Empirical realism

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  • I) "Realism with a wink" might best describe how even sympathetic interpreters of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason have viewed Kant's assertion that the broad transcendental idealist framework yields realism at the empirical level. There remains the common belief that Kamian appearances are mind dependent in a way that effectively excludes empirical realism from being accepted as a genuine form of realism. The word "appearance" (Erscheinung) itself is usually enough to scare off even the most well-intentioned realist.

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  • We know from Kant's own response to the first review of the Critique of Pure Reason1 that he rejected the non-realist interpretation of this work. His (at times caustic) comments in_,the Prolegomena offer unambiguous evidence of Kant's displeasure with the "higher-idealism" interpretation.2 We also find corroboration in private correspondence of Kant's fear of misinterpretatio

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  • Probabilistic inference is an attractive approach to uncertain reasoning and empirical learning in artificial intelligence. Computational difficulties arise, however, because probabilistic models with the necessary realism and exibility lead to complex distributions over high-dimensional spaces.

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