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  • These admittedly rather vague suggestions for man- aging cancer are clearly something of a long shot, but the 12 new Physical Science-Oncology Centers are just starting up (figure 4), and over the coming years they will work together to compare ideas and results from their experimental and theoretical investiga- tions. The success of the initiative will depend on how well the scientists involved can form links between traditional disciplines.

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  • In mid-2004, executives at the Tokyo headquarters of the huge electron- ics multinational NEC began to hear reports that its products were being counterfeited and sold in Chinese stores. Nobody was at all surprised. Reports of this kind were routine for any corporation of NEC’s size and reach, and in this case they initially seemed to concern small stuΩ—blank DVDs and the like. The company nevertheless moved swiftly to put into action its standard response in such cases, hiring a firm called Inter- national Risk to look into the matter.

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  • Since the first demonstration of transradial approach feasibility in 1989, by Lucien Campeau, many studies have confirmed this initial experience and especially its safety and performances compared to transfemoral route. Nevertheless, a recent study reports that less than 2% of percutaneous coronary interventions were performed by a transradial approach in the United States between 2004 and 2007(1). The persistent discrepancy between current practice in vascular access site choice and known advantages of a radial access needs to be clarified, enlightened by recent data....

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