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  • The updated edition on all the latest features and capabilities of ActionScript 3.0 and Flash Player 10. ActionScript is a popular programming language used primarily for the development of Web sites and software. This update to the successful previous version introduces you to all the exciting new capabilities of ActionScript 3.0. You'll see how ActionScript 3.0 goes beyond its primary use of scripting Flash animations and is now an object-oriented evolution that runs ten times faster than previous versions and can be used in Adobe's new platforms, including Flex and AIR.

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  • When Flash Player 9 released in June 2006, it introduced the new scripting language, ActionScript 3, which has already taken hold in the Adobe Flex application development community. ActionScript 3 provides not only a significant enhancement in performance, but also a more robust programming model that lends itself to complex Rich Internet Application development. For web designers and developers who need to make the move to ActionScript 3 from the previous version, ActionScript 2, the learning curve has proven to be significant.

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  • In recent years, many researches have been developing towards biocompatible improvement and cellular penetrating ability of dendrimers in order to use in diagnosis and treatment therapy for several type of cancer. In this study, to enhance biocompatibility, drug loading efficiency and cellular uptake of the polyamidoamine dendrimer, the dendrimer generation 3.0 (G 3.0) was conjugated with hexanoyl chloride and targeted with acid folic (G3.0-C6-FA).

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  • The Basic 3D effect manipulates a layer in an imaginary 3D space. You can rotate your image around horizontal and vertical axes and move it toward or away from you. With Basic 3D, you can also create a specular highlight to give the effect of light reflecting off a rotated surface. The light source for the specular highlight is always above, behind, and to the left of the viewer. Because the light comes from above, the image must be tilted backward to see this reflection. This can enhance the realism of the 3D appearance. The specular highlight can be viewed...

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  • A major overhaul of the IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) is coming Spring 2007, and it will have a dramatic impact on the entire IT industry. ITIL v3 presents an entirely new “hub-and-spoke” design with a descriptive core framework as the hub and prescriptive solutions as spokes. Perhaps most useful are new implementation templates based on industry, firm size, business model, and regulatory environment that provide an impressive array of targeted solutions. An enhanced descriptive core, new and more prescriptive additions, improved guidance on business alignment...

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  • Simple Physics Simple Physics In the quest for more expressive animation, you will find that adding physics to animations, games, and similar projects can really elevate them to another level of user enjoyment. The visual appearance and, in interactive scenarios, even the user experience of a project are sometimes dramatically enhanced by surprisingly small code additions. We’re going to be discussing some basic physics principles in this section, but it’s more important for you to understand their effects than to focus minutely on the math and science behind them.

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  • We software architects and developers live in a fascinating time. With the release of the .NET Framework in 2000, Web services technology has swept into our programming toolset and into our collective consciousness. Web services are the killer application for XML. Web services are the “new way” to call distributed objects remotely. Web services will take all of our integration headaches away and allow formerly incompatible systems to communicate again. What Microsoft developer has not recently thought to himself, “should I be building my application with Web services?”...

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  • Before we dig into the details of Visual Basic .NET, let’s take a look at an overview of all the changes and new features.This new release is a significant change from the previous version. It will take some effort to get used to, but I am sure you will feel that the new features will make it worthwhile.Visual Basic .NET is more than just an upgrade from Visual Basic 6.0. As you would expect, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has been enhanced with some new features. All of the Visual Studio development tools will now share the same environment.

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  • We predict that in 2019, Medi-Cal coverage will increase by 1.2 to 1.6 million (under the base and enhanced scenarios, respectively). Enrollment in Healthy Families will decline slightly as older children under 133 percent FPL will now qualify for Medi-Cal. An estimated 1.8 to 2.1 million will be enrolled in the Exchange with subsidies, while 2.1 to 2.2 million will remain in the non-group market or be enrolled in the Exchange without subsidies.11 Finally, the number of uninsured will decline by 1.8 to 2.7 million people, leaving 3.0 to 4.0 million Californians without coverage.

