Empirical intuition

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  • I) "Realism with a wink" might best describe how even sympathetic interpreters of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason have viewed Kant's assertion that the broad transcendental idealist framework yields realism at the empirical level. There remains the common belief that Kamian appearances are mind dependent in a way that effectively excludes empirical realism from being accepted as a genuine form of realism. The word "appearance" (Erscheinung) itself is usually enough to scare off even the most well-intentioned realist.

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  • We know from Kant's own response to the first review of the Critique of Pure Reason1 that he rejected the non-realist interpretation of this work. His (at times caustic) comments in_,the Prolegomena offer unambiguous evidence of Kant's displeasure with the "higher-idealism" interpretation.2 We also find corroboration in private correspondence of Kant's fear of misinterpretatio

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  • Các phương pháp phân tích Bài giảng 9 Trình tự nghiên cứu định lượng cơ bản cho các nghiên cứu • Nghiên cứu thông thường • Đề án môn học (ngắn hạn) • Luận văn sau đại học (MA/MBA/Ph.D) Các tiếp cận nghiên cứu 1. Cảm giác (INTUITION) Chúng ta “giải quyết vấn đề” bằng cảm giác chủ quan??? 2. Độc đóan (AUTHORITY) Bà nội, chuyên gia 3.

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  • Trình tự nghiên cứu cơ bản • Nghiên cứu thông thường • Đề án môn học (ngắn hạn) • Luận văn sau đại học (MA/MBA/Ph.D) Cách tiếp cận chủ đề nghiên cứu 1. Cảm giác (INTUITION) Chúng ta “giải quyết vấn đề” bằng cảm giác chủ quan??? 2. Độc đóan (AUTHORITY) Bà nội, chuyên gia 3. Khoa học (SCIENCE) Nghiên cứu thực nghiệm (Empirical test)

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  • In this work I address the challenge of augmenting n-gram language models according to prior linguistic intuitions. I argue that the family of hierarchical Pitman-Yor language models is an attractive vehicle through which to address the problem, and demonstrate the approach by proposing a model for German compounds. In an empirical evaluation, the model outperforms the Kneser-Ney model in terms of perplexity, and achieves preliminary improvements in English-German translation.

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  • Brazil has a relatively low level of domestic savings. Hausmann (2008) argues that Brazil’s low domestic savings is the most binding constraint to growth and the reason for its high real interest rates. A similar argument about the effect of low savings on real interest rates is made by Fraga (2005). Miranda and Muinhos (2003) refer to this argument as well, but do not test it empirically. The intuition behind this argument is compelling.

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  • Intuitively, a Ruantifier is any word or phrase that expresses a meaning that answers one of the questions "How many?" or "How much?" Typical English examples include all, no, many, few, some but not many, all but at most a ver~ few, wherever, whoever, whoever there is, and also, it can be argued, 0nly (Keenan, 1971), also (Cushing, 1978b), and the (Chomsky, 1977). In this paper we review an empirically motivated analysis of such meanings (Cushing, 1976; 1982a) and draw out its computational significance.

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  • The paper adresses the problem of reasoning with ambiguities. Semantic representations are presented that leave scope relations between quantifiers a n d / o r other operators unspecified. Truth conditions are provided for these representations and different consequence relations are judged on the basis of intuitive correctness. Finally inference patterns are presented that operate directly on these underspecified structures, i.e. do not rely on any translation into the set of their disambiguations.

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