Erosion channels

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  • Soil loss for erosion is a natural phenomenon in soil dynamics, influenced by climate, soil intrinsic properties, and morphology, that can both trigger and enhance the process. Anthropic activities, like inappropriate agricultural practices, deforestation, overgrazing, forest fires and construction activities, may exert a remarkable impact on erosion processes or, on the other hand, contribute to soil erosion mitigation through a sustainable management of natural resources.

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  • The chapter on uniform flow in open channels is basic knowledge required for all hydraulics students. In this chapter, we shall assume the flow to be uniform, unless specified otherwise. This chapter guides students how to determine the rate of discharge, the depth of flow, and the velocity. The slope of the bed and the cross-sectional area remain constant over the given length of the channel under the uniform-flow conditions. The same holds for the computation of the most economical cross section when designing the channel.

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  • Whereas spark erosion and lasermachining are suitable for any metal, the use of mechanical precision machining and the tools suitable for this type depend on the stability of the alloy. For brass and copper, natural diamondmicrotools are suitable and widely used, while for stainless steel and nickel- based alloys, hardmetal tools are needed. Figure 1.3 shows a natural diamond cutter, whereas Figure 1.4 shows a hard metal drill. Figure 1.5 shows photos of a rhodium honeycombmicrochannel catalyst system.

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  • Cua Viet is the Thach Han river’s mouth. It is quite big estuary that is located in the central coastal province of Quang Tri. In which, Cua Viet port plays an important role for water transport and commerce of the province. In recent years, accretion and erosion have occurred increasingly in term of scale and intensity. In addition, estuarine access channels suffer severely from sedimentation.

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