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  • It was not possible to obtain actual employment figures for many countries. The UK sector employed 185,000 people in 2003-2004 (Design Council, 2005), accounting for 0.3% of the population. By comparison, the Danish sector employed 10,369 people in 2001, almost 0.2% of the population, and the French design sector employs 4,500 people in 350 companies (0.007% of the population). Whilst figures for overall employment in the Chinese design sector were not available, the city of Shenzhen alone has some 20,000 professional designers from sectors including graphic and industrial design. ...

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  • Introduction Part I: Introduction to SQL Server 2005 XML Chapter 1: What’s New in Version 2.0 of the .NET Framework for XML Chapter 2: What’s New in SQL Server 2005 XML Chapter 3: Installing SQL Server 2005 Part II: Server-Side XML Processing in SQL Server 2005 Chapter 4: xml data type Chapter 5: Querying and Modifying XML Data in SQL Server 2005 Chapter 6: Indexing XML Data in SQL Server 2005 Chapter 7: XML Schemas in SQL Server 2005 Chapter 8: Transact-SQL Enhancements to FOR XML and OPENXML Chapter 9: CLR Support in SQL Server 2005...

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  • RClass*: A Prototype Rough-Set and Genetic Algorithms Enhanced Multi-Concept Classification System for Manufacturing Diagnosis 19.1 Introduction 19.2 Basic Notions 19.3 A Prototype Multi-Concept Classification System 19.4 Validation of RClass * 19.5 Application of RClass * to Manufacturing Diagnosis 19.6 Conclusions 19.1 Introduction Inductive learning or classification of objects from large-scale empirical data sets is an important research area in artificial intelligence (AI). In recent years, many techniques have been developed to perform inductive learning.

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  • Saika et al. AMB Express 2011, 1:6 http://www.amb-express.com/content/1/1/6 ORIGINAL Open Access Enhanced Incorporation of 3-Hydroxy-4Methylvalerate Unit into Biosynthetic Polyhydroxyalkanoate Using Leucine as a Precursor Azusa Saika1, Yoriko Watanabe1, Kumar Sudesh2, Hideki Abe3 and Takeharu Tsuge1* Abstract Ralstonia eutropha PHB-4 expressing Pseudomonas sp. 61-3 polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) synthase 1 (PhaC1Ps) synthesizes PHA copolymer containing 3-hydroxybutyrate (3HB) and a small amount (0.5 mol%) of 3-hydroxy-4methylvalerate (3H4MV) from fructose as a carbon source.

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  • While the potential of social media for enhancing learning opportunities is substantial, it should be noted that in 2009, according to Eurostat data, 30%Europeans aged 16 to 74 had still never used the Internet. While this figure dropped from 42% in 2006 by 12 percentage points in only three years, in a number of European countries more than half of the population has never used the Internet. 3 Furthermore, the following technical, pedagogical and organisational bottlenecks have been identified, which may hinder the take up and mainstreaming of Learning 2.

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  • Monitoring and evaluation. Finally, in order to track progress and enhance learning and quality, an effective system of monitoring and evaluation that includes assessment of on-the-ground results is under development. Progress in implementing the strategy will be reported annually. The estimated incremental costs of implementing the strategy will be about $2 million in the current fiscal year, about $3 million per year in the three subsequent years, and approximately $2.5 mil- lion per year thereafter. Corporate incentive funding of $0.

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  • Chymotrypsin is a prominent member of the family of serine proteases. The present studies demonstrate the presence of a native fragment contain-ing 14 residues from Ile16 to Trp29 in a-chymotrypsin that binds to chy-motrypsin at the active site with an exceptionally high affinity of 2.7 ± 0.3·10 )11 mand thus works as a highly potent competitive inhib-itor. The commercially available a-chymotrypsin was processed through a three phase partitioning system (TPP). The treated enzyme showed consid-erably enhanced activity. ...

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