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  • Tài liệu Children picture dictionary with general knowledge presents of the dictionary; action words; general knowledge about colours, time, animals; birds, worms, insects and reptiles, cries of birds, animals and insects; young ones of animals; dwelling and places; flowers, fruits and vegetables and something else.

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  • his is an action research project conducted in a speaking course for first-year English majors at Hong Duc university. Realizing that freshmen’ poor pronunciation hindered their performance in speaking classes, the teacher/researcher designed a new teaching program to supplement the current syllabus with the hope to improve their English pronunciation. The program involved using computer software to provide students with explicit instructions on English sounds, word stress, sentence stress, and intonation.

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  • The shortcut keys described in this Help topic refer to the U.S. keyboard layout. Keys on other layouts may not correspond exactly to the keys on a U.S. keyboard. To print this topic, press TAB to select Show All, press ENTER, and then press CTRL+P. The Office Assistant and Help window Display and use the Office Assistant Some of the content in this topic may not be applicable to some languages. To perform the following actions, the Microsoft Office Assistant must be turned on and visible. To turn on or show the Office Assistant, press ALT+H to open the Help menu,...

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  • Lucene is a gem in the open-source worldLucene in Action" is the authoritative guide to Lucene. It describes how to index your data, including types you definitely need to know such as MS Word, PDF, HTML, and XML. It introduces you to searching, sorting, filtering, and highlighting search results. Lucene powers search in surprising placesWhat's Inside

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  • Look at the drawing and the description of Phase 1. Complete the missing words. Having completed the preparation of the site, the workmen be gin the initial stage. This includes the ground the concrete foundations, the column base plates and the steel columns.

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  • Since a falling apple around 1665 worked its magic in the imaginative mind of a youthful farmer at Woolsthorpe in Lincolnshire, the meaning of the word action and of the equal and opposite reaction, has been investigated in science and technology. More than 300 years ago this irreversible process had consequences that led to the development of a theory of gravitation still used by space agencies even today.

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  • Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it” and I have taken these words to heart. Starting your own business as a FSO family member is a great experience and the at your embassy can help you make your dreams a reality too. A big heartfelt thanks goes out to all GEI coordinators. Loretta Dusini served as my coach, counselor and confidant; so that I could go on to make my overseas experience, the best experience ever! EFM, Occupational Therapist, San Salvador One day I happened to go by the CLO office...

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  • Much effort has been put into computational lexicons over the years, and most systems give much room to (lexical) semantic data. However, in these systems, the effort put on the study and representation of lexical items to express the underlying continuum existing in 1) language vagueness and polysemy, and 2) language gaps and mismatches, has remained embryonic.

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  • This paper considers what types of knowledge one must possess in order to reason about actions. Rather than concentrating on how actions are performed, as is done in the problem-solving literature, it examines the set of conditions under which an action can be said to have occurred. In other words, if one is told that action A occurred, what can be inferred about the state of the world? In particular, if the representation can define such conditions, it must have good models of time, belief, and intention. ...

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  • An incremental dependency parser’s probability model is entered as a predictor in a linear mixed-effects model of German readers’ eye-fixation durations. This dependencybased predictor improves a baseline that takes into account word length, n-gram probability, and Cloze predictability that are typically applied in models of human reading. This improvement obtains even when the dependency parser explores a tiny fraction of its search space, as suggested by narrow-beam accounts of human sentence processing such as Garden Path theory. ...

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  • After reading this chapter, you should be able to answer the following questions: Why copyrights are necessary? How to use technology ethically and legally? How to cite online sources? How will this affect others? What would happen if everyone did this?...

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  • This paper presents a fast and simple method for human action recognition. The proposed technique relies on detecting interest points using SIFT (scale invariant feature transform) from each frame of the video. A fine-tuning step is used here to limit the number of interesting points according to the amount of details. Then the popular approach Bag of Video Words is applied with a new normalization technique. This normalization technique remarkably improves the results. Finally a multi class linear Support Vector Machine (SVM) is utilized for classification.

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  • This was designed to eventually transform frustration-level readers into “grade-level” readers, implemented in three years. Through Participatory Action Research (PAR), the Project provides for these identified “frustration-level” readers to develop the necessary skills not just to “make sense” of the written word but, more importantly, overcome the invisible yet more serious consequences of their condition.

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  • Miranda is wearing a stunning outfit by designer Jean-Claude Cliché. Of course, many people would say that high heels, a tartan skirt, a blouse with a floral pattern and a spotted silk scarf don't match. That's Jim over there by the door. Can you see him? He's wearing jeans and trainers, a striped shirt and a white waistcoat.

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  • Tim Albert learnt the long words studying psychology and the short ones as a Daily Mirror trainee. He then worked for the broadsheets and the BBC and was education correspondent of the New Statesman. Rampant hypochondriasis steered him into medical journalism, and he was executive editor of World Medicine and editor of BMA News Review. Since 1990 he has run his own training company, delivering hundreds of courses on writing to doctors and other health professionals.

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  • Start small. Don't tackle the whole sentence at once. There are several tech¬niques for breaking sentences into smaller units. One way you can do this is to find a verb (an action word that tells you what's happening) and grad¬ually incorporate the words around it into an increasingly longer phrase as you decipher its meaning.

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  • If the vocabulary in a sentence is a problem, look at the words around it. Usually you can figure out what function a word is serving in the sentence. Ask yourself if it's an action word.

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  • Educational Testing Service is an Equal Opportunity/Affi rmative Action Employer. Copyright © 2005 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. EDUCATIONAL TESTING SERVICE, ETS, the ETS logos, TOEFL, TSE, and TWE are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service. Score It Now, Test of English as a Foreign Language, Test of Spoken English, and e-rater are trademarks of Educational Testing Service. Prometric is a registered trademark of Thomson Learning. Other products and services mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective owners....

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  • Simultaneous actions described by absolute phrases: An absolute phrase consists of a head - word (often a noun) plus at least one other word. Note that the head word in the absolute phrase denotes something which is a part of, or belong to the thing or person that is the subject of the finite verb of the sentence.

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  • One way you can do this is to find a verb (an action word that tells you what's happening) and grad¬ually incorporate the words around it into an increasingly longer phrase as you decipher its meaning. The verb provides an anchor for the meaning because it tells you what is being done.

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