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  • Entrepreneurs—and entrepreneurial companies—live or die by the quality of their plans and proposals. Whether it's to get funding for a new product line or business from a client, writing hard-hitting prose that answers essential questions and makes specific requests is an indispensable skill. Entrepreneur, ad man, and writing teacher Dennis Chambers shows how entrepreneurs can persuade people,

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  • Tham khảo sách 'think and grow rich for internet entrepreneurs', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • This activity is carried on industry partners, entrepreneurs, and batik artisans in the region of Surakarta and Sragen. Production management training is done in batik industries in Laweyan village, whereas motivational training (outbound training) performed on batik industries in Kauman village, while the production creativity training is done on entrepreneurs and batik artisans in the village of Pilang, Sragen. Training results indicate a positive response to the training program given.

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  • The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum was established in 1989 in response to the growing interdependence among Asia-Pacific economies. Its goal is to advice economic dynamism and sense of community within the Asia-Pacific region. APEC currently encompasses 21 members: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, People's Republic of China, United States, Philippines, Hong Kong, China; Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Chinese Taipei, and Viet Nam....

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  • The number of women entering small business ownership has increased significantly across the world. These women make a crucial contribution to the economic growth and development of local, national and global economies. Yet, despite their increasing numbers, they have received little attention from the academic community and research into the experiences of women small business owners is confined to a handful of countries. The work on women entrepreneurs is far more extensive and generally eclipses the area of small business ownership.

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  • All too often, entrepreneurs, sales executives, and marketing managers go to great lengths to show how their new business plans or creative concepts are practical and high margin—only to be rejected by corporate decision makers who don’t seem to understand the real value of the ideas. Why does this happen? It turns out that the problem has as much to do with the seller’s traits as with an idea’s inherent quality. The person on the receiving end tends to gauge the pitcher’s creativity as well as the proposal itself.

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  • Management skill and strong team building abilities are often perceived as essential leadership attributes for successful entrepreneurs. Robert B. Reich considers leadership, management ability, and team-building as essential qualities of an entrepreneur. This concept has its origins in the work of Richard Cantillon in his Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en (1755) and Jean-Baptiste Say [5] in his Treatise on Political Economy.

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  • There were conspicuous regional differences in the age pyramids of the private entrepreneurs on the one hand between South Vietnam and on the other hand in North and Central Vietnam.

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  • Entrepreneurs do think different! And more often than not, they are not driven simply by money but more by adventure and personal freedom. If youre tired of the day-to-day rat race and working for others it may be the time to do it for yourself.Rich and Free is tips, strategies and important skills that will help you think for yourself. The book is written in easy to understand language by successful entrepreneur Brian Bieler. If you have ambition all you may need is persistence, skills and specialized knowledge to get yourself started on the road to independence. Rich and Free...

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  • This ebook is a compilation of legal documents from the Start-Up Forms Library provided by Orrick's Emerging Companies Group. Orrick is an international law firm with headquarters in San Francisco and over 1,100 lawyers worldwide in 21 offices. This collection of documents is meant to benefit US-based entrepreneurs who are looking for: Corporation Formation Documents Founders’ Stock Purchase Agreements Director and Officer Related Documents Employment and Consultant Documents Technology Related Documents Equity Compensation Documents...

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  • Doing Business 2011 : Making a Difference for Entrepreneurs is the eighth in a series of annual reports investigating regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it. Doing Business presents quantitative indicators on business regulations and the protection of property rights that can be compared across 183 economies, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, over time.

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  • You know their names today, even though they made their mark 100 years ago and more. Cornelius Vanderbilt (railroads), Andrew Carnegie (steel), John D. Rockefeller (oil), Marshall Field (retailing), and Henry Ford (automobiles) left an enduring legacy of innovation, market dominance, and vast fortunes. They are among a handful of extraordinary entrepreneurs who not only achieved great wealth, but also won international celebrity.

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  • If You work from home, and You want to find out how to organize Yourself and Your surroundings,how to improve Your time management and by this decrease Your work load and more. You will be able to finally put this stressful, unorganized life behind and sit back and watch your business flourish. This ebook is “a must read” if You are an entrepreneur and/or work at home mom!

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  • Eighth in a series of annual reports comparing business regulations in 183 economies, Doing Business 2011 measures regulations affecting 10 areas of everyday business activity: starting a business, dealing with construction permits, employing workers, registering property, getting credit, protecting investors, paying taxes, trading across borders, enforcing contracts, and closing a business. The report updates all 10 sets of indicators, ranks countries on their overall ease of doing business and analyzes reforms to business regulation- identifying which countries...

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  • How many women build high-growth companies of this caliber? To date, there have not been comprehensive studies that isolate the ―true high-growth/high-impact‖ bracket with statistical rigor and allow for gender comparisons. But, in a sense, statistical studies are not really needed here. So few women are operating at the highest levels of entrepreneurship that one can get a feeling for how scarce they are by the informal exercise of sitting down and trying to name them.

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  • Why this trouble? 2nd Aug 2012. The morning news troubled me. A leading travel agent had committed suicide, in his mature age of 50 plus, because of debts, as reported in newspapers! This is not the only one case of suicide but I have read several such instances in the newspaper of people having committed suicide because of their insoluble debt problems. The news kindled my thoughts. As an entrepreneur, I have also committed serious mistakes in managing my business and finances. Without mistakes, we cannot learn. But it is not always necessary that we learn only from our own...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Public policy and economics of entrepreneurship" has contents: When bureaucrats meet entrepreneurs - The design of effective ‘‘Public venture capital’’ programs; the self employed are less likely to have health insurance than wage earners - so what?; business formation and the deregulation of the banking industry; public policy and innovation in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry.

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  • ghiên cứu này hướng đến tìm hiểu các yếu tố tác động đến tiềm năng khởi nghiệp thông qua áp dụng mô hình Entrepreneur Scan (E-Scan) được hai tác giả Driessen và Zwart phát triển, và các công trình nghiên cứu về tiềm năng khởi nghiệp khác liên quan. Đối tượng nghiên cứu chính là sinh viên trường Đại học Bách Khoa thành phố Hồ Chí Minh.

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  • Barney Chard, thirty-seven—financier, entrepreneur, occasional blackmailer, occasional con man, and very competent in all these activities—stood on a rickety wooden lake dock, squinting against the late afternoon sun, and waiting for his current business prospect to give up the pretense of being interested in trying to catch fish. The prospect, who stood a few yards farther up the dock, rod in one hand, was named Dr. Oliver B. McAllen. He was a retired physicist, though less retired than was generally assumed. A dozen years ago he had rated as one of the country's top men in his line.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'magic johnson: basketball star & entrepreneur', giải trí - thư giãn, thể dục thể thao phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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