Environmental stereotypes

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  • Stereotypical accountants – depicted tirelessly in literature and cinema – hunch lifelessly over their desks adding and subtracting endless columns of numbers. It is a dismal job held by nameless, glassy-eyed hordes. While these fictional portrayals were never accurate, the focus on numbers carries more than a grain of truth. Traditionally, accountants kept the books and assured that statutory requirements were met.

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  • Historians will always be busy—not because the past changes, but because the questions we ask of it change as conditions in our own times change. For instance, when the Romanovs and the Habsburgs ruled, we often asked questions about dynastic rivalries. Now, with the scions of aforesaid families outranked by movie stars and pollution poisoning our skies, we ask questions about past environments.

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  • The pursuit of scientific knowledge and its technical application towards society requires the talent, perspectives and insight that can only be assured by increasing diversity in the research workforce. Therefore, all projects are encouraged to have a balanced participation of women and men in their research activities and to raise awareness on combating gender prejudices and stereotypes. When human beings are involved as users, gender differences may exist. These will be addressed as an integral part of the research to ensure the highest level of scientific quality.

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