Energy focusing efficiency

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  • A high focusing efficiency of a multi-level Fresnel lens is desired when it is designed and manufactured. How to determine the focusing efficiency becomes a problem after the Fresnel lens is fabricated. A method to estimate the focusing efficiency of the Fresnel lens basing on its surface profile is proposed.

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  • Global warming resulting from the use of fossil fuels is threatening the environment and energy efficiency is one of the most important ways to reduce this threat. Industry, transport and buildings are all high energy-using sectors in the world and even in the most technologically optimistic perspectives energy use is projected to increase in the next 50 years. How and when energy is used determines society’s ability to create long-term sustainable energy systems.

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  • The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy oversees the Office of Transportation Technologies, which includes the Office of Heavy Vehicle Technologies (OHVT), the Office of Advanced Automotive Technologies (OAAT), the Office of Fuels Development, and the Office of Technology Utilization. OHVT was created in March 1996 when the Office of Transportation Technologies was reorganized. Its sister organization, OAAT, focuses on the development of advanced automotive technologies, while OHVT focuses, for the most part, on technologies for trucks.

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  • The wireless sensor network are the major part of our daily life but due to its limited size and space faces some grave issues. This Paper focuses on the key issue of the wireless sensor network i.e. Energy which defines the life time of the network. The three protocols we discuss here are the energy efficient wireless sensor network protocols.

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  • Load shading is one of the major problems in rural area. The increasing rate of load shading creates problems in rural area. Also in many villages of rural area the electricity has not reached till. The utilization of solar energy for electricity generation may reduce load shading problem, high cost of electricity and provides the solution for unelectrified villages. In this paper an attempt has been made to focus on development and evaluation of energy efficient eco friendly wooden casing LED based solar lantern.

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  • The purpose of this study is to discover an approach where the outputs of the farms are maximum at the minimal input. Malaysia is well known for its crop (such as rubber, rice, palm oil, tea). Prior studies show that due to the climate change, there are likely chances that the farms of Malaysia will go extinct. In this study, the main focus is to efficiently use the energy resources to save it for the future in a prolonged manner. The data was collected from the website of Department of Statistics Malaysia, Official Portal. The data was taken for rubber and crops category.

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  • The article analyzes the mechanisms for financing energy-efficient projects both in Ukraine and in European countries. Attention is focused on the use of a financing mechanism such as ESCO, as the most acceptable for Ukrainian realities.

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  • The focus of present research is the efficient utilization of solar energy and biomass using improved cooking stoves. Additionally, the vulnerability can be reduced by optimizing solar energy utilization and enhanced individuals’ adaptive capacity with the use of improved cooking stoves. The environmental benefits of the use of improved cooking stoves through solar energy are also discussed.

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  • An RNA folding/RNA secondary structure prediction algorithm determines the non-nested/pseudoknot-free structure by maximizing the number of complementary base pairs and minimizing the energy. Several implementations of Nussinov’s classical RNA folding algorithm have been proposed. Our focus is to obtain run time and energy efficiency by reducing the number of cache misses.

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  • When businesses and market economies function properly and focus on serving the common good, they contribute greatly to the material and even the spiritual well-being of society. Recent experience, however, has also demonstrated the harm caused by the failings of businesses and markets. The transformative developments of our era—globalisation, communications technologies, and financialisation — produce problems alongside their benefits: inequality, economic dislocation, information overload, financial instability and many other pressures leading away from serving the common good.

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  • Market standards evolve with advances in building technologies and changes in tenant preferences. Recent advancements focus on the efficient use of resources. our responsibility to our clients requires us to continuously monitor these changes in each of the markets in which we operate in order to remain competitive. to determine the appropriate improvements that will maintain our competitive edge, our asset managers collaborate with their international colleagues, service partners, tenants and clients...

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  • We show that the main testable implication of the buffer stock model is that the covariance between the wealth gap (the difference between actual and target wealth) and consumption is (strongly) positive. Although we focus on Carroll’s version of the buffer stock model, the test applies equally well to Deaton’s case. In Carroll, buffer stock behavior emerges from the tension between impatience, prudence, and the chance of zero earnings. Impatient individuals would like to anticipate consumption, but the chance of zero future earnings generates a demand for wealth.

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  • A recommendation to improve process motor efficiency is to replace standard V-belt drives with synchronous belt drives for more efficient power transfer. Synchronous belts do not slip yielding a better transfer of power, where as V-belts, due to friction slip, requiring additional electricity. Installing synchronous belts on large motors, typically starting at twenty horsepower, will yield a two-year or less payback for multiple shift operations. An appropriate energy conservation recommendation is to install energy efficient motors.

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  • The impacts of fuel consumption by light-duty vehicles are profound, influencing economic prosperity, national security, and Earth’s environment. Increasing energy efficiency has been a continuing and central objective for automobile manufacturers and regulators pursuing objectives that range from reducing vehicle operating costs and improving performance to reducing dependence on petroleum and limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Multiple uses of water resources: Chapter 8 deals with the challenges of maximizing efficiency in water use. As demand increases, with availability of water decreasing in most places, competition increases necessitating a more integrated approach to water management. This chapter focuses on water for the environment, for food and for energy as being of critical importance for development and argues that efficiency in water use is essential to alleviate demand.

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  • Chapter 7 - Energy and water. After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: How to save electricity in the office and at events by focusing on energy efficiency; how direct sunlight (passive solar power) can enhance the event environment while providing light and heat; how renewable energies such as solar, wind, water, and biofuel can provide energy while adding to the event atmosphere;...

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  • One of the outstanding challenges for the European economy is sustainable production. Substantial developments are required in order to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Although ME is not an energy intensive sector, it plays a major role in attaining political objectives. 29 Its engineering solutions are indispensable for a cleaner, healthier, safer and sustainable world. ME renders new energy sources accessible, enhances the cleanliness of existing forms of power generation and increases the efficiency of current and emerging technologies.

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  • The use of alternative fuels to displace coal reduces reliance on fossil fuels, reduces emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants, and contributes to long-term cost savings for cement plants. Further, due to their high burning temperatures, cement kilns are well-suited for accepting and efficiently utilizing a wide range of wastes that can present a disposal challenge. This report begins with an overview of the types of alternative fuels used in cement kilns, focusing on energy and environmental considerations.

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  • Harrison's Internal Medicine Chapter 29. Disorders of the Eye The Human Visual System The visual system provides a supremely efficient means for the rapid assimilation of information from the environment to aid in the guidance of behavior. The act of seeing begins with the capture of images focused by the cornea and lens upon a light-sensitive membrane in the back of the eye, called the retina. The retina is actually part of the brain, banished to the periphery to serve as a transducer for the conversion of patterns of light energy into neuronal signals.

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  • Energy efficiency is a key area for competitiveness. The Commission will reinforce its cooperation with Member States on the implementation of the energy efficiency directive, the energy labelling and ecodesign legislation. Implementing the strategy for Key Enabling Technologies will also be a key lever of competitiveness. The Commission will deepen its work to help SMEs facing the challenge of financing and implement the Action Plan for entrepreneurship.

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