Eradication programs

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  • Since its inception in 1999, The World Life Sciences Forum BioVision has played a vital role in promoting the sustainable development of Life Sciences on an international level, ensuring that they remain beneficial to humankind and the environment, and committed to ethics. BioVision has established itself as a platform for dialogue and debate by engaging top stakeholders and policy makers from Science, Society and Industry in discussions of what science can do, what society is willing to accept, and what industry can produce, all within a sound ethical framework.

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  • For example, the report shows that 64% of countries have developed integrated water resources management plans and 34% report an advanced stage of implementation. However, progress appears to have slowed, or even regressed, in low and medium Human Development Index (HDI) countries since the last survey carried out in 2008. Much remains to be done to finance and implement plans in many HDI countries. The Rio+20 conference has chosen Green Economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication as an overarching theme for realizing transformational change.

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  • The EITC was established amid the political debate over the NIT that occurred in the 1960s and 1970s. The NIT held great promise to the early designers of the war on poverty since it would solve the difficult integration issues that arise with categorical antipoverty programs—the need for bu- reaucracies to administer and enforce eligibility and benefit rules and the need to mitigate potentially high marginal tax rates that recipients face as earnings increase.

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