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Establishing construct validity

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  • Survival times differ among patients with advanced gastric carcinoma. A precise and universal prognostic evaluation strategy has not yet been established. The current study aimed to construct a prognostic scoring model for mortality risk stratification in patients with advanced gastric carcinoma.

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  • Drug–polymer miscibility is one of the fundamental prerequisite for the successful design and development of amorphous solid dispersion formulation. The purpose of the present work is to provide an example of the theoretical estimation of drug–polymer miscibility and solubility on the basis of Flory– Huggins (F–H) theory and experimental validation of the phase diagram.

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  • Credit risk impedes the growth of bank’s performance and position which is largely influenced by a number of factors that should be taken consideration and minimized. The objective of the study is to illustrate the inclusion of valid causes of selecting best model with regard to statistical significance. The study conducted on panel data consisting of 322 observations with 22 commercial banks and 15 consecutive years. The study finds that profitability, capital and bank size are inversely associated with bank credit risk whereas net interest margin and inefficiency have positive effect.

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  • The present study was aimed to construct, develop and standardize a Knowledge Scale on Hygiene. After going through several related literature, the researcher outlined a scale and after analyzing, the content framed 90 items related to the course. The prepared 90 items were revised and edited carefully and then given to a panel of experts in the field of health, hygiene and extension specialist for their valuable suggestions and corrections to ensure its quality. Thus the content validity of the tool was established. After seeking the opinion of the experts some of the items were reframed.

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  • osing a Behavior to Measure Errors in Measuring Behavior Overview of Two Types of Measurement Errors: Bias and Random Error Errors Due to the Observer: Bias and Random Error Errors in Administering the Measure: Bias and Random Error Errors Due to the Participant: Bias and Random Error Summary of the Three Sources and Two Types of Measurement Error Reliability: The (Relative) Absence of Random Error The Importance of Being Reliable: Reliability as a Prerequisite to Validity Using Test–Retest Reliability to Assess Overall Reliability: To What Degree Is a Measure “Random Error Free” ? Identify...

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