Environmental crime

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  • The objectives of this chapter are to: Discuss the prevalence of timber theft, explain agrichemical theft, discuss cattle and horse rustling, outline several methods of horse and cattle identification, summarize measures to prevent rural and agricultural crimes, distinguish between situational and professional poachers, understand investigative techniques used in wildlife crimes, list and describe the characteristics of hazardous waste, discuss methods of investigating environmental crimes.

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  • This is a work in progress. It is a work that has been in progress for at least the last ten years if not more. It is a work that has much more yet to come. The study of environmental harm is relatively new for most criminologists. For myself, in writing this book I have had to draw upon my own work over the last decade plus that of a relatively small handful of criminologists who are fellow travellers in this area. On the other hand, there is a wealth of material from other fields and disciplines that is entirely relevant and useful to a study such as this...

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  • Total public spending on lighting crime can be reduced, while keeping the mathematically expected punishment unchanged, by offsetting a cut in expenditures on catching criminals with a sufficient increase in the punish- ment to those convicted. However, risk-preferring individuals are more deterred from crime by a higher probability of conviction than by severe punishments.

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  • Should we be willing to bet the futures of our children and grandchildren on this optimistic scenario? If the optimistic outlook is wrong or even partially wrong with respect to global warming, then the world will become uninhabitable for future generations. It is logical to assume there is an environmental crisis; the consequences of being wrong are too great to bet otherwise.

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  • Children’s social and emotional wellbeing is important in its own right but also because it affects their physical health (both as a child and as an adult) and can determine how well they do at school. Good social, emotional and psychological health helps protect children against emotional and behavioural problems, violence and crime, teenage pregnancy and the misuse of drugs and alcohol (‘Systematic review of the effectiveness of interventions to promote mental wellbeing in children in primary education’ Adi et al. 2007). ...

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  • The harms to individuals, families, communities and Australian society as a whole from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are well known. For example, the cost to Australian society of alcohol, tobacco and other drug misuse1 in the financial year 2004–05 was estimated at $56.1 billion, including costs to the health and hospitals system, lost workplace productivity, road accidents and crime. The overarching approach of harm minimisation, which has guided the National Drug Strategy since its inception in 1985, will continue through 2010–2015.

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