Energy theorems

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  • (bq) part 2 book “mechanics and strength of materials” has contents: shear force, bending deflections, torsion, structural stability, energy theorems, heorems of virtual displacements and virtual forces, considerations about the total potential energy.

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  • This chapter include contents: Introduction to Polyphase Induction Machines, currents and fluxes in Polyphase Induction Machines, induction – motor equivalent circuit, analysis of the equivalent circuit, torque and power by use of Thevenin’s theorem, parameter determination from no – load and blocked – rotor tests, effects of rotor resistance.

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  • Fuel cells (FCs) are electrochemical systems that continuously produce electric energy and heat, where the reactants (fuel and oxidant) are fed to the electrodes and the reaction products are removed from the cell. The chemical energy of the reactants is directly converted into electricity, reaction products, and heat without involving combustion processes. The efficiencies of the FCs are about twice those of the heat engines because the latter are affected by the limitations imposed by Carnot’s theorem.

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  • The design theorem of traditional zoom lens uses mechanical motion to precisely adjust the separations between individual or groups of lenses; therefore, it is more complicated and requires multiple optical elements. Conventionally, the types of zoom lens can be divided into optical zoom and digital zoom.

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  • This book grew out of the notes of the course on quantum field theory that I give at the University of Geneva, for students in the fourth year. Most courses on quantum field theory focus on teaching the student how to compute cross-sections and decay rates in particle physics. This is, and will remain, an important part of the preparation of a high- energy physicist. However, the importance and the beauty of modern quantum field theory resides also in the great power and variety of its methods and ideas.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "foundations of analog and digital electronic circuit" has contents: the circuit abstraction, resistive networks, network theorems, analysis of nonlinear circuits, the digital abstraction, the small signal model, energy storage elements,...and other contents.

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  • One of the major advances of science in the 20th century was the discovery of a mathematical formulation of quantum mechanics by Heisenberg in 1925 [94].1 From a mathematical point of view, this transition from classical mechanics to quantum mechanics amounts to, among other things, passing from the commutative algebra of classical observables to the noncommutative algebra of quantum mechanical observables. To understand this better we recall that in classical mechanics an observable of a system (e.g. energy, position, momentum, etc.

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  • Lectures Mathematical foundations of elasticity theory has contents: Boundary conditions, properties of W, square root theorem, formula for the square root, material symmetry, the ballistic free energy,...and other contents.

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  • In this Chapter, we quickly review some basic definitions and concepts from thermodynamics. We then provide a brief description of the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Next, we discuss the mathematical consequences of these laws and cover some relevant theorems in multivariate calculus. Finally, free energies and their importance are introduced.

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  • Từ ngữ chuyên ngành vật lý .Định luật bảo toàn năng lượng (Conservation of energy), bức xạ viba phông hay nền (Microwave background radiation), Bước sóng (Wave length), Chiều của không gian (Spatial dimension), Định lý kỳ dị (Singularity theorem) ..và còn nhiều thuật ngữ ngành vật lý nữa, cùng tham khảo nào.

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