Equal regional economic growth

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  • The article focuses on the regional economic growth as a result of the direct foreign investment in the region and its spill-over effects on neighboring regions. The unequal distribution of foreign direct investment should in principle tends to enlarge the regional economic differences. The article, however, shows that this is not the result of the investment.

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  • Developing Asia achieved impressive economic growth in the last decade and had remarkable success in lifting large numbers of people in the region out of poverty. At the same time, recent evidence suggests that in many growing economies of developing Asia, rising income disparities are widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

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  • It is not always evident why economic growth takes root in one area over another. Even within a single region, some communities may outpace their neighbors in securing the economic growth that leads to an enhanced quality of life. Although some commonalities in these situations may be identifiable, many communities possess similar assets and implement apparently similar economic development plans, yet have experiences that are vastly different—perhaps even diametrically opposed.

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  • The importance of SRH to the attainment of international development goals has not been adequately translated into action frameworks and monitoring mechanisms at international, regional and national levels. Advances have been hindered by the complexity of the concept. Different components of SRH fall within the province of different sectoral ministries, challenging coordinated national responses. Many national planners learned development economics before the recent analytical advances on the effect of age structures on poverty reduction.

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