Environmental migration

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  • A classroom debate at the Wharton School turned out to be a preface to this book. The professor, an economist, handed out an internal memo prepared by Lawrence Summers, then chief economist of the World Bank. He wrote: Just between you and me, shouldn’t the World Bank be encouraging more migration of the dirty industries to the LDCS [less developed countries]? I can think of three reasons:

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  • As well as pioneering a new, broader definition of environmental goods and services, this report has  expanded the scope of analysis to include activities within the broader environmental supply chain as  well as activities across the full environmental value chain ‐  including R&D, design and development,  installation,  manufacturing,  supply,  distribution,  retail,  maintenance,  operations,  consultancy  and  support services.

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  • Just as the chemical and physical properties of petroleum have offered challenges in selecting and designing optimal upgrading schemes, they also introduce challenges when determining the effects of petroleum and its product on the environment. In particular, predicting the fate of the polynuclear aromatic systems, the heteroatom systems (principally, compounds containing nitrogen and sulfur), and the metal-containing systems (principally, compounds of vanadium, nickel, and iron) in the feedstocks is the subject of many studies and migration models....

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  • The fishery of the Mekong River is one of the largest and most significant in the world, and most of the production is based on migratory river fishes. An earlier report provided an overview of the general patterns of fish migrations and their significance for management. This complementary report provides more detailed information on 40 key species which are significant in the Mekong River fishery. For each species we provide notes on distribution, feeding, size, population structure, critical habitats, life cycle and its importance in fisheries.

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  • The Mekong River system supports one of the world’s largest and most diverse inland fisheries. It includes a broad assortment of operations, ranging from solitary fishers to largescale commercial enterprises. The catch contains a high proportion of fishes whose lifecycles involve migrations between feeding and spawning grounds and dry season refuges. The preservation of the river’s fisheries, therefore, partly depends on keeping the migration routes these fish use free from obstructions and barriers that could critically disrupt their lifecycles.

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  • in the united states, RREEF Real Estate’s engineering procedures include detailed practices to improve resource efficiency and environmental practices. the engineering team is deeply involved both in acquisitions due diligence, and in working closely with asset management to develop sustainable property management guidelines with third- party property managers.

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  • This paper analyses the root causes of rural outmigration, focusing on its economic and social implications. It takes as its starting point the fact that mobility is inherent in human existence. Livelihoods and sociocultural changes are intimately connected with population movements. To understand present and fast-developing trends in human mobility, we examine the origins of migratory movements and discern how such transformations actually affect the natural resource base, as well as how they shape livelihoods and socio-economic/cultural coexistence.

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  • An increasing number of people are moving between developing countries or internally. South- South migration is nearly as large as South-North migration. Approximately 74 million or nearly half the migrants from developing countries reside in other developing countries. Intraregional and domestic migration in developing countries is often far more important than overseas migration in terms of the number of people involved, especially from rural areas.

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  • International migrants from developing countries are of both rural and urban origin (ratios vary from country to country and change over time according to socio-economic conditions in both sending and receiving areas). However, we will focus on the rural factors that motivate vast sectors of the population to consider migration in order to improve their lives and diversify their sources of income. During the last 50 years, 800 million people have migrated from rural to urban areas, and it is expected that these migrations will continue to increase.

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  • Alterations to fire regimes have resulted in many changes to the biological communities including changes in vegetation composition and structure and vegetation type conversions or ecosystem migrations. This text details many of these changes, explains how fire has changed as an ecosystem process, and provides insights for determining the direction that the changes might take in the future.

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  • It may also be useful to categorise water quality problems as either "impact issues" or "user-requirement issues". Impact issues are those derived from human activities that negatively affect water quality or that result in environmental degradation. User- requirement issues are those which derive from an inadequate matching of user- specified water quality requirements (demand) and the actual quality of the available resources (supply).

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  • By far the most common exemption relied upon to avoid registration under the Securities Act is the private placement exemption. Under Section 4(2) of the Securities Act, the obligation to register the offer and sale of securities does not apply to transactions by an issuer not involving a public offering. This simple concept—the private placement—has mushroomed into an entire body of law unto itself. Case after case has made its way through courts as a result of uncertainty with respect to what is meant by “not involving a public offering.

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  • ADP-ribosylation has been coupled to intracellular events associated with smooth muscle cell vasoreactivity, cytoskel-etal integrity and free radical damage. Additionally, there is evidence that ADP-ribosylation is required for smooth muscle cell proliferation. Our investigation employed selective inhibitors to establish thatmono-ADP-ribosylation and not poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation was necessary for the sti-mulationofDNAsynthesis bymitogens.

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  • Women’s nutritional conditions differ widely among and within countries. Such conditions are worst in the less-developed regions and countries of the world, where poverty, social disparities, discrimination, and different kinds of malnutrition affect large populations.

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  • In China, where population size is the biggest in the world and environmental destruction is proceeding due to the rapid economic growth and urbanization, there is a serious water pollution problem.

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  • Cimate change is one of the most important global environmental problems facing the world today. Evidence of a changing climate is all around us, from rising sea level to retreating mountain glaciers, melting Arctic sea ice, lengthening growing seasons, shifting animal migration patterns, and other changes. Such changes are already having adverse impacts on people’s well-being, as climate change amplifies the effects of other environmental and socioeconomic changes and problems and produces new effects of its own.

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  • The Agrarian region type is assumed to have a mixed, but on balance, negative experience of the three meta-narratives. Thus the Agri-Centric narrative is obviously very important here, producing increased efficiency and competitiveness, but with reductions in employment, possible environmental impacts, and the marginalisation of some areas unable to keep up with para-productivist trends.

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