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  • A solid polymer electrolyte system based on poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) and poly(3,4-Etylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS) complexed with magnesium bromide (MgBr2) salt was prepared using solution cast technique. The ionic conductivity is observed to increase with increasing MgBr2 concentration. The maximum conductivity was found to be 9.89 • 106 S/cm for optimum polymer composite film (30 wt.% MgBr2) at room temperature. The increase in the conductivity is attributed to the increase in the number of ions as the salt concentration is increased.

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  • Pearlmillet (Pennisetum typhoideum) is an important low value cereal crop grown in rainfed areas of country. The Indian hot arid zone is spread over 0.32 m km2 area and 65% of it is in the western district of Rajasthan.

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  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera L. Dunal) is an important medicinal plant containing active constituent withanolides providing anti-stress ability, energy, and immunity. An experiment in Randomized Block Design (factorial) was laid out at medicinal and aromatic plants farm, AAU, Anand to study the effect of individual five endophytic bacterial isolates on growth and yield of W. somnifera along with FYM and with/without recommended dose of fertilizer (RDF 30:15:0, N:P:K kg/ha).

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  • A experiment was conducted at Post Graduate Research Farm, College of Agriculture, Kolhapur during kharif season of 2017 to study the effect of levels and time of potassium application on yield, quality of kharif groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in Entisol. The experiment was laid out in Factorial Randomized Block Design with two replications comprising of four levels (0, 20, 30,40 kg K2O ha-1 ) and five time of application (Sowing, flowering, pegging) of potassium.

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  • An experiment was conducted to induce lodging tolerance for enhancing yield in dicoccum wheat varieties (Mudhol local and DDK- 1029) using plant growth regulators (CCC at 500 and 1500 ppm and Ethephon at 10, 20 and 30 ppm) during rabi seasons of 2009 and 2010 at Agricultural Research Station, Madhurkhandi, UAS Dharwad, Karnataka, India. The design of the experiment was randomized complete block design in factorial concept and replicated thrice.

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  • In this paper, a multiple-input multipleoutput (MIMO) antenna with high isolation is designed using defected ground structure (DGS). The proposed antenna is constructed by two sets of four elements (2 × 2), which are designed at the central frequency of 3.5 GHz for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) applications. The antenna is fabricated on a FR4 substrate with an overall size of 144 × 99 × 1.6 mm. Thanks to DGS, the designed MIMO antenna achieves a high isolation of 30 dB and a high radiation efficiency of over 90%. Besides, this MIMO antenna attains a 7.5 dBi gain.

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  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide‚ to Personal Finance in Your 20s and 30s, Third Edition, clearly explains everything members of this age group need to know to get a handle on their pocketbook and their portfolio, from planning their personal finances to enhancing their current financial plan to getting better returns on their investments. This revised and updated third edition includes completely new materia

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  • In response to a request by the Department of Homeland Security, the National Research Council formed an ad hoc committee to organize a two-day workshop to discuss the use of social network analysis (SNA) for the purpose of building community disaster resilience. The workshop was held February 11-12, 2009, in Washington, D.C., and engaged a group of approximately 30 researchers in the fields of SNA and resilience science as well as emergency management practitioners from different regions of the country.

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  • These focus groups were triangulated with the use of a survey (see Appendix A) conducted with the entire class at the end of the semester, allow- ing several weeks for reflection on the demonstration as a whole. The survey did not seek to document audience effects, but to record the self-reported effect of enhancement and/or distraction created by the total aural/visual experience dur- ing screenings. The survey was completed anonymously and consisted of nine questions, divided into three sections for each of the three respective screenings.

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  • TI warrants performance of its products to the specifications applicable at the time of sale in accordance with TI’s standard warranty. Testing and other quality control techniques are utilized to the extent TI deems necessary to support this warranty. Specific testing of all parameters of each device is not necessarily performed, except those mandated by government requirements. In order to minimize risks associated with the customer’s applications, adequate design and operating safeguards must be provided by the customer to minimize inherent or procedural hazards. ...

