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  • My interest in work-related ill-health had more contemporary origins. I have had an academic and personal interest in women’s health in general for many years and in the early 1980s I became a member of a small women’s group who were concerned about the hazards women faced in their work.

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  • American Bioethics continues my exploration of the relationships between bioethics and law begun in Standard of Care: The Law of American Bioeth- ics and continued in Some Choice: Law, Medicine, and the Market. As with these earlier works, I benefited greatly from conversations, debates, com- ments, and criticisms of my colleagues in the Department of Health Law, Bioethics and Human Rights at the Boston University School of Public Health, most especially Leonard H. Glantz, Michael A. Grodin, Wendy K. Mariner, and Winnie Roche.

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  • Although cost-effectiveness is one guiding rationale for deter- mining resource allocations for expanding (or restricting) access to CAM and TM, additional societal benefits and costs, such as effects on biodiversity, must also be considered. CAM and TM could provide a rationale for conserving species, but overharvesting of endangered species for medicinal purposes is also a concern.

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  • Roe v. Wade stands as a milestone to women’s freedom and equality, and one of its most fundamental tenets is that a woman’s health must always be protected. Yet 39 years after the Supreme Court recognized the right to choose and the vital importance of women’s health, 1 attacks on women’s privacy, and on health protections in particular, continue. Time after time, anti-choice lawmakers vote down proposed health exceptions to abortion restrictions, 2 and prominent anti-choice leaders openly state their opposition to protecting women’s health.

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  • In January 2000, the Japanese Government's Environment Agency announced an amendment to Japan's Law for the Conservation of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, strengthening restrictions on domestic trade in tiger parts and derivatives. Japan is a significant consumer of Asian medicines and products, and up until this law was passed, products had been on open sale and unregulated. This law closes that possibility. In addition, all species threatened by the medic- inals trade are protected by national legislation in their range States.

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  • The significance and potential of the protocol go well beyond Africa. The treaty affirms reproductive choice and autonomy as a key human right and contains a number of global firsts. For example, it represents the first time that an international human rights instrument has explicitly articulated a woman’s right to abortion when pregnancy results from sexual assault, rape, or incest; when continuation of the pregnancy endangers the life or health of the pregnant woman; and in cases of grave fetal defects that are incompatible with life.

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  • Liquid fuel consumption by medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (MHDVs) represents 26 percent of all U.S. liquid transportation fuels consumed and has increased more rapidly—in both absolute and percentage terms—than consumption by other sectors. In early recognition of these trends, which are forecast to continue until 2035 (DOE, EIA, 2009), the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA; Public Law 110-140, Dec. 19, 2007), Section 108, was passed, requiring the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), for the first time in history, to establish fuel economy standards for MHDVs.

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