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  • Real estate professionals attending Ernst & Young’s conference were almost equally split in their views of the Eurozone’s future. Asked whether the Eurozone would survive in its current form for the next 12 months, 48% thought it would not. Michael Portillo, keynote speaker at this year’s conference, said politicians and policy advisors will be highly focused on the Eurozone’s problems during 2012. “There’s an enormous amount of political capital invested in the Euro, so huge amounts will be expended in trying to save it.

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  • Khảo sát là một quá trình đo lường và phân tích trực tiếp được đặc biệt thiết kế để ghi lại sự tồn tại, bản sắc, vị trí và kích thước của các tính năng tự nhiên hoặc nhân tạo trên đất, trong không khí, không gian hoặc nước cho mục đích sản xuất các bản đồ chính xác và đáng tin cậy , phù hợp với hình dung nếu cần thiết

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  • Having auditors attest to the reliability of financial statements of public companies is intended to increase public and investor confidence in the fairness of the financial information. Moreover, investors and other users of financial statements expect auditors to bring integrity, independence, objectivity, and professional competence to the financial reporting process and to prevent the issuance of misleading financial statements.

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  • In 2010, the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia raised the English language proficiency requirement for registration as a nurse to an Overall score of 7.0 in the Academic module of the IELTS Test, with 7.0 in each of the components that comprise the Test. Other professional registration boards have also instituted an IELTS requirement (discussed in Merrifield, 2008). According to information on the IELTS website, as of November 2010, 48 professional associations in Australia identified an IELTS requirement (International English Language Testing System, 2010a).

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  • As a landlord, you’re required by law to keep the property in livable condition. This includes keeping locks on the doors and windows, a roof that doesn’t leak, plus a heating system that’s in working order. And your state may have specific laws regarding repair and maintenance responsibilities. You will also no doubt want to protect your investment by keeping the property in shape.

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  • The starting point for this document was a review of literature on the creative sector and community change guided by Mark Stern and Susan Seifert from SIAP. Next, staff from TRF interviewed people involved in community development and cultural activity in Philadelphia and Baltimore, two cities that exemplify the plight of post-industrial urban centers. We then examined the arts and culture-related investments within TRF’s portfolio and reflected on how those investments relate to TRF’s model of investor-driven change. ...

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  • Without proper protection, any part of any network can be susceptible to attacks or unauthorized activity. Routers, switches, and hosts can all be violated by professional hackers, company competitors, or even internal employees. In fact, according to several studies, more than half of all network attacks are waged internally. The Computer Security Institute (CSI) in San Francisco estimates that between 60 and 80 percent of network misuse comes from inside the enterprises where the misuse has taken place.

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  • Joseph Biber is a housing and development consultant to non-profit organizations principally in New York City, with a particular focus on permanent supportive housing development. He has been actively involved in the development of housing for low-income and special needs populations since 1979. His professional experience encompasses working for the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development, The Enterprise Foundation and the Community Services Society of New York (CSS).

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  • CHAPTER 7 GET HELP FROM THE BEST REAL ESTATE SPECIALISTS YOU CAN FIND. KEY POINTS: Hire people based on their reputation and track record. Be willing to pay a premium. Play up the prestige of your professionals. Hiring tips for key specialties.

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  • As professionals in the real estate markets, we have worked with thousands of real estate investors and businesspeople, and we know that there is something different about the mindsets of successful individuals. They approach life with a certain set of assumptions, enabling them to apply analytical strategies to their decision-making and, as a result, create positive professional and personal lives. Why is having the right mindset important? Investors the world over are reeling from the effects of the Great Recession.

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  • This book is designed to provide a broad range of guidance on the tax aspects of decisions that must be made by companies in financial trouble. It will be useful to financial advisors, accountants, lawyers, trustees, turnaround professionals, examiners, creditors, bankruptcy judges, and debtors-in-possession. The tax provisions of the Internal Revenue Code (I.R.C.) and the Bankruptcy Code applicable to businesses that have filed a chapter 7 or a chapter 11 bank- ruptcy petition are discussed in detail. Also explained are the provisions of the debtor and its creditors.

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  • The view that a midwife is the expert in normal pregnancy is not new but the context within which midwifery is practised has changed over the years. From the early 1960s the most usual place to give birth moved from being a woman’s home to hospital settings and the majority of women now give birth in hospital. In recent years larger tertiary maternity units have been developed, housing a range of specialised services, and there has also been an increase in the number of midwife-led units.

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  • Analysis was conducted on all nutrients or nutrient groups for which numeric data were provided in at least 10 of the 137 crop studies that reported comparisons between organic and conventional crops (see Appendix 10).

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  • Performance measures other than earnings are also used in contracts, particularly in compensation contracts. For example, approximately 20% of bonus determination is based on individual and nonfinancial measures such as product quality (see Holthausen, Larcker and Sloan, 1995, p. 36). And stock-price-based compensation (e.g. stock option plans) is also used to incent managers. To that extent, one wouldn't expect earnings to necessarily have all the characteristics of an ideal performance measure for compensation purposes.

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  • The process of surveying photography professionals, collecting relevant material, processing it, analyzing it, and putting it in an understandable, useful form could not have been completed without the help of a number of friends. Their contributions to this book are appreciated and worthy of note.

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  • The economy has made considerable progress in shaking off the legacy of the 2001 economic crisis and is on a path of growth and increased trade integration, underpinned by improved macro- economic stability and structural reforms. During the last five years real GDP growth has been impressive, with an annual average growth rate of 6.9%; inflation fell from an average of 77.

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  • Calculation of disposal costs may involve a set of tasks. It may be necessary to calculate material flows (an engineering exercise) from the plant's production process so that wastes can be desegregated and tracked. These material flows will then have to be translated into disposal costs. This calculation can be complex. Consider the issues that arise if the waste is destined for landfill disposal. First, there will be marginal disposal costs associated with transport of the waste. Second, the waste's contribution to landfill costs must be calculated.

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  • Now that we know sitting closer than 3.16 PH reveals 2K artifacts, how close do people actually sit in movie auditoriums? The historical trend has been to sit ever closer. 1920s—1940s. In comparison to today’s theatrical experience, the old movie palaces had perceptually smaller screens and longer seating distances. You can think of the classic theater as a long rectangle with the screen on the short side. Seating distances ranged from 8 PH in the back to 2.7 PH in the front. While today’s audiences might find this presentation puny and unimpressive, it was well...

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  • In his exchange, Shakespeare reminds us that “suffering” in this sense is vital to the intense experience of being in love. It is interesting to note that a recurring theme across Shakespeare’s plays is the idea that power- ful forces beyond our control shape our lives. Whether the mischievous fairies in “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” or the tension between the Capulets and Montagues in “Romeo and Juliet,” forces shape the lives of Shakespeare’s characters and often seem impervious to reason and the best laid plans. In fact, one ...

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  • The purpose of this study is to examine a current land development decision within a one-shot decision framework. The main contributions of this study are as follows. A private real estate investment decision model is proposed within a one-shot decision framework, which is an innovative study on analyzing real estate investment problems from an economic viewpoint by using tools from the possibility theory. The analysis in this paper demonstrates the relation between the amount of uncertainty and the investment scale for different types of personal investors.

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