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  • Chapter 9 - Accounting for special purpose entities, including public colleges and universities. In this chapter students will be able to: Identify the required financial statements of varying types of special-purpose entities, prepare combined fund-basis/government-wide financial statements for a special purpose entity engaged in a single governmental activity, apply the accrual basis of accounting in the recording of typical transactions of a public college or university.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "essentials of accounting for governmental and not for profit organizations" has contents: accounting for special purpose entities, including public colleges and universities; accounting for hospitals and other health care providers; financial reporting by the federal government,...and other contents.

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  • The paper explores the target genres, determines the specificity of writing competences covered within the course, and then develops a competence-based course schedule. Since this is the first attempt of its kind, the paper is expected not only to present a needed course for the engineers at VAEI but also to provide suggestions for course design and its implementation in the light of Competence-based Approach.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "the finite element method - a practical course abaqus" has contents: fem for two dimensional solids, fem for plates and shells, fem for 3d solids, special purpose elements, modelling techniques, fem for heat transfer problems, using abaqus.

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  • GSM supports the following subscriber services: 1. Dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) tone signaling scheme used for control purposes E.g. Remote control of an answering machine 2. Facsimile group III GSM supports CCITT group III Facsimile Special fax converter forms junction between standard Special fax converter forms junction

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  • The use of the Internet for terrorist purposes is a rapidly growing phenomenon, requiring a proactive and coordinated response from Member States. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) plays a key role in providing assistance to Member States, in furtherance of its mandate to strengthen the capacity of national criminal justice systems to implement the provisions of the international legal instruments against terrorism, and does so in compliance with the principles of rule of law and international human rights standards.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "the finite element method" has contents: fem for plates and shells, fem for 3d solids, special purpose elements, modelling techniques, fem for heat transfer problems, using abaqus.

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  • A number of institutions in India are utilizing the services of EDUSAT for educational purposes like imparting curriculum-based education, development of digital course wares, providing professional educational courses, conducting teleconferencing sessions, conducting inter-active orientation/training programmes of teachers and teachers’ educators, and organizing group discussion, lectures, demonstrations, video-shows, training programmes, seminars and capacity building programmes.

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  • Along with Deakin Graduate School of Business colleague, Professor Stuart Orr and School of Management and Marketing colleague Dr Mona Chung, Jane has researched the kinds of strategies businesses can use to help overcome the large cultural gap between Australia and China. ‘There are so many issues,’ she explains. ‘There is a lack of understanding of the marketplace and evidence that businesses are not doing enough research beforehand.’ Skills shortages and a lack of employee retention are major issues too, Jane adds.

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  • The GTI~syst~m is a tree-to-tree transducer developed for teaching purposes in machine translation. The transducer is a specialized production system giving the linguists the tools for expressing infon~ation in a syntax that is close to theoretical linguistics. Major emphasis was placed on developing a system that is user friendly, uniform and legible. This paper describes the linguistic data structure, the rule formalism and the control facilities that the linguist is provided with.

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  • The purpose of the Privacy Rule is to establish minimum Federal standards for safeguarding the privacy of individually identifiable health information. Covered entities, which must comply with the Rule, are health plans, health care clearinghouses, and certain health care providers. Covered entities may not use or disclose PHI except as permitted or required under the provisions of the Privacy Rule.

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  • The courses are student said. Key Features: 100% new material, clear grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation purpose of each lesson, revised Grammar Bank, with additional rules and exercises. Modify & Check section for each file. Photocopiable materials for teachers, including vocabulary, grammar, communication, and pronunciation activities.

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  • This document shall cover traditional lightning protection system installation requirements for the following:This document shall not cover lightning protection system installation requirements for early streamer emission systems or charge dissipation systems. The purpose of this standard is to provide for the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from exposure to lightning.

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  • The language of law reflects the overlapping, competing and co-existing nature of legal discourse; its form both the product of its linguistic history and a response to the fluidity of legal culture. This book examines legal language as a language for special purposes, evaluating the functions and characteristics of legal language and the terminology of law. Using examples drawn from major and lesser legal languages, it examines the major legal languages themselves, beginning with Latin through German, French and English.

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  • This volume represents the collected and edited papers of the second biennial Oxford Anglo-German law conference held at St. John’s College, Oxford, on 13–15 September 2001. The conference series, jointly organised by leading German and English law firms and the Oxford University Law Faculty and hosted by Oxford, was the brainchild of Nikolas Tarling, and its purpose is to provide a congenial forum for discussion of key issues in fields of mutual inter- est by comparisons and contrasts between English and German law in the con- text of international and European Community developments.

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  • The decentralized, experimental nature of early economic reform is clear in Chinese establishment of Special Economic Zones – export-oriented enclaves that were allowed to detach themselves partially from the central administrative apparatus and to operate with considerable autonomy. Guangdong, which was allowed to set up its own foreign trade corporations, was a pioneer. On the eve of reform, Guangdong seemed to have few advantages. It had few natural resources, a low ratio of arable land per capita, and high rates of rural unemployment.

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  • The main source of data for this study was essays written in the DET about two weeks before the semester started (time 1) and in week 11 (time 2). Two levels of analysis were conducted, holistic and analytic. The holistic analysis was mainly based on the bands the participating students obtained at time 1 and time 2. This level of analysis aims mainly to ascertain whether students’ academic writing competence has improved purely in numerical terms.

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  • We have developed a new formulation for fast calculation of far-field force of fast multipole method (FMM)in molecular dynamics simulations. FMM is a linear algorithm to calculate force for molecular dynamics simulations. GRAPE is a special-purpose computer dedicated to Coulombic force calculation. It runs 100-1000 times faster than normal computer at the same price. However FMM cannot be implemented directly on GRAPE. We have succeeded to implement FMM on GRAPE and developed a new formulation for far-field force calculation. ...

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  • Tutorial: Learning to Program Amos with Visual Basic You can use Amos 4.0 as a component in the computer programs you write. It is a relatively easy process because Amos lets you work in a general-purpose programming language instead of having to learn some special language. To use Amos 4.0 with your program, you need to program in a language or environment that can control automation servers, e.g., Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft C++, the SPSS scripting facility, SAS, DEC Visual FORTRAN or Borland Delphi1.

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  • The latest proposals involve numerous funds with mixed financing. Economists have recently suggested that funds should compete with each other to acquire assets from individual banks and government share capital. The German government’s bad bank plan proposes a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for each participating bank. The SPV would transfer government bonds at some discount to the participating bank in exchange for the toxic assets (see Section 6 for a detailed discussion).

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