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  • The dissertation is composed of five chapters as follows: The importance of the topic, the definitions and the existing approaches are clearly addressed; Then, a comprehensive survey of the previous algorithms, existing work relating to interference detector are presented; Intermediated GNSS Spoofing detector based on angle of arrive; Sophisticated GNSS spoofing detector based on angle of arrive; Some limitations of the work are presented, along with possible solutions, which may need additional study.

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  • Lecture Human-computer interaction (3rd) - Chapter 6: HCI in the software process. Software engineering provides a means of understanding the structure of the design process, and that process can be assessed for its effectiveness in interactive system design. Usability engineering promotes the use of explicit criteria to judge the success of a product in terms of its usability. Iterative design practices work to incorporate crucial customer feedback early in the design process to inform critical decisions which affect usability.

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  • Chapter 17 describes the use of general mathematical notations used in software engineering to specify and analyze abstract descriptions of interactive systems. In the previous chapter we looked at the specification of dialog. In this chapter we will look at ways of modeling the semantics of an interactive system. The dialog just tells us about what user actions are legal at any point, but here we will be interested in what the user’s actions do to the system.

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  • This chapter has focussed on modeling the deeper semantic behavior of an interactive system. To design a usable system one needs to know what it does! We began by looking at different kinds of software engineering formalisms that can be used to specify the behavior of specific systems.

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  • In this paper, the effect of copper metal powder and epoxy resin mixture on the fabrication process of the conductive glue system as electrical contact part of the brush to the engine on the naval battleship was studied.

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  • This paper, therefore, set out to find the influence of the microfines on the performance of concrete by determining its effect on the slump, the water demand, and compressive strength of concrete with microfines from 1 to 6% at 1% increment of the weight of fine aggregates. Experimental results showed that microfines in concrete could affect the slump and water demand for concrete minimally.

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  • This study reviewed the latest information on the presence of PMMoV and human enteric viruses in water environments and in wastewater (water) treatment systems to evaluate the suitability of PMMoV as an indicator virus for water safety and quality. PMMoV was present in all types of waters (e.g., wastewater, surface water, groundwater, coastal water and drinking water) in greater prevalence than human enteric viruses.

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  • The article introduces an overview of the Automated Storage and Retrieval System solution, including structure and characteristics of AS/RS warehouse. Through the survey of the current state of the warehouse of LIX Detergent Company in Binh Duong, the article points out the problems the warehouse is facing, introduces the design, installation and the difficulties in implementation of AS/RS warehouse of National Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

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  • Lecture Software engineering: Lesson 7 - Fakhar Lodhi. The main topics covered in this chapter include: source and sink analysis, types of models: business process model, state transition model, data flow model; understanding the business domain, logical system models,...

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  • Lecture Software engineering: Lesson 9 - Fakhar Lodhi. The main topics covered in this chapter include: typical processes, levels of abstraction, adding levels of abstraction to data flow modeling, context level data flow diagram, detailed data flow diagrams, patient monitoring system – a data flow modeling example,...

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  • Lecture Software engineering: Lesson 18 - Fakhar Lodhi. The main topics covered in this chapter include: POS requirements, logging information, conducting business, analyzing business results, features for logging important information, system features, features for working with interacting systems,...

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  • Lecture Software engineering: Lesson 21 - Fakhar Lodhi. The main topics covered in this chapter include: a sequence diagrams, object destruction, object creation, asynchronous message, point of sale system, collaboration diagrams, contents of collaboration diagrams,...

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  • Lecture Software engineering: Lesson 6 - Fakhar Lodhi. The main topics covered in this chapter include: use case diagram for a library system, components of a use case, activity diagram, reuse extension and inclusion, use case delete information, limitation of use cases,...

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  • Lecture Software engineering II: Lesson 11 - Fakhar Lodhi. The main topics covered in this chapter include: RET rules, transactional functions, external input (EI), external inquiry (EQ), complexity matrix for ILFs and EIFs, complexity matrix for EOs and EQs, FP contribution of different analysis components, general system characteristics,...

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  • Lecture Software engineering II: Lesson 25 - Fakhar Lodhi. The main topics covered in this chapter include: tracking a schedule, earned value analysis, quantitative technique for assessing progress, the total hours to do the whole project are estimated, and every task is given an earned value based on the estimated percentage of the total,...

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  • Lecture Software engineering II: Lesson 38 - Fakhar Lodhi. The main topics covered in this chapter include: legacy system components, maintaining legacy system, legacy migration risks, legacy system assessment, business value assessment, subjective judgment, different business viewpoints,...

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  • The development of electric vehicles (EV) has been a promising field in Vietnam due to its remarkable contribution in reducing fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This paper can be a recommended input for electrical engineers and investors to consider using this energy source for charging vehicles.

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  • This paper introduces a method for estimating the influence zone when pipejacking in the soft soil conditions of the Mekong Delta area. Based on the study results, engineers can easily select the alignment when designing water transmission pipeline systems in the Mekong Delta area.

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  • Lecture Human-Computer interaction - Lesson 16: HCI process and methodologies. The main topics covered in this chapter include: life-cycle models for interactive systems, waterfall model, spiral model, RAD model, star life-cycle model, usability engineering model, goal directed model,...

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  • Lecture Embedded systems - Lesson 1: Introduction. The main topics covered in this chapter include: embedded systems attributes, abstraction layers, hardware-software integration, programming languages for embedded systems, assembly language programming,...

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