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  • Productivity and efficiencies are gained by letting employees work anytime from anywhere Real-time vs. batch-mode speeds up the cadence of decision-making to gain a competitive advantage Timely information allows employees to make better decisions at the point of activity

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  • The aim of this thesis was to study the impact of service quality, perceived value on enterprises’s satisfaction with service quality in Can Tho City. There were four specific objectives: to measure the impact of service quality on satisfaction of enterprises to measure the impact of service quality on perceived value of enterprises; to measure the impact of service quality and perceived value on satisfaction of enterprises and to propose policies to improve the quality of business registration thereby increasing the perceived value and enterprises’ satisfaction with service quality.

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  • There are no steadfast rules or Department of State regulations that state that an EFM of a diplomat operating a business for the exclusive use of other diplomats is exempt from local business start-up policies, including registration and paying local taxes. However, since both the owner/operator of the business and all clients or customers have diplomatic status, the logical extension would be that this exemption does exist. Still, be careful in making such an assumption.

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  • Enterprise project office (EPO) is essentially a support for investment governance and has a strong demand-side role in ensuring the organisation’s investment decision-making will deliver the greatest benefit from the resources available. This includes involvement in organisation strategy development and project and programme identification as well as business cases for investment, resource planning and allocation. It should be able to optimise the allocation of resources to match business priorities, by having complete information on all projects – current and planned.

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  • The domain name: The initial step in defining a Web presence is the registration of a relevant domain name. While the rules of picking a good domain name are similar to those of picking a good brand name in the physical world, this task has been made much more complicated by cyber squatters. Cyber squatters have realized that there is money to be made by registering marketable domain names. This has led to registrations by individuals who have no intention of using the domain name but rather to resell the same at huge premiums on the...

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  • Variations in the number of SMEs reflect changes in the structure as well as the ownership of business and industry in general. Much of the increase in SME registrations in the EU in the 1990s reflected the downsizing and restructuring of large companies. Previously ‘internalised’ services and processes were moved out of companies focusing on their ‘core’ business. Similarly, in transition economies, privatisation and restructuring have led to the creation of new small firms.

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