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Xem 1-20 trên 69 kết quả Envisioning
  • The automation of access optical networks is becoming more and more important in the research literature, and how to apply the software defined network (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) is being now intensively investigated. In the specific case of PON networks, given the fact that the OLT houses all of the controls and intelligent functionalities, application of the centralized control mechanism envisioned by SDN/NFV makes even more sense.

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  • Lecture Human-Computer interaction - Lesson 23: Requirements. The main topics covered in this chapter include: significance of requirements, requirements narratives, requirements envisioning solutions, goal-directed design process, cumulative effect of requirements, programmer’s instincts,...

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  • To build trust across many sites (laboratories, regulatory agencies, contract research organizations, chemical producers, and the public), stakeholders will need to agree on validation requirements for particular uses (content in relation to context) as well as how results are to be communicated (data format), and measured (metrics). There is also a need for a global orchestrator, who can exert leadership and inspire voluntary cooperation of diverse organizations to address shared validation goals, to play a key role.

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  • When thinking about Artificial Intelligence, people envision a machine that has quite an ability to perform human-exclusive tasks. And programs that can communicate and/or converse with many similarities to a human being are really convincing. Fortunately, such a machine is not too far-fetched for our current technological advancement: GPT-2 - a model that excels at generating comprehensive passages down-streamed for a wide range of writing purposes - is currently close to that machine.

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  • In India, among the different indigenous fermented milk products „Shrikhand‟ assumes special importance for its sensory attributes. The present investigation was envisioned to standardize and evaluate probiotic shrikhand using single (Lactobacillus acidophilus) and mixed probiotic strains (Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus rhamnosus). The chemical constituents such as moisture, total solid content, protein, fat, ash, pH, acidity, reducing and total sugars of the probiotic shrikhand were analyzed.

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  • The influenza A virus (IAV) is a constant threat for humans worldwide. The understanding of motif-domain protein participation is essential to combat the pathogen. The directed data-mining method employed could be used to identify functional motifs in other viruses for envisioning new therapies.

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  • The rapidly expanding arsenal of chemotherapeutic agents approved in the past 5 years represents significant progress in the field. However, this poses a challenge for oncologists to choose which drug or combination of drugs is best for any individual. Because only a fraction of patients respond to any drug, efforts have been made to devise strategies to personalize care.

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  • The report is structured as follows. A short overview to the theoretical background, simulation methods and tools commonly used in self-assembly studies in Section 2. In Section 3, we will review several examples to demonstrate how simulation has helped explain the complex assembled structures and processes observed in experiment. In Section 4 we discuss the predictions provided by molecular simulation, which can be used as guidance to further experimental efforts.

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  • The solar wind was originally envisioned using a simple dipolar corona/polar coronal hole sources picture, but modern observations and models, together with the recent unusual solar cycle minimum, have demonstrated the limitations of this picture. The solar surface fields in both polar and low-to-mid-latitude active region zones routinely produce coronal magnetic fields and related solar wind sources much more complex than a dipole.

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  • Fast flux networks represent a special type of botnets that are used to provide highly available web services to a backend server, which usually hosts malicious content. Detection of fast flux networks continues to be a challenging issue because of the similar behavior between these networks and other legitimate infrastructures, such as CDNs and server farms. This paper proposes Fast Flux Watch (FF-Watch), a mechanism for online detection of fast flux agents. FF-Watch is envisioned to exist as a software agent at leaf routers that connect stub networks to the Internet.

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  • These include not only technological as well as social limitations but ‐above all‐ the way we address the future. We are used to face the future with our existing knowledge and experiences from the past. This strategy, however, can hardly lead to knowledge off the beaten path. We therefore suggest a new learning approach for organizations, which enables to literally envision a desired future scenario and thereby, allows for the creation of radical new knowledge. We argue that the created knowledge yields a higher degree of novelty and radicalness.

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  • Chapter 3 - Financial instruments, markets, and institutions. In this chapter you will learn to envision the flow of funds between savers and borrowers in a modern macroeconomy, describe the basic differences between debt and equity and how these tools facilitate the flow of funds between savers and borrowers, identify how financial intermediaries assist the transfer of funds from lenders to borrowers.

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  • Chapter 5 - The term and risk structure of interest rates. In this chapter you will learn to envision and draw the yield curve and describe the determinants of its slope, explain how risk is important in influencing interest rates, comprehend the impact on interest rates of income taxes.

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  • Envision your goal, plan your strategy, and go for it, how to form positive habits that will help you reach your goals, memory Techniques how to learn faster, and remember better, divide and Conquer - Mastery though piece work, be a parrot don't think, talk, and if you still can't get it right, try this, don't settle for less than excellence, help you answer the questions above, you are invited to consult the document content "The Secrets of Successful Language Learning".

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  • Bài giảng Chapter 12: Strategic Leadership với các nội dung cơ bản như: The ability to anticipate, envision, maintain flexibility and empower others to create strategic change; Multi-functional work that involves working through others; Consideration of the entire enterprise rather than just a sub-unit; A managerial frame of reference. Mời các bạn cùng tìm hiểu và tham khảo nội dung thông tin tài liệu.

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  • This report focuses primarily on the bus system of public transport system as the dominant form of intra-city, or urban commuting trips, over the medium-term period, which is from 2003 to 2010. Beyond 2010, other modes may assume increasing importance as envisioned in the long-term urban and transport development plan up to year 2020 for HCMC.

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  • “Before you create future, you must envision it “ : UNKNOWN We are living in era of convergence. Convergence is merging of technologies, domain and discrete IT systems. Basic of convergence lies in Digitization. The digitization of everything is creating a more natural communications experience. Boundaries separating various technologies, engineering practices, functions etc. are dissolving.

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  • A Friend ... Một người bạn là người... Accepts you as you are - Chấp nhận con người thật của bạn. Believes in you - Luôn tin tưởng bạn. .Calls you just to say "hi." - Gọi điện cho bạn chỉ để nói "Xin chào". Doesn't give up on you - Không bỏ rơi bạn. Envisions the whole of you - Hình ảnh của bạn luôn ở trong tâm trí họ. Forgives your mistakes - Tha thứ cho bạn mọi lỗi lầm. Gives unconditionally - Cho đi không điều kiện Helps you - Giúp đỡ bạn Invites you over - Mời...

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  • If you are like most people who will read this, you have already hired a golf instructor, taken lessons to improve your swing, purchased the latest weighted club, and perhaps even implemented golf handicap– tracker software. You may have learned all about the mental game of golf and envisioned yourself walking down the fairway with Tiger Woods after sinking a hole in one. After all that, you know the mechanics of the swing, and you understand that your mind has something to do with how well you do (or don’t do) on the course. Yet you still feel that you are not playing as well as you know..

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  • How wonderful! One of your best friends in the whole wide world has just announced that she’s pregnant. Naturally, you’re delighted, and can’t hold back your tears of joy. It’s hard to imagine that, in just a matter of time, your special friend is going to be a mother (maybe even for the second or third time…or more!). As you let the amazing news sink in, your friend is envisioning the journey that will usher in a new life into the world: the gynecologist visits, the morning sickness, the ultrasound testing, the roller coaster of emotions that will eventually...

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