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  • Many language learners regard speaking ability as the measure of knowing a language. These learners define fluency as the ability to converse with others, much more than the ability to read, write, or comprehend oral language. They regard speaking as the most important skill they can acquire, and they assess their progress in terms of their accomplishments in spoken communication.

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  • This paper presents the findings from the interviews with teachers and students in some high schools in the northern mountainous provinces in Vietnam regarding the limitations and challenges in Geometry teaching and learning practice. The research also reveals the outcome of the application of some softwares to support the Geometry teaching for high school ethnic minority students in the mountainous northern region Vietnam.

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  • This study examines the topic of coherence. The participants were university students majoring in English at Quang Binh University. Data were collected from the questionnaires to the students and from their written essays. The students surveyed were aware of the importance of coherence in writing but their writings show that they had difficulties in using techniques to achieve coherence in their essays.

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  • Like the previous editions, this one was also committed to fostering an especially participatory working dynamic and to promoting different points of view. The programmed debates were complemented by contributions from recognised specialists regarding the main topic of the conference: Learning and teaching innovation impacts.

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  • We hereby present the main conclusions and perspectives obtained by the Group of Teaching Innovation in Electronics (Grupo de Innovación Docente en Electrónica, GIDEN) of the University of Valladolid (UVa) with regard to its main areas of work. This group comprises teachers of the “Specialty in Industrial Electronics” degree, and the degree in Electronic and Automatic Control and Industrial Engineering at the School of Industrial Engineering, who are interested in the introduction of active teaching-learning methodologies.

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  • ASME does not have any position regarding the validity of any patent rights asserted in connection with any item mentioned in this document, and failing to ensure that anyone who responsibility for the infringement any applicable letters patent, nor assume any such liability. The use of a code or standard is clearly defined message that effect of any such patent, and the risk of infringement of such rights, are entirely their own responsibility.

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  • Note The application examples are not binding and do not claim to be complete regarding configuration, equipment and any eventuality. The application examples do not represent customer-specific solutions. They are only intended to provide support for typical applications. You are responsible for ensuring that the described products are used correctly. These application examples do not relieve you of the responsibility to use sound practices in application, installation, operation and maintenance....

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  • In this text, I have tried to present the concepts of computer organization and architecture as clearly as possible and have provided numerous homework prob- lems to reinforce those concepts. Many instructors will wish to supplement this ma- terial with projects. This appendix provides some guidance in that regard and describes support material available in the instructor’s manual.

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  • The Science of Animal Agriculture is directed toward teaching the basic science concepts involved in the production of agricultural animals. This newly revised edition contains the latest up-to-date information regarding the scientifi c aspect of the agricultural industry. All facets of modern agriculture are based on science. From the most rudimentary cultural practices to the most complicated biotechnology techniques, scientifi c research has produced the phenomenon known as American agriculture....

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  • The mission of this book is to help web developers create web sites that rank well with the major search engines, and to teach search engine marketers how to use technology to their advantage. We assert that neither marketing nor IT can exist in a vacuum, and it is essential that they not see themselves as opposing forces in an organization. They must work together. This book aims to educate both sides in that regard.

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  • Moreover, we would hope to do so in a manner that improves upon or accelerates what learners are able to accomplish on their own. With regard to these aspirations, we can be less equivocal. We firmly believe that teachers will be better prepared to meet their students' learning needs if they have a firm grounding in the grammar of the language they are teaching.

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  • Suggestions for further reading, consisting of ESL/EFL texts, grammar reference guides, and published linguistic research that provide further information regarding the analysis and teaching of the points covered.

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  • In 1998, the National Research Council (NRC) established the Committee on Science and Mathematics Teacher Preparation (CSMTP) and charged it with identifying critical issues in existing practices and policies for K-12 teacher preparation in science and mathematics. In its Statement of Task, the NRC’s Governing Board also asked the committee to identify recommendations from professional organizations regarding teacher preparation and the quality of the K-12 teaching of science and mathematics and to examine relevant research.

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  • I am grateful for the contributions that many people have made to this book. Ed Maggin was the first to teach me Statistical Thermodynam-ics and his class notes were always a point of reference. The late Ted H. Davis gave me encouragement and invaluable feedback. Dan Bolin-tineanu and Thomas Jikku read the final draft and helped me make many corrections. Many thanks go to the students who attended my course in Statistical Thermodynamics and who provided me with many valuable comments regarding the structure of the book.

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  • Our healthcare practitioners will develop a deep appreciation for the healing dynamic of the physician- patient relationship, in which compassionate care is manifested by attentive listening, empathy, respect and commitment. They will provide highly competent, safe and patient-centered care while demonstrating the highest level of professionalism and sensitivity to the diverse personal and cultural contexts in which medical care is delivered.

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  • In the figure shown here (Figure 1), teaching contributes to the development of pupils’ action competence, which in turn should enable the pupils to act with regard to their own lives and living conditions. Teaching and educational processes have been put in the center of this model in order to stress that a health promoting school is not only about the food in the canteen, a smoke-free environment etc. This also means that pupils and teachers are considered to be the key-players at a health promoting school.

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  • I shall say but few words in regard to this first child of my imagination. About one year ago our hearts were in deepest sympathy with our fellow-citizens of Chicago, and it occurred to me that their losses, sufferings, and fortitude might teach lessons after the echoes of the appalling event had died away in the press; and that even the lurid and destructive flames might reveal with greater vividness the need and value of Christian faith.

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  • Two studies of reflection in clinical teaching in medicine were found (Pinsky and Irby 1997; Pinsky et al. 1998). The authors surveyed 48 distinguished clinical teachers in medicine regarding the role of reflecting on instructional success in their professional development as teachers. They identified three phases of reflection: anticipatory reflection, which used past experience for planning teaching activities; reflection-in-action, which involved maintaining flexibility during teaching; and, reflection-on-action, which involved thoughtful analysis of the experience.

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  • In this regard, problem-based learning is an efectve method to facilitate the acquisiton of transversal competences. This didactc methodology may be performed in terms of the individual or teambased learning (TBL) that is necessarily linked to a teaching-learning open system. An adaptaton of Project – Based Learning (PBL) to the thermal engineering studies, i.e., the project-based learning model, was designed for the Research Master subject of ‘Building Energetc Efficiency’.

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