Epidemiological analysis

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Eco-epidemiological analysis of dengue infection during an outbreak of dengue fever, India

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Epidemiological analysis of doping offences in the professional tennis circuit

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về hóa học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học đề tài : Eco-epidemiological analysis of dengue infection during an outbreak of dengue fever, India

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  • The analysis is primary based on the national American Housing Survey (AHS) data for the period 1995 through 2003. In some cases, the research was extended to include the national level AHS data for 1985 onwards. One of the challenges to this effort is how to define elderly housing consumption. As will be discussed in the literature summary below, there are a number of standard assumptions but several of these will merit a brief discussion prior to our highlighting the different research.

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  • The specific characteristic of our study is the analysis of the role of these determinants regarding gender differences in the context of the population of western and eastern European societies. We investigate the impact of 17 potential health determinants on seven health outcomes as well as mortality over a time of 13 years (West Germany) and seven years (East Germany), respectively. The eastern and western Germany populations provide the unique possibility to study the effects of eastern and western European backgrounds in one population.

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  • Epidemiological studies usually report the associations between one or more pollutants and health. However, pollutants such as PM, NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) and CO are often strongly correlated and occur as components of the complex urban air pollution mix. This correlation makes it difficult to accurately determine the independent effects of specific pollutants.

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  • Partnerships with donor countries have also been very impor- tant for encouraging gender mainstreaming in the Bank. This is true both at the corporate level, where donor countries have co-financed research, evaluation, analysis, and the development of tools, and at a regional and country level. Local partnerships with donors have, in some instances, been extremely effective in leveraging small contri- butions to support in-country analytical and strategic work.

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  • This book describes different perspectives of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The approach includes aspects of molecular epidemiology, particularly molecular features that influence the genesis and prognosis of the disease. Some aspects of the prognosis of lymphoblastic leukemias are very detailed, highlighting the use of molecular biology in the early identification of complications that may occur in diseased patients.

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  • Measurement of background radiation for epidemiologic purposes involves the use of technics capable of detecting geographic variation in exposure to external and internal natural sources of radioactivity at low levels. Methods for determining dose over a period of time are necessary and instruments are being developed. The methodology of this problem is analyzed.

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  • Part 2 book “Epidemiology, evidence-based medicine and public health” has contents: Systematic reviews and meta-analysis, health economics, public health, infectious disease epidemiology and surveillance, health improvement, health care targets, global health, infectious disease epidemiology and surveillance,… and other contents.

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  • Statistical methods for survival data analysis have continued to flourish in the last two decades. Applications of the methods have been widened from their historical use in cancer and reliability research to business, criminology, epidemiology, and social and behavioral sciences. The third edition of Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis is intended to provide a comprehensive introduction of the most commonly used methods for analyzing survival data. It begins with basic definitions and interpretations of survival functions....

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  • In order to address these issues, we have attempted to detail many of the key relevant advances in signal processing. Chapter 1 describes the physiological background and the specific autonomic mechanisms which regulate the beat-to-beat changes of timing and morphology in the ECG, together with the cause and effect of breakdowns in this mechanism. Chapter 2 presents an overview of the primary issues that should be taken into account when designing an ECG collection system.

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  • Clearly a more stratified approach to clinical trials would help identify those subgroups who appear to be the best responders to a particular intervention. To date however there is little to suggest that stratification on the basis of clinical characteristics successfully helps predict which drugs work best for which patients. There is a pressing need for the development of biomarkers with clinical utility, for mental health problems.

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  • Recent advances in clinical proteomics have propelled us into an exciting period of discovery of new cancer biomarkers, although the available proteomic technologies have their limitations. The principles of proteomic technology require stringent guidelines for the collection of clinical material, the application of analytical techniques, and for our interpretation of the data. In this review, we present an overview of the serum tumor markers in current use.

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  • The past three decades have witnessed significant advances in the field of assisted human conception. Following the remarkable perseverance and triumph of Robert Edwards, Patrick Steptoe, and Jean Purdy, numerous scientists and physicians from around the world have worked to develop more effective and safer procedures to treat infertile couples.

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  • Theoretical analysis and computational modeling are important tools for characterizing what nervous systems do, determining how they function, and understanding why they operate in particular ways. Neuroscience encompasses approaches ranging from molecular and cellular studies to human psychophysics and psychology. Theoretical neuroscience encourages cross-talk among these sub-disciplines by constructing compact representations of what has been learned, building bridges between different levels of description, and identifying unifying concepts and principles.

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  • Although every effort has been made to ensure that information about techniques and equipment is presented accurately in this publication, the ultimate responsibility rests with the practitioner physician. Use of these techniques or items of equipment does not guarantee outcomes or that they are the optimal procedures available. Procedure results and potential complications frequently vary between patients: physicians must evaluate their patients individually and make appropriate decisions about treatment based on each analysis....

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  • With specific regard to large animal work, equine services now tend to be handled by specialists, and farm animal work is considered to be in decline, with the latter prompting particular concern. Indeed, significant changes to the farming sector (i.e. declining livestock populations, a reduction in the number/size of farm holdings, new legislation and a radical change in the relationship between government and veterinarians) mean that farm animal veterinary practices now face significant competitive and sustainability issues. ...

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  • Th e readers of this book will immediately realize that all authors are Japanese scientists; this is the English translation of a book which was published in Japanese by Jiho, Inc., Tokyo in 2002. Upon translation, the Editors added fi ve new chapters to the previous 67 chapters in view of international occurences of poisoning by drugs and poisons. Th e most important aim of this book is to provide the most reliable and reproducible methods for analysis of drugs and poisons; therefore, the newest methods and ones requiring skills have not been adopted.

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  • This Part addresses traditional clinical research, beginning with the history of the development of clinical research, to traditional clinical research designs, with a focus on clinical trials. It includes a discussion of the role of the USFDA in clinical trials and the placebo response, data safety and monitoring boards, and meta-analysis.

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