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Energy and movement

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  • The human body is made to move in a language that the body understands, reacts to, and improves vitality, flexibility, natural strength, focus and discipline. If it does not move enough or correctly, it can develop energy blocks, stagnation, sickness and more.

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  • This paper proposed a novel kinetic energy harvesting model that is installed under the speed bumps to harvest power wasted by vehicles when they pass over the speed bumps. The model consists of three main parts: drivetrainpump-storage system, generator module, and control module.

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  • The paper focuses on the development of crude oil prices in the international market in recent years, analyzing the two-way impacts of such developments on the Vietnamese economy from different perspectives on security. national capacity and socio-economic sustainable development goals, environmental protection, on which basis to draw conclusions and recommend solutions according to the research objectives of the article.

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  • The paper finds that the interplay of activities of the network aiming for the protection of the Hambach Forest, and its international reverberations, led to the development of a strong sense of place. The sense of place was clearly reflected in the Coal Commission’s final report in which a pathway for the German coal phase-out was outlined, a critical element of Germany’s energy transition.

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  • Lecture Electromagnetic simulations using fast FDTD. After completing this section, you will understand the knowledge about Simpler to implement in software as compared to IES implementations, able to solve for system response over a wide range of frequencies and display of energy movements.

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  • Lecture General Physics 2 - Chapter 16: Electric Energy and Capacitance. After studying this section will help you understand: electric potential energy, work and potential energy, potential difference, energy and charge movements, positive charge movements,...

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  • Flagellar motility is an efficient means of movement that allows bacteria to successfully colonize and compete with other microorganisms within their respective environments. The production and functioning of flagella is highly energy intensive and therefore flagellar motility is a tightly regulated process.

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  • Aerostatic bearings are ones which carry loads with nearly frictionless movement, thanks to external supply of pressurized air. The bearing pad and guide surfaces are kept apart and lubricated by a micrometer-thick compressed air film with a load capacity depending mainly on the pressure distribution. The flow of air through the gap complies with the Navier-Stokes equations and conservation of mass and energy.

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  • This paper aims to analyze the market reactions on corporate actions in the form of split-up, reverse split, right issue, and mergers and acquisitions in growing and non-growing energy consuming companies in Indonesia. The market reaction is analyzed based on stock price, trading volume, and abnormal returns movements using paired sample t-tests from the results of the event study for 5 days before and after corporate actions in the form of split-up, reverse split, right issue, and mergers and acquisitions.

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  • The purpose of this study is to construct the best-fitted model to forecast daily COP as well as to discuss the prepared recommendation for reducing the impact of daily COP movement. Daily COP data are observed for the last decade, i.e., from 2009 to 2018. The finding with the error of less than 0.0001 is AR (1) – GARCH (1,1). The implementation of the model is applicable for both predicting the next 90 days for the COP and its anticipated impact in the future.

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  • In this paper, a model is presented for predicting the transport of an environmental pollutant from the source to and through the soil. The model can predict the deposition of an environmental pollutant on the soil surface due to the pollutant being loaded on dust particles, which are later deposited on the soil surface.

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  • Oocyte mitochondria are highly dynamic and exhibit frequent fission and fusion. Those are clustered in the cytoplasm of previtellogenic oocytes which prepare for different synthetic activities for successful reproductive investment. In contrast, mitochondrial abundance is less in the male gametic lineage. The spermatocytes and the nurse cells in the testis have an unusual type of mitochondria, nebenkern which is formed by the fusions of number of mitochondria. A completely different type of mitochondrion is discovered in the flagellum of the spermatozoa.

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  • The method of skin frictional resistant reduction is injecting air flows to creating small bubbles into the turbulent boundary layer developing on the ship skin. Research found that this method may reduce ship energy consumption. This method could be applied to large ships with not high speed movement. A model ship that is scaled 1/33 of a 20000 ton cargo ship had been created for carrying out experiment in calm water and in regular wave conditions.

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  • Living cells save up metabolic energy predominantly in the form of fats and carbohydrates, and they “spend” this energy for biosynthesis, membrane transport, and movement. In both directions, energy is exchanged and transferred in the form of ATP. How do cells oxidize NADH and [FADH2] and convert their reducing potential into the chemical energy of ATP?

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  • Chapter 10 introduce to photosynthesis. Learning objectives of this chapter include: Describe the structure of a chloroplast; describe the relationship between an action spectrum and an absorption spectrum; trace the movement of electrons in linear, noncyclic electron flow; trace the movement of electrons in cyclic electron flow;...

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  • Trichloroisocyanuric acid synthesis process was studied by using DFT method. The obtained results demonstrate that the keto-enol isomerization of the cyanuric acid is a base-catalyzed reaction. It is possible that in the presence of NaOH the process of moving hydrogen in the cyanuric acid molecule and the reaction of neutralizing cyanuric acid can execute consecutively. And in this case NaOH plays the role as a donor of hydroxyl group catalyzing the movement of hydrogen and as neutralizing agent in an exothermal process.

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  • Victoria Johnson is a rock star, but not just any rock star. She’s not backing down from heralding a self-love, selfempowerment, self-advocacy movement. She is not shy about embracing her rags to riches success, from fat kid to fitness celebrity. She is not just your typical industry Rock Star; she is a three-peat rock legend and walking success story. She was driven to succeed at everything she endeavored. against all odds she rose up, dug her heels in, and refused to lose. She has triumphed and become rich and famous in three different niches within the industry....

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  • The way we design, plan and build our cities and their infrastructure is critical for developing competitive and liveable cities. Cities are already suffering from severe environmental problems, such as pollution, congestion and excessive waste, while the basic needs of hundreds of millions of urban residents are yet to be met. The unprecedented urbanization imposes an even greater challenge for providing adequate housing, energy, water, sanitation and mobility to all. Cities are at a crossroads.

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  • Additional projects studied the transfer of contaminants from females to pups, the impact of contaminants on immune system function, seasonal movements, diving activity and the measurement of heart rate as an indication of energy expenditure. Scientists have also observed the seal hunt in order to collect data on the age composition of the harvest as well as on “struck and loss”. In any harvest, animals may be killed but not recovered and therefore not included in the reported landings, a factor referred to as “struck and loss”.

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  • Similarly, the reverse movement represents a decrease in demand. The beauty of the connection between demand and marginal value is that an increase in demand could in principle have meant either more units demanded at a given price, or a higher willingness to pay for each unit, but those are in fact the same concept – both create a movement up and to the right. For many goods, an increase in income increases the demand for the good. Porsche automobiles, yachts, and Beverly Hills homes are mostly purchased by people with high incomes. Few billionaires...

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