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  • The Netherlands may be an extreme case, both in terms of observed retirement patterns as well as in terms of the characteristics of the institutional setting. Since the mid-seventies Labour force participation rates of elderly males (55 years and older) have dropped about 50% points to a current level of less 30%. Employer provided Early Retirement (ER) schemes allow for retirement at the age of 60, or sometimes even earlier 2 . In addition to these schemes there are Unemployment Insurance schemes (UB) and Disibality Insurance schemes (DI) to protect...

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  • The movement of vehicles on the street also results in resuspension of road dust. Emissions also occur as a result of tyre wear and brake lining wear. Although there is a lack of data, it is expected that most of these particles will be in the size range 3 to some 30µm. The chemical composition of these particles may also be very different from those derived from combustion. The road dust deposit available for resuspension comes from mechanical wear of, and dirt on, vehicles (incl. tyre and brake lining wear), debris from loads on vehicles, influx of soil material etc.

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  • TiO2 thin film with nanoporous structure are prepared from colloidal suspension containing polyethylen glycol (PEG) via Sol-Gel method. The effect of PEG addition to the precursor solution on the surface structures and photocatalytic activity of the resultant thin films are studied. The larger the amount of PEG added to to the precursor solution, the larger the size and number of pores produced in the resultant films when PEG added to the gel films decomposed completely during heat-treatment.

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  • Even when using a spray booth, spray room or capture unit, sprayers still need to wear air­fed RPE and PPE, and bystanders should be excluded when using isocyanate­based products. The duty is to control exposure to isocyanates to as low as is reasonably practicable. The need for health surveillance still applies. Once spraying has finished, the sprayer should leave the spray booth, room or area wearing the RPE. For isocyanates, re­entry before the clearance time (booth or room) or before 30 minutes (workshop) have elapsed requires air­fed RPE. This always applies.

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  • A differential display method was used to study genes the expression of which is altered during growth inhibition induced by medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA). A tran-script of G-protein-coupled receptor 30 (GPR30) was upregulated by MPA in estrogen-treated MCF-7 breast cancer cells. Northern-blot analysis showed a progestin-specific primary target gene, which was enhanced by prog-esterone and different progestins, but not by dihydrotestos-terone or dexamethasone, and which was abrogated by antiprogestin RU486....

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  • Objectives: Evaluation of technical success as complete ablation rate, tumor progression, the safety and short-term outcome of radiofrequency ablation (RFA) in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Subjects and methods: 30 patients with HCC were treated with radiofrequency ablation from Jun 1, 2014 to Jun 1, 2017 at Binhdan Hospital.

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  • This paper initially studies some attainments of the higher education system in Vietnam such as the renovation of higher education model, scale-up of education, mobilisation of investments of social strata for education, diversification of training forms and enhancement of international cooperation, thereby affirming meaningful contributions of the higher education system over 30 years since the renovation process of the country (1986-2016).

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  • Environmental pollution by petroleum hydrocarbons (PHCs) is a severe and widespread problem impacting human health and the environment. To combat this issue, innovative and sustainable treatment methods are required. This research study investigated rhamnolipid-enhanced washing of drill cuttings and petroleum-contaminated soil obtained from northeastern British Columbia in Canada. The efficiency of PHC reduction was analysed and quantified via a Gas Chromatography equipped with a Flame Ionization Detector.

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  • The present work reports preparation of irbesartan (IBS) loaded nanofibre mats using electrospinning technique. The prepared nanofibres were characterized by scanning electron microscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, differential scanning calorimetry, X-ray diffraction analysis, in vitro diffusion and ex vivo skin permeation studies. FTIR studies revealed chemical compatibility of IBS and polyvinyl pyrrolidine (PVP K-30). SEM images confirmed formation of nanofibres wherein IBS existed in amorphous form as revealed by DSC and XRD analyses.

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  • To assess of qualities of free opioid anesthesia, the effects on circulation, respiration and its side effects. Subjects and methods: Prospective free opioid anesthesia study, 30 patients were treated by laparoscopic cholecystectomy at 103 Millitary Hospital from May, 2018 to February, 2019.

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