Enzyme biosensor

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  • A simple and robust single enzyme biosensor was fabricated for triglyceride (TG) detection. Graphite rods were modified with activated carbon (AC) and used as support for lipase immobilization. Chitosan (CHIT) was eventually used to create film on the bioelectrode and retain the immobilized enzyme.

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  • This report presents the results of ternary alloy quantum dots (TQDs) manufacturing and its superior optical properties to fabricate the biosensor for pesticide detection. The explanation for the changes in PL intensity based on the change of electronic charges that alters the pH value of the surrounding environment, and the types of interaction on the surface of CdZnSe/ZnS TQDs were discussed.

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  • Theo IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) thì: “Cảm biến sinh học (biosensor) là một thiết bị tích hợp có khả năng cung cấp thông tin phân tích định lượng hoặc bán định lượng đặc trưng, bao gồm phần tử nhận biết sinh học (bioreceptor) kết hợp trực tiếp với một phần tử chuyển đổi ”Cảm biến sinh học là thiết bị sử dụng các tác nhân sinh học như enzym, các kháng thể, ...

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  • The topoisomerase I (TopI) reaction intermediate consists of an enzyme covalently linked to a nicked DNA molecule, known as a TopI-DNA complex, that can be trapped by inhibitors and results in failure of re-ligation. Attempts at new derivative designs for TopI inhibition are enthusiastically being pursued, and TopI inhibitors were developed for a variety of applications. Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) was recently used in TopI-inhibition studies.

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  • The poorly known mechanism of inhibition of cholinesterases by inorganic mercury (HgCl2) has been studied with a view to using these enzymes as biomarkers or as biological components of biosensors to survey polluted areas. The inhibition of a variety of cholinesterases by HgCl2 was investi-gated by kinetic studies, X-ray crystallography, and dynamic light scatter-ing.

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  • Trong báo cáo này tác giả đưa ra cảm biến sinh học dòng điện (amperometric biosensor) sử dụng đầu thu là enzyme alkaline phosphatase (ALP) được cố định trên bề mặt điện cực in lưới Pt (screen-printed electrode) đã được biến tính bằng nano carbon để xác định PAT. Mời tham khảo bài viết để biết nội dung chi tiết.

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  • In this report, we present the optical properties of the biosensors fabricated from CdZnSe/ZnS quantum dots. The optical properties such as absorption and emission of the ternary quantum dots before and after coupling with the protein molecules like streptavidine (SA) and acetylcholinesterase enzymes (AChE), forming a biosensor structure, will be presented.

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