century after Christ began that decay of the Roman Empire which had been the pride of the then civilized world. Warriors of Teutonic race invaded its splendid cities, destroyed without remorse the costliest and most beautiful of its antique treasures. Temples and images of the gods fell before barbarians whose only fear was lest they should die "upon the straw," while marble fountains and luxurious bath-houses were despoiled as signs of a most inglorious state of civilization.

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