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Enhancing the web

Xem 1-20 trên 131 kết quả Enhancing the web
  • JBrowse is a fast and full-featured genome browser built with JavaScript and HTML5. It is easily embedded into websites or apps but can also be served as a standalone web page. Results: Overall improvements to speed and scalability are accompanied by specific enhancements that support complex interactive queries on large track sets. Analysis functions can readily be added using the plugin framework; most visual aspects of tracks can also be customized, along with clicks, mouseovers, menus, and popup boxes.

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  • The article aims to review existing literature on the pedagogical benefits as well as considerations regarding the integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) into second and foreign language teaching. Greater collaboration and interaction, enhanced motivation and access to a huge repository of web-based materials are among the most popular advantages of ICTs.

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  • Lecture Web technologies and programming – Lecture 11: HTML 5 form elments. After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Creating forms in HTML, adding form elements, HTML5 enhancements in form, the required attribute, the placeholder attribute,...

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  • Tendon-bone interface healing and ligamentization of the graft in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction with autografts are important factors affecting treatment outcome. This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of a cylindrical titanium-web (TW) in tendon-bone interface healing and graft maturation in ACL reconstruction.

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  • Lecture Introduction to web engineering - Lec 17: Introduction to CSS. After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Creating forms in HTML, adding form elements, HTML5 enhancements in form, the required attribute, the placeholder attribute,...

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  • Plants in nature are constantly exposed to a variety of abiotic and biotic stresses which limits their growth and production. Enhancing crop yield and production to feed exponentially growing global population in a sustainable manner by reduced chemical fertilization and agrochemicals will be a big challenge. Recently, the targeted application of beneficial plant microbiome and their cocktails to counteract abiotic and biotic stress is gaining momentum and becomes an exciting frontier of research.

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  • Web-based interventions provide a possibility to enhance well-being in large groups of people. Only a few studies have studied the effectiveness of the interventions and there is no information on the sustainability of the effects. Study aims were to investigate both the short (2-month) and long-term (2-year) effects of email-based training for mental health and lifestyle.

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  • Solutions of social media enhanced learning are widely studied in Hypermedia Laboratory at Tampere University of Technology (TUT). In recent years Web 2.0 based social media services (e.g., Facebook® , LinkedIn® ,® , etc.) have become popular, especially among young people. Based on this phenomenon TUT Hypermedia researchers have developed a social networking site for TUT freshmen aiming to provide convenient tools for interaction and study support. The first idea was to offer a free-of-charge social web site in the context of learning Basic Engineering Mathematics at TUT.

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  • This paper presents the process of identifying and describing cases for Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in a Small/Medium Enterprise (SME), as a part of an ongoing international TEL project. It proposes a template for describing TEL cases in an SME that collaborates with other organizations, notably with a university/research group. An example case description is used to illustrate the template proposed. In addition, the paper discusses how such a case is supported by specific TEL services on the Web.

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  • This special issue of the Knowledge Management & E-Learning: an international journal(KM&EL) aims to stimulate interest in the web based issues in both teaching and learning, expose natural collaboration among the authors and readers, inform the larger research community of the interest and importance of this area and create a forum for evaluating innovations and challenges. We intend to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in developing and enhancing web-based learning environment.

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  • While HTML will continue to be used to develop Web content, how to effectively and efficiently transform HTML-based content automatically into formats suitable for mobile devices remains a challenge. In this paper, we introduce a concept of coherence set and propose an algorithm to automatically identify and detect coherence sets based on quantified similarity between adjacent presentation groups. Experimental results demonstrate that our method enhances Web content analysis and adaptation on the mobile Internet.

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  • The current study investigated the extent to which agricultural researchers and extension workers were aware of Web 2.0 technologies and put them into practice in their daily work. The study involved 107 respondents in the first phase and 148 in the second phase. Respondents were from agricultural research and training institutions as well as agricultural extension departments from selected districts across the country. Structured questionnaires were administered to selected respondents. Findings show that 43.9% of the respondents were aware of Web 2.0 while 56.

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  • Web 2.0 applications aim at improving the interaction between users. Web 2.0 principles overlap with characteristics of knowledge management (KM) or could be applied to reshape KM practices. Applying Web 2.0 applications to KM has the potential to improve the sharing and creation of knowledge. However, little research has been conducted in this area. This research aims at identifying Web 2.0 applications for bolstering up organizations‟ KM practices. An additional aspect addressed is how Web 2.

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  • Mobile cloud computing (MCC) is a new technology for mobile web services. Accordingly, we assume that MCC is likely to be of the heart of healthcare transformation. MCC offers new kinds of services and facilities for patients and caregivers. In this regard, we have tried to propose a new mobile medical web service system.

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  • This study implements word count function of Vector Space Model and singular value decomposition (SVD) technique of feature extraction based on dimensionality reduction. The proposed system presents an effective pre-processing and dimensionality reduction techniques which help the document classify by using naïve byes algorithm. The experimental results show that the proposed method enhances the performance of document classification.

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  • In this paper a complete preprocessing methodology having data cleaning, Enhanced preprocessing technique one of the User Identification which is key issue in preprocessing technique phase is to identify the web users. Traditional User Identification is based on the site structure by using some heuristic rules.

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  • In this paper we propose an effective and enhanced data preprocessing methodology which produces an efficient usage patterns and reduces the size of weblog down to 75-80% of its initial size. The experimental results are also shown in the following chapters.

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: What is social media? The death of control, fewer gatekeepersm, fragmentation, new web landscape, new journalism, how big is social media in the UK? social media impact, social media: differentiating your unique brand, enhance social media with cross links, tips to enhance social media platforms,...

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  • the case studies are found throughout the text, giving you genuine insight into how economic principles work in the real world -- and the recent economic crisis is covered throughout. mceachern's approachable style is enhanced by the powerful learning tools you'll find on aplia, a web-based educational program designed to improve your understanding and your grade.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "information systems today - managing in the digital world" has contents: managing in the digital world, gaining competitive advantage through information systems, managing the information systems infrastructure and services, enabling commerce using the internet, enhancing collaboration using web 2.0.

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